Visual Rhetoric and Instructional design | Instant Homework Help

Each prompt answer needs to be one page long and have one source. outline: Answer then list that source right after and do the same thing for the next prompt -FIRST short answer prompt: Where do you think the line between Aesthetics and Functionality should be drawn? When looking for facts and information from a graphic, what design qualities or style choices do you prefer and find most user friendly? Which style choices do you hate? How would you describe the perfect infographic? -SECOND short answer prompt: In modern academia, more and ore students identify themselves as visual learners–meaning that they retain more information through visual representation rather than hearing or being told answers. Instructional design is very key to explaining processes and step by step procedures required to undertake some form of task. This can range from anything from recipes in a cook book, assembling furniture from IKEA, lecture notes on assignments, to even tutorials in a video game. Describe both THE BEST and THE WORST/Most Confusing or Vague instruction sets you ever encountered and focus on the visuals used (if any) to break down the process and make it more understandable to the audience/user. What elements and visuals did the best one have to make it easier to understand? What elements did the best one lack and how could it have been improved?

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Providing Feedback to David Bruce | Instant Homework Help

Your assignment is to watch at least one half (45 minutes) of a Major League Soccer game from Orlando.   You will be providing feedback to David Bruce, Senior VP of Brand and Integrated Marketing about the broadcast. He’d like to see at least two specific examples of things you liked…and at least two specific examples of things you didn’t like (or things you think they could do to enhance the game experience

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Critical Thinking for Business Advertising | Instant Homework Help

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic elements of critical thinking essential for problem solving. 2. Use the steps of critical thinking for solving business problems. 3. Analyze the business situations, draw inferences and organize the arguments in a logical manner

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Sales, Advertising and Promotions | Instant Homework Help

Write one full page minimum if you agree that advertising and promotions are key to increased sales and profitability. Include any advertising or any product promotion that made an impact on you and helped you decide on buying a specific product.

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Commercial Aspects of Mobile Media | Instant Homework Help

Write a short post (150-300 words, about 1 to 2 paragraphs) addressing the prompt posted below. The questions are written to help guide your thoughts, but you may choose to explore other aspects of one or both readings if there was something else that stood out to you. The readings/lectures from Wednesday and Thursday discussed some commercial aspects of mobile media, Wednesday with advertising and Thursday with the development of the app economy. Both readings refer to negative developments in these economic features. Advertising has morphed from static banner images to incredibly complex networks of data collection and user tracking and profiling. The app economy not only has as its effect the locking away of web content behind less open standalone apps, but it also exists within an economic structure that bears some resemblance to previous forms of feudal-like labor despite the positive discourses of entrepreneurial individualism used to describe it. What effect do you think these economic systems have on the sort of content that is produced for use on mobile media–websites, apps, etc.? With advertising and the paid app store model being so prominent in mobile media, is there incentive for developers to produce content without a strong economic motivation, or to produce content that isn’t reliant on advertising ?the answer requires personal experience and examples.?

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Advertising & Society Review | Instant Homework Help

This assignment is worth 30 marks (30% of your total grade) and is divided into 3 sections worth 10 marks each. You must pick a brand of your choice and use advertisements for that brand as a source for analysis in response to key concepts from class and the assigned readings. Each section will be in response to a reading of your choice, picked from the list below: •Week 1: Williams, R. (2000). “Advertising: The magic system”. Advertising & Society Review, 1(1). •Week 8: Billig, M. (1999). “Commodity fetishism and repression”. Theory & Psychology, 9(3), 313-329. •Week 9: Armitage, J., & Roberts, J. (2016). “The spirit of luxury”. Public Culture, 12(1), 1-22. •Week 9: Serafini, P., & Smith-Maguire, J. (2019). “Questioning the super-rich”. Cultural Politics, 15(1). •Week 10: Chrostowska, S. D. (2010). “Consumed by Nostalgia?”. SubStance, 39(2), 52-70. You should aim to write between 500 and 600 words for each section. You may include screenshots and format these sections as multiple paragraphs if you wish. Please be aware that in each section you are responding to a different reading while reflecting on the same brand.

