Assignment: biomimetic architecture

Assignment: biomimetic architecture ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: biomimetic architecture Thesis_Research_Proposal_-_Outline.pdf Alsharif_Literature Review_First Draft.docx Alsharif__A3Annotated Bibliography.docx i have already starting the research but i need to completed with the outline so starting to write one page or tow for introduction with one page of Significance . also ,3 to 4 of Literature Review and one page for methodology as a draft . Assignment: biomimetic architecture please use my annotated bibliograph for literature review and you can add more source and topics that relater to my topic .which is biomimetic architecture . thesis_research_proposal___outline.pdf alsharif_literature_review_first_draft.docx alsharif__a3annotated_bibliography.docx Running Head: INTERIOR DESIGN AND EVALUATION INSTRUMENTS Thesis Research Proposal Interior Design and Evaluation Instruments Jane Smith Chatham University September 27, 2012 INTERIOR DESIGN AND EVALUATION INSTRUMENTS Interior Design and Evaluation Instruments Introduction This section describes, in clear and direct manner, the problem or topic of interest you are addressing and the concepts with which you are dealing. You can also list research questions, hypothesizes, and assumptions, if necessary. (Approximately 2 pages) Significance Identify the purpose and reasons for conducting the research you are proposing. Why is your research important? How will it improve a situation? How will it advance interior design? Use references to justify your argument. Use subheadings if necessary. (Approximately 2 pages) Literature Review What does the literature lead you to believe are the parameters of this problem? Organize the literature in a way that synthesizes the information, indicates what has already been studied, and provides a new perspective. Use subheadings to indicate how the literature is organized. Your literature review will include relevant research findings and design guidelines published by the scholars and practitioners. The literature review should serve as a foundation for the study. (Approximately 6 – 8 pages) INTERIOR DESIGN AND EVALUATION INSTRUMENTS Methodology Data that is directly collected from participants is often called empirical, primary, or original research. Assignment: biomimetic architecture If you intend to conduct empirical research, clearly describe the data collection tools and procedure you will use to address the problem under investigation. Justify your reasoning! Secondary research occurs when a study requires a review of existing data. Secondary sources may include personal documents such as diaries, archival measures, published works, and published statistics or published testing outcomes. If you intend to conduct a secondary research study, clearly describe the sources and procedures you will use to address the problem under investigation. Justify your reasoning! (Approximately 1 – 3 pages) Expected Findings Briefly indicate what you expect to find out as a result of the research you are proposing to conduct. The section should be guided byt the purpose of the study and hopefully answer your research question. (Approximately 1 -2 pages) References List the references that you used to write this paper using the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition). References should be cited in the text using this APA format. (As many pages as necessary to list all your references formatted properly) INTERIOR DESIGN AND EVALUATION INSTRUMENTS Your proposal paper should be 12 – 17 pages (double spaced with 1 inch margins) in length (not including your references. Running Head: BIOMIMETIC ARCHITECTURE 1 Biomimetic Architecture (Biomimicry as a Problem Solving Methodology in Interior Architecture) Alaa Ali Alsharif Graduate research method Chatham University Fall 2015 BIOMIMETIC ARCHITECTURE 2 Introduction The topic for this essay is biomimetic architecture as a problem solving in interior architecture. Assignment: biomimetic architecture Biomimetic is the imitation of nature’s elements in order to solve human problems. Therefore, biomimetic architecture imitates elements of nature and transforms them to beautiful elements of architecture. This kind of architecture does not replicate the elements of nature but rather understands the rules that govern the forms (Rust, 2011). This kind of architecture is important because there are fewer wastes and zero-energy that comes from the architecture. Biomimetic Architecture has helped solve problems in architecture. Therefore, using this same model in interior design will be better because many elements of nature will be imitated (Zari, 2007). In this topic, I’m looking for a sustainable type of architecture that can provide sustainable designs. Having sustainable kind of architecture for interior design will be a big improvement to the already existing forms of architecture. Nature has found many solutions that we are trying to solve as humans and using it for interior design will be a big step towards achieving this. History Architecture has for long looked for inspiration from nature. Australia had begun topics on social optimism and political time after the world war (GieNjoo, 2008). During the post-war years was when the term organic