African American Studies

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African American Women Leaders between 1877 and 1940 African American women are rarely recognized as leaders so we want to bring these women back into history. Of course, we must define what a leader is. Select one leader to write on, but since there are so few, it is quite possible that some of you may choose the same person. The focus of this essay is the period from 1877 through World War II. You must use at least one source from the APUS library or the course bibliography. You may also search online, but if you do, you must use credible sources only (Wikipedia,, blogs etc are not credible sources, for example).  The following links can help you determine which sources are credible or non-credible during your research: Credible vs non-credible sources, Getting Started With Research, Why I Shouldn’t Use Wikipedia and Identifying your Resources.

Jul 8th, 2021

African American Studies

History of African-Americans in the US | Instant Homework Help

For the exam, students shall write an essay in response to the following question: The struggle for equality against discrimination among Black Americans experienced both highs and lows in the years following Brown v. Board of Education. First, identify and discuss three barriers against the advancement of African Americans in the post-Brown era as highlighted in the textbook. How did these obstacles threaten the progress made by civil rights leaders? Second, identity and discuss three examples that highlight advancements made by African Americans in the post-Brown era that have overcome previous obstacles. How do you see these advancements shaping the future of American society? Explain. Completed exams must reflect a solid understanding of the questions posed. Each response should be doubled spaced with 12-point font and a minimum of two full pages.

Jul 5th, 2021

African American Studies

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X | Instant Homework Help

Examine the socio-religious philosophies of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X as outlined in the Karenga text (and in King’s “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” [in the file called KingonChristianity]). Explain the similarities of these philosophies. How did the philosophies of these men bring them into conflict with others who shared their respective religions? How does John Mbiti’s statement “I am because we are; and since we are, therefore I am” apply when considering the ideology of either of these men?

Jul 5th, 2021

African American Studies


ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: This is a proposal for the final paper Just to get you started thinking about your oral history project, briefly provide a 1.5 – 2 page, double-spaced proposal (that you can modify or alter at any point in the future) regarding what you were planning on doing for your Oral History Project. You should include in your proposal a) a rough idea of the historical event pertaining to African-American history you are examining. b) some suggestion about what living persons you may want to interview for the project and why you believe they will be strong subjects. You may also want to include a) what you think you may find in your interviews. b) what differences in perspective, upbringing, background you may find between your two interviewees. c) what you know about the event, and what you anticipate you may learn about the event. d) why applying the lens of African-American history to this particular event is valuable, original, and important. You should also start thinking at this point about what kinds of questions you may want to ask, and you could certainly include that in your proposal if you’d like. This is relatively informal, so feel free to brainstorm, suggest different avenues of inquiry, topic, etc.

Jul 2nd, 2021

African American Studies

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This assignment is a 200-word journal. What is the “theme” of The poem Sympathy.

Jun 29th, 2021

African American Studies

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This assignment is a 7 page paper on the hypersexualization of and responses to black women in music. There should be an analysis on the intersection of gender/sexuality and race/ethnicity, more specifically, misogynoir and colorism. You should analyze the music (song lyrics, musical and visual analysis) of a certain musician (Beyonce) and/or you can explore a certain concept (misogynoir, colorism) in the examples of multiple musicians (Beyonce, Whitney Houstan, Nicki Minaj, Donna Summer, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Janet Jackson)

Jun 28th, 2021

African American Studies

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This post should be a well-developed paragraph responses to each prompt with reference to contemporary examples or to textual evidence from the assigned reading to support your position. 1. The Protest period entailed a comprehensive push for civil rights that included legal suits, civil disobedience and artistic cultural production. A major part of both projects was the protest or civil rights songs. Using one of the songs featured in the vernacular folder, discuss how figurative language is used to convey the songs message? How does the message of the song support the project of social justice and/or racial advancement? 2. In addition to music, fiery polemical speeches were a central aspect of black vernacular during the Civil Rights Movement. Perhaps no statesmen or intellectual of the period was as skilled as Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Yet, we oft times only here of two of major speeches: I Have a Dream and I Have Been to the Mountain Top. These speeches read in isolation provide a much different image of Dr. King, his writing style and his vision for the nation than one gets when reading his works in a larger context. Taking a close look at either Letter from A Birmingham Jail or The Three Evils of American Society, explain the thesis of the speech. How does King employ figurative language, repetition, logos, ethos, allusion and/or pathos to craft the thesis? How does your understanding of King’s message in this speech alter or enhance your understanding of Dr. King’s legacy? 3. Amiri Baraka and other Black Arts poets and political organizations like the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party often shared a philosophy of Afrocentrism, a cultural and political emphasis on black identity and community and its shared roots in the African Diaspora. How does the concept of Afrocentrcism reflect the generation’s frustration with older political philosophies such as agitation or the New Negro’s concept of Double Victory? 4. Frequently Dr. King and Malcolm X are presented as foils for one another, and emphasis is placed on how their philosophies diverged. However, there was actually a great deal commonly shared in their philosophies and writings, particularly towards the end of each man’s life. Comparing any two written or spoken texts of Dr, King’s or Malcolm X discuss the common themes or questions you see between their texts. 5. We have now studied the abolitionist movement, the Reconstruction efforts of Uplift & Agitation, New Negro efforts for Double Victory, and the Civil Rights era efforts. How can we read our current moment and the BLM protests as a recognition of the success and or failure of the ongoing search for African American racial equity?

