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Question  Your friend Dulcamara is a fan of opera music. He has decided to launch an online store to sell recordings of famous arias to opera lovers all around the world. Dulcamara knows that you are studying business, so he asks for your advice. Write a short essay (no more than 1,000 words) describing some of the things Dulcamara needs to consider as he prepares to engage in eCommerce. Question  a)To which organisations do the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply? Explain how the regulations provide additional protection to citizens in respect of automated decision-making systems. b)Back at Megacorp, you get a call from your Information Security Officer who is concerned that one of the Megacorp executives, Mr. Cummings, is conducting business illegally using the company’s systems. She asks whether she should monitor Cummings’ email and Internet activity, but you are unsure if this is allowed. Where might you find guidance on best practice for conducting such activity in the workplace? Under what circumstances is workplace monitoring allowed? c)Bibi, the Megacorp CEO calls to ask you about ‘Big Data’. She tells you that her friend Tove who runs Sun Travel (a large travel company) has been very successful in selling tailored package holidays to her customers. Explain to Bibi what Big Data is, using some examples to give her a practical understanding, and suggest how she might use it to give Megacorp some insights into customer behaviour.

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Business Information Systems | Instant Homework Help
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