architecture was first used. It then emerged as an architectural point of discussion in the United States during the twentieth. Frank Lloyd Wright from the United States started showing a growing interest among Australian architects. Assignment: biomimetic architecture The term was then officially introduced in Australia officially by architectures as they tried to find other methods of architecture. The information was shared amongst the architectures from the United States as BIOMIMETIC ARCHITECTURE 3 well from other countries in Europe. The term started becoming popular, and many more people were interested in this type of architecture. The war had affected many countries, but it was also becoming a very important point for biomimetic architecture to take place. Ideas were shared, and they started spreading all over the globe. American and Australians were playing a very important part in the spread of the technology. A few years after the type of architecture was discovered, many artists across the world started applying it in massive scales. The work of Frank Lloyd was being implemented in many parts of North America as soon as he returned. It became the beginning of the work of Frank Lloyd who had put a lot of effort to learn about the kind of architecture (Pearson, 2001). The importance and characteristics of the architecture were being researched by many people across the world. Globally, people were experimenting and observing the new form of architecture. It was mostly used for huge and expensive projects in Melbourne, Australia. The number of buildings was overwhelmingly exploding (Klein, 2009). There were many structures with high architectural touches that were being put in place, but they were characterized with high costs. Assignment: biomimetic architecture After researches done by Frank Lloyd and other architectures, they found that they could use the designs in cheap houses. They could be incorporated to make small and affordable buildings for the population that could not afford to build big houses using the style. Relationships and Differences between organic architecture and biomimetic architecture Relationships They both seek inspiration from nature. The idea of both architectures is to improve human life by introducing natural forms in architecture. They include the observing of how natural things are shaped and how the same can be applied in human life (El-Zeiny, 2012). BIOMIMETIC ARCHITECTURE 4 Nature is said to have field tested and, therefore, having the ability to withstand many natural courses. By replicating the same, humans are able to find sustainable structures that can withstand natural forces. Nature has been there for millions of years. Organisms have evolved and found forms that are better and can withstand certain changes and conditions in their regions (Cesar, 2011). For example, an eagle has speed and has evolved for many years to be such strong and have the speed. Organic architecture designs an airplane to blend with the air while Biomimetic Architecture seeks to replicate the bird and build the plane from its features (Maglic, 1896). Through this, a sustainable and effective element is able to blend with nature as well as have the same characteristics with nature. They both seek to bring the value of nature to human life through its beauty and advanced characteristics. Nature has built itself to become beautiful for many years. Some of the beauty is astonishing and if used it will improve human life.Assignment: biomimetic architecture Nature is beautiful as it incorporates many beautiful characteristics (Panchu, 2006). Man may not be able to understand some characteristics and, therefore, needs to copy them from nature. In organic architecture, they use the same characteristics to put the structure in its natural origin (Dindone, 2011). For example, building a house that blends with the trees and a waterfall. In biomimetics, understanding the same beauty and either putting them in the same environment or not requires the skills used by the natural organisms. Both types of architecture help in understanding nature and what it has to provide. Differences In organic architecture, the structures do not have to look like any other natural form. They just need to blend in naturally and enhance the beauty. In Biomimetic Architecture, the structures have to look exactly as they are represented in their natural form (Mirzaei, 2013). They have the BIOMIMETIC ARCHITECTURE 5 same characteristics, and they do not have to blend. For example, a snail shell-shaped building does not need to be built in water but can be built in many areas. Biomimetic has to be incorporated in areas that the natural organism exists. Biomimetics exists to understand certain forms have distinct characteristics and how they can be used. Review of Literature Biomimetic Architecture has grown since it was first founded. It has been used to understand many characteristics of architectural structure which have positive results for the future of architecture. Using in interior design can be a success as it is sustainable and, therefore, a better option (SciVee, 2011). Assignment: biomimetic architecture It has been seen to produce some of the best architectural structures in history that are still celebrated till today. They