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Sales Promotion | Instant Homework Help

The purpose of this assignment is for you to propose a sales promotion based on what you know about the product and the target market. For this assignment, read Case 2 that is titled “Marketing Sports Equipment” on page 362 of your textbook. After reading and studying the details of the case, respond to the following questions with thorough explanations and well-supported rationale: -Academy Sports + Outdoors offers products that would appeal to a variety of target markets. Identify a minimum of three target market groups using the following denotations: TM1: xxx, TM2: xxx, and TM3: xxx. Remember to think about demographic, behavioral, psychographic, and geographic criteria when defining each target market. For each of the target markets identified in question #1, what two types of consumer sales promotions (discussed in Chapter 12) should Academy Sports + Outdoors offer? Explain. -Looking at each target market you proposed in question #1, what are two types of media that might be the most effective in reaching each of the target markets? Which two might not be as effective? Include your rationale. The case states that Academy Sports + Outdoors receives a high volume of requests for sponsorship activities. Based upon the target markets you identified, what sponsors would you recommend that the company partner with? Your response should be a minimum of two, double-spaced pages. Include a title page and references page. References should include your textbook and a minimum of one additional, credible source. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and must be cited per APA guidelines.

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Networking Class | Instant Homework Help

Research the terms OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, IS-IS, BGP, Access Control List, ICMP o Identify which routing protocols are suitable for your application. o Think about how you will want to use these routing protocols between different network segments in your project (i.e, from the public WiFi area to the internet, or vise-versa) · Read this article about metric routing costs: IP Routing Article Apply that knowledge! · Open up Packet Tracer and throw down a few routers and get routing! · Attach client machines to the routers and try to ping one client from the other. When you can successfully route traffic between the clients, you know your routers are working. · Don’t despair if traffic is not routing, you have to take one segment at a time and make sure it is working (from client to router, router to router2, router2 to client, etc.,) o Advanced students – Try adding multiple routers and using different routing protocols. · Open up the project layout in Packet Tracer and add in the routers that you will need to route traffic from the internet to the different network segments. For your task, submit the Packet Tracer layout including 5 routers, each router must have 2 client devices, and they all must be able to communicate with each other. (Hint – You may have to throw some switches in there just to make everything work)

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Vietnamese Americans | Instant Homework Help

How has the experiences of displacement or being a refugee make Vietnamese Americans different from most other Asian American and Pacific Islander groups in the U.S.? Provide link to an online video or article about the forced displacement of Vietnamese and their struggles to resettle in a new home. Briefly describe the video or article.

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Ad analysis | Instant Homework Help

You’ll search online and select a single-page advertisement (it cannot be a commercial, video, magazine cover, or poster) and analyze it in MLA style. The first page of your essay will be just the copy/pasted ad itself. You will then write an intro paragraph, four body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph, for a total of six paragraphs. As with the description mini-essay, this is intended to be a light, somewhat fun essay. However, your writing (grammar and punctuation especially) will be critiqued more closely than before. Upload your essay as a .doc / .docx or .pdf file (do not copy and paste content) through the Canvas Assignment page by the due date. Your similarity score must not exceed 20%. If it does, then you must revise and resubmit your essay by the deadline. It takes time for your similarity score to be calculated, and the % for resubmissions takes up to twenty-four hours to calculate. Instructions: First, search Google or another engine for a print advertisement that intrigues you. Paste that compelling advertisement onto a Word document. Pick an image you can work with. It will be your first page. You may not use a video–it must be a single-page print ad. Use MLA format. (We’ll discuss MLA vs. APA format in greater depth later.) Font is Times New Roman size 12. Entire essay should be double-spaced but have no extra spaces aside from that. Standard 1″ margins on all sides. Proofread it. Then read it aloud for Barry White-ness. Then revise it based on grammar, organization, and argumentation. Then proofread it again. Repeat this process at least three times. I used to write and revise my essays ten or more times, btw. As your teacher now, I proofread and revise presentations and Canvas instructions dozens of times. I notice a new way to improve my writing with each reading! Ad Analysis rubric /2 Format (font, margins, spacing, MLA heading and running head) /3 Organization (intro with thesis, transitions, topic sentences, conclusion) /4 Analysis (four body paragraphs, ethos/pathos/logos) /6 Grammar (punctuation, mechanics, syntax)

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