Car Critical Review Paper (20/8/2020)

Will give student access after hired Critical Review Paper Details Critical Review Paper – Essay format External contextual factors are taken into consideration in the successful running of events. Political Economic Social Technological Environmental Legal/Regulatory Organisational Find a news media article relating to an Australian event, identify 2 contextual factors in the article and discuss how these present as opportunities or threats to the event.

Based on this discussion make recommendations as to how the event can remain competitive in the future. In addition to the initial article, explore the event’s website, annual reports, and other media coverage to gather the necessary evidence, and ground your recommendations in both your analysis of the event, and your examination of the contextual factors.   Important: Due date: Friday 28 August 2020 by 11:00pm. Please submit a word document via the Turnitin link provided below (one submission only).

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Car Critical Review Paper (20/8/2020)
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The initial news media article must have been published between 1 January 2019 and 1 July 2020 and focus on an Australian Event that has already taken place. Consult the rubric below to ensure you have a clear understanding of the marking criteria. Word limit: maximum 1,200 words Include the word count at the end of your paper prior to reference list. Reference list must include a minimum of 4 references including your original article, 2 journal articles and the textbook for the subject.

Event Selection: Due to this assignment previously having a limited list of event options – those events are no longer available for students to choose. Here is the ‘banned event list’ Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Sydney Festival Sydney Chinese New Year Festival City 2 Surf Sydney Good Food and Wine Show Vivid Sydney – since we unpack this in our benchmarking sample assignment. Moreover, we have decided to “ban” the Covid-19 pandemic as a contextual factor available for discussion. If you have any questions about the suitability of your chosen event or article please discuss with your tutor or lecturer prior to proceeding.


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