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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic alternating current theory in use. Waveform represents a variation of current or a voltage plotted to a base time. The base line for alternating current waveform is the zero condition of voltage or current. The different types of AC waveform are given as, sine waveform, triangular waveform, square waveform, and the complex wave form as shown in the diagram below.When mixed frequency sine waves are produced, a series of sine waves is produced with the sine wave with the lowest frequency being the fundamental wave form while the others are called harmonics and there frequencies are usually whole numbers which are multiples of the fundamental sine wave.A cycle is the time AC waveform takes to move from a positive half-cycle to negative half-cycle and then back to zero and the time taken to complete a full cycle is referred to as periodic time.&nbsp.The amplitude of an AC waveform is usually represented as the maximum/peak value of voltage or current which the highest value reached by voltage or current during each half cycle.The average value of the square waveform usually equals the value peak voltage or current, which implies that the form factor of a square waveform is unit since the ratio of RMS value to the average value is one. This implies that square waves are equivalent to the summation of sine wave and an infinite series with frequencies of odd-multiples and have diminishing magnitudes as long as they are at the same frequency.

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Alternating Current Theory in Use | Instant Homework Help
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