blend naturally with the environment and are able to withstand conditions that affect other structures. They are strong and efficient and represent a very high skill on their part. Some architecture has become famous for basing their work to this kind of art. They also bring human beings closer to nature. By studying the nature so as to understand how to develop our lives further, we are able to understand characteristics of nature. We understand the ways that we should bond with other organisms and how to protect them. This was the main aim of art which is still being represented till day. Understanding the value of nature and also using it to improve our life is a very important thing as we use examples from well-developed natural art that has evolved for millions of years. BIOMIMETIC ARCHITECTURE 6 References Cesar, A ( 2012): Wright‘s Organic Architecture: From ›Form Follows Function‹ to ›Form and Function are One‹ for Wolkenkuckucksheim Dindone, l.(2011) : Organic Architecture, IA University College, Horsens, Denmark. El-Zeiny, R. ( 2012) .Biomimicry as a Problem Solving Methodology in Interior Architecture.AcE-Bs 2012 Bangkok, Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. GieNjoo, A .(2008). ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE: ITS ORIGIN, DEVELOPMENT and IMPACT ON MID 20th CENTURY MELBOURNE ARCHITECTURE KLEIN, L .(2009) . A PHENOMENOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION OF BIOMIMICRY AND ITS POTENTIAL VALUE FOR SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Maglic, Michael J.(1896 – February 2014) “Biomimicry: Using Nature as a Model for Design” . Paper 871.Assignment: biomimetic architecture Mirzaei, R.(2013).ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE MEANS FOR SUSTAINABILITY GOALS. Department of Architecture, Birjand Branch, Islamic AzadUniversity, Birjand, Iran Panchu, N.(2006) : An Exploration into Biomimicry and its Application in Digital & Parametric [Architectural] Design, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 2006 Pearson, D. (2001). New organic architecture: The breaking wave. Berkeley: University of California Press. BIOMIMETIC ARCHITECTURE Royall, E.(2012) : Defining Biomimicry Architecture Applications in system product, UTSoA Seminar in Sustainable Architecture Rust, M.(2011). Organic Architecture.The Organic Architecture Blog. SciVee, M.(2009). Biomimicry for an Innovative Built Environment: Biomimicry and the Built Environment Zari, M.(2007): BIOMIMETIC APPROACHES TO ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN FOR INCREASED SUSTAINABILITY, school of Architecture, Victoria University, PO Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand. 7 Annotated Bibliography – Gruber, P. (2011). Biomimetic in architecture architecture of life and buildings. Vienna, Springer. The author interference between architecture and biology and how they can connect to each other. Also He tries to clarify what is currently happening in the blurred fields, and to investigate the emerging discipline of „biomimetic in architecture. The book explains the new studies and theories in this field together with the examples. And it speaks how this new system innovation through the use of systems and solutions in the hidden nature after that evolved over millions of years. – Maglic, Mi. (1896 – February 2014). Biomimicry: using nature as a model for Design . Paper 871. Michael is talking about the relationship and the link between architecture and nature and where I arrived. There are also many questions and criticisms and solutions that must be considered in this filed. He said “The question is, canwe take the philosophy behind natures living organisms and use them to aid in the development of mankind? We can and it is called Biomimicry”. Assignment: biomimetic architecture Many examples put forward to try to answer that question trying to uncover the Truth. – El-Zeiny , R. ( 2012) .Biomimicry as a problem solving methodology in Interior architecture. AcE-Bs 2012 Bangkok, Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Rasha talks about the concept of biomimicry and how biomimicry is an applied science that derives inspiration for solutions to human problems through the study of natural designs, processes and systems. And how the internal architecture is typically used organisms shapes with out thinking in fact the about position or function .Finally , This paper reviews key points and case studies of applications of biomimicry in interior architecture. – SciVee, M.(2009). Biomimicry for an innovative built environment. Retrieved from The article is about how we need to simulate nature to find appropriate solutions to the problems of the environment. The author believes that the biomimicry will propel our world. Like nature, we need resilient, zero-energy, zero-waste, regenerative environments that are aware, responsive and can learn to adapt to their occupants and surroundings. He gave an example of applied biomimicry is the adaptive reuse of the landmark San Francisco Museum at the Mint. Finally, he said “his type of creative problem solving, in which nature inspires true innovation, could give birth to the next renaissance in design and construction”. – Rust, M .