Assignment: Sexual Violence in Later Life Article Response

Assignment: Sexual Violence in Later Life Article Response ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Sexual Violence in Later Life Article Response What actions can you undertake to overcome the barriers to response and prevention of sexual violence in later life? Assignment: Sexual Violence in Later Life Article Response With the changing demographics of the population widowhood and its impact to health will grow and magnify, how would the article impact your nursing care? What nursing actions would you incorporate to address this issue? Make sure that all your responses are supported by evidence-based data. Sexual violence in later life fact sheet Sexual violence in later life: A technical assistance guide for advocates Article: Adapting to widowhood through meaningful occupations – a case study Widowhood and Mood Anxiety Disorders women__issues.pdf A continues emphasis on prevention and wise consumer choices New content on intimate partner violence, biological and psychosocial bases of human sexuality, obesity, alcohol, ethnicity, and more An Online Learning Center with a wealth of student and instructor resources that can be accessed at Want to combine Kolander’s text and your own materials into a custom book? Visit to ?nd out how! Women’s Health Issues for Today and the Future MD DALIM #1216898 12/4/12 CYAN MAG YELO BLK A revised order of Part Tree (Sexual and Relational Wellness) for a better and more meaningful content ?ow Contemporary Women’s Health Issues for Today and the Future FEATURES OF THE 5TH EDITION: Fifth Editi on Contemporary Contemporary Women’s Health emphasizes health promotion and the impact of multicultural and diversity issues on women’s health. Te text is written from a woman-centered perspective and o?ers thorough discussions on a broad range of female-centric topics including feminism and the women’s health movement, global issues in women’s health, and health concerns speci?c to diverse populations. It is appropriate for both nontraditional and traditional students in a variety of course settings including health education, general education, medical education, and women’s studies courses that emphasize a holistic approach to health. Fifth Edition Kolander Ballard Chandler Cheryl A. Kolander | Danny Ramsey Ballard | Cynthia Kay Chandler CONTEMPORARY WOMEN’S HEALTH Issues for Today and the Future FIFTH EDITION Cheryl A. Kolander, HSD Department of Health and Sport Science University of Louisville Danny Ramsey Ballard, EdD, FAAHE Department of Health and Kinesiology Texas A&M University Cynthia K. Chandler, EdD, LPC, LMFT Department of Counseling and Higher Education University of North Texas kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd i 14/12/12 9:50 AM CONTEMPORARY WOMEN’S HEALTH: ISSUES FOR TODAY AND THE FUTURE, FIFTH EDITION Published by McGraw-Hill, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. Copyright © 2014 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Previous editions © 2009, 2006, and 2003. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written consent of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., including, but not limited to, in any network or other electronic storage or transmission, or broadcast for distance learning. This book is printed on acid-free paper. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 QDB/QDB 1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 ISBN: 978–0–07–8028540 MHID: 0–07–802854X Senior Vice President, Products & Markets: Kurt L. Strand Vice President, General Manager, Products & Markets: Michael Ryan Vice President, Content Production & Technology Services: Kimberly Meriwether David Executive Director of Development: Lisa Pinto Managing Director: Gina Boedeker Senior Brand Manager: Bill Minick Development Editor: Sara Jaeger Marketing Specialist: Alexandra Schultz Director, Content Production: Terri Scheisl Senior Project Manager: Joyce Watters Buyer: Susan K. Culbertson Media Project Manager: Sridevi Palani Cover Designer: Studio Montage, St. Louis, MO. Cover Images: © Jose Luis Pelaez Inc./Blend Images LLC (top left); © Terry Vine/Blend Images LLC (top right); © Daniel Koebe/Corbis (bottom left); Pixtal/AGE Fotostock (bottom right) Typeface: 9/12 Stone Serif Compositor: S4Carlisle Publishing Services Printer: Quad/Graphics Credits: A credits section for this book begins on page 459 and is considered an extension of the copyright page. