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During this semester, you are to complete and report on 8 Unique Acts of Kindness. These Acts are not merely using good manners and basic civility. Acts need to be: 1) planned before the event, 2) requiring effort, 3) undertaken without any need/expectation for reciprocation.  On the first line, tell me what you did (briefly). Below that, describe what impact it had on either you or the target of your kindness. Be honest and gain something. I’m not looking for little things like holding the doors for “old ladies.” Think impact!  Use 12-point Times New Roman Font, 1.5-line spacing format in the Reaction section. Use all the space provided. Submit your work as a PDF.   That’s the question, it’s a very easy assignment for a bs online management class. I don’t need you to go overboard but I do need an A. It’s not long or hard I just can’t think of 8 separate acts of kindness that aren’t as basic as opening a door. let me know if you have any questions and it is on a template.

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Acts of Kindness | Instant Homework Help
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