(2009-2011). Organic architecture. Tetrieved from. Assignment: biomimetic architecture “Michael Rust is the Organic Architect because of his philosophy that requires architectural design to promote harmony between human habitation and the natural world”. The article talks about the start of school in organic design is largely constructed and why, how is started. We should pay attention to architecture in all respects as starting with shape or form and end to function . – Mirzaei,R.(2013). Oganic architecture means for susutanbility goals. Department of Architecture, Birjand Branch. Islamic Azad University, Birjand, Iran. Organic architecture is not along the lines of tradition, but rather, re-interpretation of the principles of nature to build more natural than nature itself forms. Engineers, designers and architects seem often to nature for inspiration. he story speaks How should the application of the idea of the tradition of the natural object by all details to get the required end. – Gie Njoo, A. (2008). Organic architecture: Its origin, development and impact on mid-20th century Melbourne architecture. School of architecture and design, RMIT University. Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia. How organic architecture started in Australia and how it has evolved. Also how the n the decades before and after World War II the work of Wright and other like-minded architects practicing primarily on the West Coast of the United States, generated a growing interest among Australian architects. Assignment: biomimetic architecture As he said “This thesis focuses on the impact of the organic analogy on Melbourne domestic architecture during the middle decades of the 20 century. It describes the face of challenge. – Cesar ,A (2012). Wright‘s organic architecture: From ›form follows function‹ to ›form and function are One. The Tall Office Building Artistically , 27-36. The Journal talks about how some architects have the idea of how the form follows function than ever confirmed that all kinds of expressions, all types of objects, and all forms are based on their function, their purpose, and their way of being. He said several examples that followed this theory and successfully achieved as stated. – Pearson, D. (2001). New organic architecture: The breaking wave. University of California Press, Berkeley. The book would be significant if it were only seen as the defining work on contemporary organic architecture. Also it describes how a very few people: that organic architecture fill the void in the heart of the current environmental movement building “- Carol Venolia, architect, author of” healing environments ” – KLEIN, L. (2009). A phenomenal interpretation of biomimicry and its potential value for sustainable design. Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. “In this thesis, biomimicry is defined as imitating or taking inspiration from nature’s forms and processes to solve human problems “Community also realizes the enormous impact of human structures designed to have on the world, and environmental designers look to new approaches such as biomimicry to advance sustainable design. In the development of this critique phenomena, the thesis brings several of Environmental Design of the perfect human and environmental perspective. – Rajshekhar , R. (2014) . Biomimicry in architecture. M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. Assignment: biomimetic architecture This journal talks about how could in the search of sustainable building design and technology Biomimicry is an alternative solution . And how the inspiration from nature driving force in architecture, resulting an amazing work of architecture. Rao said “biomimicry is about solution refined and developed by nature”. – Zari, M. (2007). Biomimetic approaches to architectural design for increased sustainability. School of Architecture. Victoria University, PO Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand. Tha article talks about how although the various forms of simulated nature or design of bioinspired and discussed by researchers and specialists in the field of sustainable architecture and the application of large-scale and practical nature as a way to mimic the architectural design is still largely unrealized. – Panchu , N.(2006) . An exploration into biomimicry and its application in digital & parametric [Architectural] Design .Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 2006. The theesis talks about the principle of biology tradition is trying to figure out how I learned of nature and tradition but not necessarily distillation of nature and the qualities and characteristics of form and natural systems that can be applied to our interpretation of architecture. – Royall, E. (2012). Defining biomimicry architecture applications in system product. UTSoA Seminar in Sustainable Architecture The thesis explain the meaning of biomimetic and Biomimicry which is fashionable term, which continues to evade us the definition in the end. The purpose of this paper is to summarize. Also talks about how that resorts to nature contributed to solving the environmental problems by using nature. Dindone, l. (2011). Organic architecture . IA University College, Horsens, Denmark . The research talks how the organi … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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