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Kolander, Cheryl A. Contemporary women’s health/Cheryl A. Kolander. Assignment: Sexual Violence in Later Life Article Response — Fifth edition. pages cm Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN-13: 978–0–07–802854–0—ISBN-10: 0–07–802854–X 1. Women—Health and hygiene. I. Title. RA778.K7245 2014 613?.04244—dc23 2012036860 kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd ii 14/12/12 9:50 AM Dedication With gratitude and love to my parents and family for the joy and happiness they bring to my life; to my friends for the fun, adventure, and camaraderie we share; and to the students, whose intellectual curiosity and creativity remind me daily that life as a professor is the best job in the world. —CAK To the fabulous women, both family and friends, who have inspired, guided, loved, listened, supported and brought joy, laughter and meaning to my life! Each of you has made life more meaningful and fulfilling. Thank you with all my heart— I appreciate and love you dearly: Fay, Ruby, Marcelle, Rita, AnnaBelle, Suzanne, Betty, Barbara, Josey, Kristy, Cheryl, Carolyn, Katy, Sue, Jan, Sherry, DeAun, Jill, Beverly, Janene, Kathy, Pat, Nita, Ruth, Aleen, Altha, Judy, Shirley, Carol, Tedi, Frances, Lillian, Priscilla, Diane, Ellen, Linda, Ebbie, Monica, Mary Jane, Katherine, and Christine. . . . and to my wonderful former students! —DRB To my loving and supportive family, my mother and father Billie and Orbie Chandler; my sisters Betty Bush and Bonnie Thomas and brother-in-law Sam Thomas; my brother Charlie Chandler and sister-in-law Vicki Chandler; my nieces Rachel Thomas Little (and husband Tommy), Terra Chandler, and Niki Chandler; and my nephews, Lonnie Bush (and wife Heather), Brandon Bush (and wife Shasta), and Rowdy Bush (and wife Jessica); and Jason Thomas. —CKC kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd iii 14/12/12 9:50 AM Brief Contents Preface xv About the Authors xxi Part Four C ONTEMPORARY L IFESTYLE I SSUES 268 Part One F OUNDATIONS OF W OMEN ’ S H EALTH 1 Chapter One Eating Well 269 Chapter Twelve Becoming a Wise Consumer 28 Using Alcohol Responsibly 321 Chapter Three Chapter Thirteen Developing a Healthy Lifestyle 62 Making Wise Decisions about Tobacco, Caffeine, and Drugs 342 Part Two E MOTIONAL W ELLNESS Chapter Ten Keeping Fit 301 Chapter Two AND S OCIAL Chapter Eleven Introducing Women’s Health 2 M ENTAL AND 87 Part Five C OMMUNICABLE AND C HRONIC C ONDITIONS 363 Chapter Four Enhancing Emotional Well-Being 88 Chapter Fourteen Chapter Five Preventing and Controlling Infectious Diseases 364 Managing the Stress of Life 119 Chapter Fifteen Part Three S EXUAL AND R ELATIONAL W ELLNESS Preventing and Controlling Chronic Health Conditions 391 154 Chapter Sixteen Chapter Six Reducing Your Risk of Cancer 430 Building Healthy Relationships 155 Chapter Seven Preventing Abuse against Women 182 Chapter Eight Glossary 451 Credits 459 Index 460 Exploring Women’s Sexuality 206 Chapter Nine Designing Your Reproductive Life Plan 227 iv kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd iv 14/12/12 9:50 AM Contents Preface xv About the Authors xxi Part One F OUNDATIONS OF W OMEN ’ S H EALTH CHAPTER ONE • Introducing Women’s Health 1 2 Why Focus on Women’s Health? 2 Emphasis On Health Promotion 2 Women’s Health in a Global Society 3 The Women’s Health Movement in the United States 5 The Women’s Social Movement 8 Legislation for Women and Minorities 9 Sexual Discrimination 10 Disparities in Access to Health Care 16 Health Issues for Minority Women 17 Hispanic or Latino Women 17 African American Women 18 Asian Women 19 Native American Indian and Alaskan Native Women 20 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Women 20 Adolescent Females 21 Elderly Women 22 Ethnic, Class, and Gender Bias in Health Research 23 Women’s Health Research 24 Social, Political, and Medical Context 25 CHAPTER TWO • Becoming a Wise Consumer 28 Consumerism 28 Choosing a Health Care Provider 