Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology

Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology create a power point using Technology Project Attached (use the information from the technology project but do not copy or paste from the paper) The power point should highlight the significance/importance of the tech project.Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology Assignment #3 Individual PowerPoint Presentations (10 slides excluding title and reference page) Overview-Project Introduction & Description, Background of Topic (2 points) Project Significance, Goals & Objectives (2 points), Literature Review (2 points) Financial Analysis (3 points) Evaluation Plan (4 points) Summary of your execution plan (2 points). since project will remain on the proposal stage include statistical analysis you might use if project implemented in the future practice Proposed plan & Alternative plan (activities, Budget, Evaluation Plan (4 points) Summary of your execution plan (2 points). st_assingment_data_management_technology.docx Running head: HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY Health Information Exchange (HIE) Technology Nayvi Brennan Florida National University Financial Management and Resource Development Professor: Dr. Claudia Davis 05/21/2020 1 HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 2 Health Information Exchange (HIE) Technology Executive Summary In order to enhance patient care in America, the United States of America (USA) federal and state governments encourage healthcare workers such as nurses to ensure that they use data management technologies. Thus, innovation of Health information exchange (HIE) technology to supplement the existing electronic patient health records has been a remarkable invention. Health information exchange improves interoperability in healthcare where interoperability is the capability of healthcare professionals to access, exchange, and cooperatively apply information in a planned way to provide data promptly and effectively to other concerned users. According to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (2017), 12 American countries in the USA were awarded a total of $29.6 million in July 2015, to test the productivity of Health information exchange. Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology Also, four countries out of the 12 states were each awarded with an extra $2.5 million to enhance the use of inter-region and state admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) notifications to increase patient care and coordination. According to the report, the results were that healthcare facilities that participated in the study reported an increase in-patient care and that the Healthcare information exchange technology has since been incorporated in a considerable number of hospitals in the USA. However, most of the rural hospitals in the United States have not adopted electronic health records. This makes them lag behind which in return delays the patients’ outcomes. In this context, therefore, I chose to implement electronic health records by the use of HIE-ADT software in rural areas with the intention of improving the patients’ outcome in the rural sector. Thus, the project proposed involves the introduction of electronic health records through the incorporation of the HIE-ADT software in rural hospitals in America to enhance patient care in rural settings. It is evident that there is a need to lay out a framework for the incorporation of electronic health records through HIEADT data exchange system to increase patient care in rural America. The implementation of HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 3 the above project will be viable because it will ensure that there is an improvement in the quality of healthcare. Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology On top of that the project is it is cost-effective. The project will also help to address the challenge of information security which has been heightened by technological development. Description of the Project Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) in the health care system refers to the healthcare business structure that facilitates quality patients’ improvement. Health information exchange (HIE) refers to the electronic transfer of information concerned with health care facilities, organizations, and professionals. ADT is designed in a way that it triggers messages required in updating the care transition of a patient. The messages triggered contain information on the patients’ demography. Additionally, information regarding the admission and discharge of a patient is also uploaded and updated for access and viewing of the patients’ hospitalization. This operates by the ADT sending a message to the HIE system which in turn sends alerts to the care manager (Guide, n.d.). From there, the physician is notified and the best intervention is initiated. In this context, ADT-HIE utilization will be useful in rural areas to transform healthcare and bring quality, effectiveness, and safety in healthcare services delivery. This will be done by connecting the rural areas patients with remotely located care providers and then upwards to urban-based physicians and specialists. The implementation of such software to operation will be done by; ? Adoption of electronic record for patients ? Transmission of test results electronically ? Availing telehealth systems to care, providers, ? Making use of electronic prescribing ? Using secure digital networks HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 4 Project Relevance All nurses must engage in ineffective data management to ensure the safety of patients. Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology Ward et al.… (2015) assert that poor data management can lead to misreporting a patient’s condition that can have serious consequences such as death. Nurses have a task to deliver topmost care to patients no matter the situation. Hence, it is vital for the government to incorporate data management software such as HIE-ADT to improve how nurses in rural hospitals attend to patients. Therefore, to ensure that there is equality in the management of rural hospitals, governments must support the implementation of the HIE-ADT software in rural American hospitals. Thus, the adoption of electronic health records by the use of HIEADT software in rural hospitals will have the following advantages; i. First, the use of electronic healthcare records will help in monitoring patients’ healthcare information with a lot of ease. ii. The use of electronic healthcare records will make it possible to offer telemedicine visits to patients suffering from various diseases. iii. The project will ensure fast distribution and tracking of patients’ information among healthcare workers when patients’ information is needed for further treatment. iv. The use of electronic healthcare records will increase the level of communication between healthcare professionals and this will reduce the level of medical errors v. Adoption of electronic healthcare records will reduce errors which can occur in a hospital setting such duplication and supplication, which can lead to misdiagnosis or incorrect prescription of drugs that can even cause death. HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 5. Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology Project Clinical Goals and Objectives ? To equip healthcare workers working in hospitals in rural America about electronic healthcare records and how to use the HIE-ADT software, which will increase their productivity ? To enhance patient management and monitoring in rural America ? To inform the nurses in rural America about the need and the advantage that comes along with the electronic healthcare records ? To facilitate proper management of the patients’ data for future reference ? To improve patients’ outcome ? To reduce duplication and supplication of patients’ data in rural hospitals. Evidence-Based Literature Healthcare is a multi-dimensional aspect that aims to diagnose, treat and prevent health-related problems in people. Some of the main healthcare sectors include nursing, psychology, and dentistry, among others. In such sectors, health practitioners require to note down various information about the patient, such as their medical history, various diagnoses, prescriptions, imaging and laboratory experiments, among others. According to Dash, et al. (2019), in the past, the medical records of patients were kept in files which were either handwritten or typed and stored in a typical computer file. However, the authors note that in recent years, the American federal government has developed ways through which it can electronically collect the medical records of patients. Notably, there are a few advantages that are evident with the introduction of electronic health records (EHR) using the HIE-ADT software. First, the use of EHR helps to monitor any infectious diseases in a country or region (Kruse et al., 2018). Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology In support of the sentiments of these authors, Dash et al. (2019) add EHR plays a crucial role in helping researchers to identify ways to contain a pandemic to mitigate the spread of the disease. HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 6 For example, currently, the world is battling the global outbreak of Covid-19. Reeves et al. (2020) note that some of the main benefits of the EHR methods reported by the managers of the incident command center of Covid-19 is that there is a fast distribution of information and tracking of information. Besides, the authors note that EHR has made it possible to offer telemedicine visits to patients suffering from Covid-19. Second, EHR has increased the level of communication between healthcare professionals to reduce the level of medical errors. According to Ward et al. (2015), there are several types of errors which can occur in a hospital setting such duplication and supplication, which can lead to misdiagnosis or incorrect prescription of drugs that can even cause death. Besides, Ward et al. (2015 conducted a research study on 7,348 patients and revealed that errors in health data management also caused poor representation of the health organization’s financial performance. Additionally, Procop and his colleagues note that repetition of the medical procedures such as laboratory tests has been an issue that has widely resulted in medication errors (Procop et al…, 2015). As such, exposing patients to repeated X-ray tests is unhealthy to the patients as it exposes them to harmful and excessive exposure to radiation, which is against the targets of the Patient Protection Act. Thus, Procop et al. (2015) and Ward et al. (2015) agree that poor communication among various medical workers is the most common cause of service duplication in America. Communication is a very crucial tool that medical practitioners should use to reduce the chances of engaging in service duplication in hospitals today. Besides, Reeves et al. (2020) note that one of the main challenges that affect the effectiveness of practitioners in response centers is communication because of poor coordination of practitioners.Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology Besides, Campanella et al. (2015) add that managers of medical centers and healthcare professionals such as nurses should join efforts to reduce the scale of economies HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 7 which increase with the increase of preventable errors such as service duplication. Third, the mortality rate of patients who get treated in hospitals where there is full EHR about them is less that of patients treated with partial of no EHR about them. Yanamadala et al. (2016) note that the mortality rate of patients with full EHR records was 3.7%, while that of patients with partial EHR about them was 4.0% and that of those with not EHR documentation was at 4.4%. Campanella et al. (2015) resonate with the thoughts of Yanamadala et al. (2016) by noting that since it is easier to access the medical data records of patients with full EHR, it is easier to commence treatment on them more promptly, compared to patients with partial or no EHR records. However, most Americans do not understand the gross effects of such findings. According to All of Us (2019), there are many benefits to enrolling for full EHR; the researchers have only collected data from 175,000 Americans since 2015. Hence, it necessary for stakeholders in the healthcare sector to encourage more citizens to enroll in the program for their benefit. Finally, successful implementation of EHR software such as HIE-ADT would increase the patient data safety as noted under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (, 2019). Notably, among one of 11 benefits of EHR noted by the (2019) is that it enhances the privacy of patient data from unauthorized users. However, empirical research continues to provide contradictory evidence about this fact. Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology For example, Jamshed et al. (2015) note that sharing of a patient’s information from one healthcare facility to another or from one medical practitioner to another reduces the trustworthiness of EHR to patients, and they may end up giving half-baked information about their medical conditions. Additionally, Abouelmehdi et al. (2018) also offer contrasting evidence that negates the recommendation of the (2019) by noting that unscrupulous people such as hackers have managed to access anonymous and encrypted patient EHRs and managed to HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 8 manipulate them which calls for more technological research into the privacy and protection of patient information. Therefore, it is evident that both ethical and legal issues arise based on the safety of patient information in EHR. Hence, as discussed it is apparent that there are notable benefits that will be evident if the government incorporates EHR software such as HIE-ADT software in rural healthcare facilities. Some of these benefits include the effective monitoring of Covid-19 in rural areas, reduction of medical errors, and the mitigation of the mortality rates of patients in rural areas. Market and Financial Analysis The global healthcare market size has expanded and it is expected to grow. Thus, there is a splendid increase in nursing care improvement. The nurse scientists are expected to address the critical nursing problems of patient health record management. Since the resources are limited, the choices must be made in a way the implementation of the project will be cost-effective. Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology In this, to implement the project, it is estimated to cost $28,600. Project Budget Activity Cost Purchase of HIE-ADT software $ 8,000 Transport $1000 Creation of awareness to the health care facilities in the rural areas $5000 Equipment $600 Salaries $10,000 Miscellaneous $4,000 Total $28,600 Besides, it is essential to consider whether the project is economically viable in the sense whether it will be able to generate money to repay the investment made in it. In this, therefore, several measures will be calculated to determine the profitability and the capability HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 9 of Project repayment. These measures will be based on the estimated costs and benefits and the cost-benefits analysis. However, the financial analysis of the project will be done based on non-discounted measures. In this, the project is expected to invest and incur the high cost of operation in the first year with no net profit since it is the year that the project will be introduced in the market. From the second year onwards, net profit is expected to increase while the cost of operation is expected to reduce since most of the rural hospitals will have adopted the project thus reducing the cost of awareness creation and marketing. Item Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Investments $500 $1275 – – – Cost of $28,100 $20,000 $1100 $1100 $1100 – $200 $1475 $1500 $1600 – $200 $375 $400 $500 operation Gross benefits Net profits. Plan for Evaluation The viability and success of the project will depend on the assurance of this information. The development of technology is an essential aspect of nursing practice. Therefore, appropriate criteria will be developed in evaluating the nursing technology project. In the evaluation plan, the key focus will be efficiency, especially depending on its costeffectiveness. Efficiency will also be determined by the amount of information which will be managed with minimal resources. The evaluation of the project will be done regularly to ensure that the appropriate adjustments are made on time. Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 10 Plan for Alternative Assumptions & Strategies In this, relevant information will be considered before any financial resources are invested in the project. It is an assumption that the nursing technology plan will be based on good faith to help in the management of the patient’s health records. This means that there is a need for the strategies to be developed to ensure that privacy and confidentiality of the patients will not be breached as stated by Abbasi et al.… (2018). Thus, in the implementation of this project the following will be done; ? The review of the mission and vision of the nursing practice ? Analysis of the nursing practice operations HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 11 ? Development and selection of the strategic options ? The establishment of the strategic objectives of the project ? Development of the project execution plan ? The establishment of the appropriate plan for the resource allocation and budget for the project The plan for the alternative assumptions sand strategies will help in ensuring that there will be a proper support system, high-quality work and that there will be a contingency plan in place to address any eventuality. This will be of great importance to ensure that all the risk identified in the project implementation is adequately mitigated. In addition to the alternative assumptions, the project implementation guidelines will be reviewed regularly and updated where the need arises. Transparency and communication with all the stakeholders will be embraced. How the project is applicable to the Present Healthcare System The implementation of this project will help in enhancing the patient-centered care by improving the communication between the nursing practitioners and the patients. The project will enhance the accessibility of the patient’s health records through the use of the online portals and this will enhance the patient continence and monitoring. This means that the application of technology will make it easy for the patients to access healthcare services from their comfort and convenience as it is stated by Suter-Crazzolara (2018). Assignment: Health Information Exchange HIE Technology Mo over, the nursing technology will improve the quality of the patient care because the electronic health records will be available to the healthcare professionals such that they can easily access information on the medical history of the patient which will help in making informed decisions. The cost of healthcare will be reduced because of the low cost of patient HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) TECHNOLOGY 12 record management and ease of tracing these records. Additionally, this nursing technology will help in the MSN essentials by ensuring that there is collaboration between the different healthcare professionals with the objective of improving the patient care and overall healthcare outcomes as stated by Das et al… (2018). Again, the project will improve the practice of evidence-based nursing since the health policies and practice guidelines will be based on the information available. In this, there will be an increase in the use of recent research in making decisions on patient care. The healthcare professional will be able to integrate their expertise and research data with reference to the patient, thus making the best healthcare decision. How the Project relates to the Master Essentials The project relates to the Master Essential III on quality improvement and safety. This is because the adoption of technology in the management of the patient’s information will help the nurses to adopt evidence-based practice. The nurses will be able to adopt the most effective methods, tools and performance measures as well as the standards related to quality because more information will be readily available for use in current research on patient care. The nurses will be able to adopt the rigorous method of integrating the research information available with their expertise in order to achieve the best patient care and outcome. This essential will help healthcare professionals to make decisions based on factual data. The essential on the application of quality principles will improve the way healthcare professionals handle complex healthcare situations, and this will reduce the cost, improve patient care and outcomes. (AACN, 2017) On the same, the project relates to the Master Essential V on Informatics and Healthcare Technology. This is because the adoption of electronic health r … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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