29 Health Care Providers 30 Reporting Unprofessional Treatment 33 Health Care Delivery 33 Home Health Tests 33 Complementary and Alternative Medicine 34 Herbalism 35 Acupuncture 36 Chiropractic Care 37 Massage 38 Holistic Medicine 38 Other Types of Alternative Health Care 39 Health Quackery 39 Prescription Drugs 39 Understanding Drug Labels 40 Commonly Prescribed Drugs 41 Using Prescription Drugs Safely 41 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs 42 OTC Drugs Used by Women 43 Prescription and OTC Drug Use during Pregnancy 44 Beauty-Enhancing Products and Procedures 45 Products 45 Procedures 46 Breast Augmentation 47 Effects of Advertising 47 Types of Advertising Techniques 48 Unrealistic Portrayals of Women 48 Realistic Portrayals of Women 50 Financial Considerations 50 Health Insurance 50 Medicare and Medicaid 52 Social Security 53 Taking Action as a Consumer 53 Agencies 53 Credit Reports 54 Righting a Wrong 54 What Should be the Public’s Priority: Corporate Profit or Consumer Safety?Assignment: Sexual Violence in Later Life Article Response 55 Affordable Care Act 57 Being a Consumer Advocate 58 CHAPTER THREE • Developing a Healthy Lifestyle 62 What is Healthy? 62 Life Expectancy 62 Leading Causes of Death 68 Whole Person Concept 70 Mind, Body, and Spirit 73 Dimensions of Wellness 74 Holistic Wellness Model 74 Achieving Optimum Wellness 74 World Wellness 74 World Wellness for Women 76 Wellness Versus Illness 78 Education 79 Prevention 79 Treatment 79 v kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd v 14/12/12 9:50 AM vi CONTENTS Learning and Behavior 80 Hierarchy of Needs 81 Theories and Models of Behavior Change 81 The Transtheoretical Model 82 Theories of Reasoned Action and Planned Action 82 Self-Efficacy 82 Planning your Lifestyle Change 82 Personal Inventory 82 Helpful Attitude 83 Plan of Action 83 CHAPTER FIVE • Managing the Stress of Life Part Two M ENTAL AND E MOTIONAL W ELLNESS 87 CHAPTER FOUR • Enhancing Emotional Well-Being The Emerging Self 88 Theories of Development 88 Women’s Relational Model of Development 89 Sociocultural Influences 90 Mindful Self-Exploration and Integration 90 The Counseling Option 91 Factors for Successful Counseling Outcome 93 Life Skill Development 94 Emotional Intelligence 94 Assertiveness Training 94 Effective Communication 95 Effective Problem Solving 96 Self-Esteem Enhancement 96 Body Image and Eating Disorders 97 Body Image and the Media 97 Eating Disorders 99 Grief and Bereavement 101 Women’s Grief 103 Depression 104 Types of Depression 104 Psychosocial Stressors and Depression 105 The Reproductive System and Depression 106 Depression and Genetic Liability 109 Developmental Issues and Depression 109 Family of Origin Issues and Depression 109 Multicultural Issues of Depression and Suicide 109 Medication for Depression 112 BiPolar Disorder 112 Anxiety 112 Positive Experiences and Mental Health 113 Seasonal Affective Disorder 113 Self-Injury 114 EMOTIONS AND HEALTH 114 kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd vi 88 119 Concepts of Stress 119 Stress and Perception 119 Positive versus Negative Stress 120 The Stress Response 120 Fight-or-Flight Response 120 General Adaptation Syndrome 121 Anatomy and Physiology of Stress 121 Endocrine System 121 Autonomic Nervous System 123 Distress and the Body 123 Stress and “Dis-ease” 123 Stress and Pregnancy 129 Stress and Lifestyle 129 Major Life Events 129 College Stress 130 Daily Life Hassles 130 Impact of Multiple Roles 131 Multicultural Issues 135 Spiritual Beliefs 135 Ability to Acculturate 135 Racial Issues 135 Age Factors 135 Financial Stress 135 The Impact of Technology 136 The Workforce, Women, and Stress 136 Employment and Health 137 Working against Stereotypes 137 Environmental Stress 137 Stress and Anxiety 138 Stress and Trauma 139 Women in Combat 140 Coping Skills for Stress: Prevention, Management, and Treatment 141 Social Support 141 You Are What You Think 141 Stress and Nutrition 142 Use of Herbs 143 Massage and Reflexology 143 Acupressure and Acupuncture 144 Exercise 144 Time Management 144 Mind–Body Medicine: An Overview 145 Body Awareness 146 Mindful Awareness 146 Relaxation Exercises 146 Biofeedback 147 Meditation 147 Yoga 149 Proper Breathing 149 Make Stress Management a Priority 149 14/12/12 9:50 AM CONTENTS Part Three S EXUAL AND R ELATIONAL W ELLNESS 154 CHAPTER SIX • Building Healthy Relationships 155 Forming Relationships 155 Stages of Dating 155 Gender-Role Attributes 157 Sociological Factors 158 Theories of Love 158 Sternberg’s Triangular Theory 159 Lee’s Six Lovestyles 160 Biochemistry of Love 160 Traits of a Successful Relationship 162 Types of Relationships 163 Marriage and Other Committed Relationships 163 Coupled Households 165 Interracial and Mixed-Race Couples 166 Lesbian Couples 167 Bisexual Couples 169 Transgender Couples 169 Troubled Relationships 170 Terminating a Relationship 170 Love Addiction 171 Potential Sources of Conflict 171 Resolving Conflicts—Fighting Fair 173 Celebrating Motherhood 175 Nonmarital Childbearing 176 Positive Parenting Relationships 176 Mothers and Teen Daughters 177 CHAPTER SEVEN • Preventing Abuse Against Women 182 The Reality of Violence Against Women 182 The Extent of the Problem 183 Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships 184 Types of Abuse 186 Childhood Abuse 186 Abuse and Adult Women 187 Elder Abuse 193 Common Elements in all Types of Abuse 194 Minimization 194 Directionality 194 Trivialization 194 Blaming the Victim 194 Characteristics of Battered Women 194 Personal Feelings and Beliefs 195 Codependency 195 Perception of Partner 195 Consequences of Abuse 195 Physical Consequences 195 Emotional and Psychological Consequences 195 Spiritual Consequences 196 Social Consequences 196 kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd vii vii Economic Impact of IPV 197 Assignment: Sexual Violence in Later Life Article Response Leaving the Abusive Relationship 197 Deciding to Leave 197 Developing a Safety Plan 197 Locating Safe Shelter 197 Locating Other Resources 198 Healing from Abuse 198 How to Help 199 Moving Forward 200 Building Resiliency 200 Self-Caring 200 Meeting Needs 201 PREVENTING ABUSE 201 Personal Level 201 Community Level 202 State and Federal Levels 203 CHAPTER EIGHT • Exploring Women’s Sexuality 206 Female Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology 206 External Genitalia 206 Internal Genitalia 208 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 209 Breasts 209 Menstruation 211 Pelvic Examination and Pap Test 213 Menstrual Disorders 214 Premenstrual Syndrome 215 Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) 216 Hysterectomy 217 Menopause 218 Natural Menopause 218 Premature Menopause 218 Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) 218 Natural or Alternative Therapies 220 Preventing Chronic Conditions 220 Preventing Menopausal Symptoms 221 Sexuality 221 Aging and Sexual Response 224 CHAPTER NINE • Designing Your Reproductive Life Plan 227 Reproductive Health 227 Birth Control Methods 228 Continuous Abstinence 229 Fertility Awareness–Based Methods (Periodic Abstinence) 230 Barrier Methods 232 Hormonal Contraceptives 235 Other Birth Control Methods 239 Maternal and Infant Mortality 241 Promoting Healthy Pregnancy Outcomes 243 Pre-Pregnancy Planning 243 Conception 243 Early Signs of Pregnancy 244 Home Pregnancy Tests 244 14/12/12 9:50 AM viii CONTENTS Fetal Development 245 Prenatal Care and Delivery 246 Primary Care Services 246 Labor and Delivery 248 Birthing Options 248 Breast-Feeding 250 Potential Problems with Pregnancy 251 Ectopic Pregnancy 251 Hypertensive Disorders 252 Infertility 252 Assisted Reproductive Technology 252 Artificial Insemination 255 Surrogacy 255 Stem Cell Issues 256 Abortion 257 Defining Abortion 258 Postabortion Issues 260 Right to Life and Pro-Choice 261 Adoption 261 Foster Care 262 Part Four C ONTEMPORARY L IFESTYLE I SSUES 268 CHAPTER TEN • Eating Well AND S OCIAL 269 Eating Well and Eating Wisely 269 Guidelines to Good Eating 269 Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 270 Balancing Calories to Manage Weight 272 Foods and Food Products to Reduce 274 Foods and Nutrients to Increase 275 Recommended Dietary Allowances 276 Necessary Nutrients 276 Carbohydrates 276 Protein 277 Fats 278 Vitamins 278 Minerals 279 Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding 284 Energy Needs during Pregnancy 285 Nutrient Requirements during Pregnancy 285 Dietary Guideline Recommendations for Pregnancy 286 Physical Activity 286 Caloric Intake 286 Nutrients 287 Vegetarianism 287 Benefits of Vegetarianism 287 Concerns of Vegetarianism 288 Nutrition and the Consumer 288 Additives 289 Organic Foods 289 kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd viii Food Labeling 290 Managing Weight Through Nutrition 294 Underweight, Overweight, and Obesity 295 Weight Loss 295 Nutrition and the Aging Population 297 CHAPTER ELEVEN • Keeping Fit 301 Benefits Of Fitness 301 Health-Related Components of Fitness 303 Cardiorespiratory Endurance 303 Flexibility 304 Muscular Strength and Endurance 306 Body Composition 307 Other Exercise Considerations 307 Personal Fitness Programming 307 Fitness Assessments 308 Design your Personal Fitness Program 310 Getting Started 311 Staying Involved 312 Avoiding Injuries 312 Joining a Fitness Club 313 Special Considerations 314 Exercise and the Menstrual Cycle 314 Exercise and Pregnancy 314 Compulsive Exercise 315 Managing Weight Through Exercise 316 Exercising During the Later years 317 CHAPTER TWELVE • Using Alcohol Responsibly 321 Women And Alcohol 321 Alcohol Absorption 322 Why Liquor Is Quicker for Women 323 Women and Alcohol: A Unique Relationship 323 Alcohol Consumption 324 College-Age Women and Alcohol 324 Associated Effects 326 Alcohol and Pregnancy 330 Addiction and Dependency 332 Dependency: What Is It? 332 Alcoholism 333 Demographics 333 Is Alcoholism a Disease? 333 Indicators of Alcoholism, and How to Help 334 A Family Disease 334 What can be Done? 336 Resources 337 Intervention 337 Types of Treatment 337 Prevention 338 CHAPTER THIRTEEN • Making Wise Decisions about Tobacco, Caffeine, and Drugs 342 Tobacco: Looking Back 342 Women and Tobacco 343 Prevalence of Tobacco Use 343 14/12/12 9:50 AM CONTENTS Why Women Smoke 343 Substances in Tobacco 344 Adverse Health Effects 345 Respiratory Concerns 345 Cardiovascular Diseases 345 Smoking and Cancer 346 Other Physical Consequences 347 Addiction 347 Assignment: Sexual Violence in Later Life Article Response Environmental Tobacco Smoke 348 Smoking and Pregnancy 348 Smoking Cessation 349 Behavioral Changes 349 Nicotine Replacement Products 350 How to Stop Smoking! 350 Benefits of Smoking Cessation 351 Caffeine 351 What Is Caffeine? 351 Effects of Caffeine 352 Caffeine Products 352 Effects of Caffeine on Health 353 Caffeinism 354 Caffeine Research 354 Illegal Drugs 355 Drug Use and Pregnancy 355 Cocaine and Crack 355 Marijuana 356 Heroin and Methadone 357 Amphetamines and Methamphetamines 358 Illegal Drugs and Societal Problems for Women 358 Women, Drugs, and HIV Infection 358 Women, Drugs, and Homelessness 359 Part Five CHAPTER FOURTEEN • Preventing and Controlling Infectious Diseases 364 kol2854X_fm_i-xxii.indd ix Inflammatory Disorders 374 HIV/AIDS 374 Epidemiology 375 Diagnosis of HIV 376 Treatment of HIV 377 Pregnancy and HIV 378 Sexual Assault And Stis 378 Stis in Women who Have Sex With Women (WSW) 378 Prevention Strategies 379 Preexposure Vaccination 379 Abstinence 379 Monogamy 379 Engaging in Less Risky Behaviors with Partners 379 Oral Contraceptives, Vaginal Spermicide, and Diaphragms 380 Male Condoms 380 Female Condoms 380 Promising Prevention Strategies 381 Other Infectious Diseases 381 Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) 381 Seasonal Influenza (Flu) 381 Hepatitis A 382 Hepatitis B 383 Hepatitis C 384 Tuberculosis (TB) 384 Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) 384 Streptococcal Disease 385 Varicella (Chickenpox and Shingles) 386 Encephalitis 386 Lyme Disease 387 CHAPTER FIFTEEN • Preventing and Controlling Chronic Health Conditions 391 C OMMUNICABLE AND C HRONIC C ONDITIONS 363 The Increasing Threat Posed by Infectious Diseases 364 The Primary Burden of Sexually Transmitted Infections 365 Common Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections 366 Chlamydia 366 Gonorrhea 367 Syphilis 368 Chancroid 369 Common Viral Sexually Transmitted Infections Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 369 Human Papillomavirus 371 Reproductive Tract Infections 372 Vaginitis 372 ix 369 Inaction Is Unacceptable 391 The Leading Cause of Death … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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