Jun 15th, 2021

African American Studies

Jack Johnson and the Era of White Hopes | Instant Homework Help

1. Use proper grammar, punctuation and a formal tone. Avoid slang or other informal phrases. 2. Do not use first person. For example do not write, “I think the book was great.” Instead, write “the book was great.” 3. Make sure that your paragraphs are between 4-8 sentences long. 4. Do not use contractions. For example, write do not instead of don’t; cannot instead of can’t; will not instead of won’t; etc. 5. Either Underline or Italicize a book’s title. Same for court cases. 6. Once you have used a person’s first and last name, you only refer to them by their last name throughout the rest of the paper. Do not repeatedly use titles like Mr. or Mrs. or Dr. or Judge. 7. Place punctuation inside quotation marks. 8. Spell numbers that are two words or less. For example, twenty-eight, sixty-three, twentieth century are spelled out. Numbers like 383, 1935 remain numerical 9. Eliminate unnecessary words. For example, “Caldwell shows the importance of race.” This is far better than “Caldwell is able to show the importance of race.” 10. Diversify your verb choice and vocabulary. Instead of “Caldwell shows” try using “Caldwell demonstrates” or “Caldwell discusses” or “Caldwell highlights” or “Caldwell chronicles 11. Do not misuse words. If you are uncertain of the meaning of word—look it up. is a wonderful website. Use it! 12. Organize your paper in a clear, logical manner. 13. Do not use block quotes Jack Johnson was a controversial individual, but was he worthy of respect? After reading all of Papa Jack: Jackson and the Era of White Hopes, your assignment is to write a essay that argues whether or not Jack Johnson was worthy of respect. This is an argumentative paper. follow the guidelines listed above have a thesis, and support the thesis with ample supporting evidence selected solely from the reading, and properly cite all supporting evidence. Lastly, papers should focus on Johnson’s adult life.

Jun 14th, 2021

African American Studies

African World Studies | Instant Homework Help

Write a page on Each source and how black americans are affected 1. Page 2 . two paragraphs on these questions What do you think about the information about housing discrimination as portrayed readings and PowerPoint? How familiar are these ideas and facts to you? Think back to our discussion of Bonilla-Silva’s concept of color-blind racism and his frames of color-blind racism. Which frame(s) is(are) often used to explain and justify the effects of housing discrimination? How do racial, gender and sexual scripts support or contradict discriminatory practices in lending and/or renting? How do these issues interact and play off of some of the other issues we’ve discussed? Is housing an issue that stands on its own? In what ways could housing affect other areas of life and vice versa? two pn these What do you think about the information about racial, sexual and gendered discrimination in the workplace as portrayed readings and PowerPoint? How familiar are these ideas and facts to you? Have you ever payed attention to how men, women and certain racial and sexual groups are treated in a work environment? Were you aware of how race, gender and sexuality affect hiring practices? How do racial, gender and sexual scripts support or contradict discriminatory practices in hiring and firing? How do these issues, including the gender gap, interact and play off of some of the other issues we’ve discussed? 1 page on this What do you think about the information about the idea of a “post-racial” America as portrayed readings and PowerPoint? Looking at the definitions of post-race, post-racial and post-racism, do you think Americans are any of those things? Why or why not? How do you think politics serves as a sort of barometer for the ability of Americans to deal with or move past issues of race? How do recent voting laws (particularly the Supreme Court’s June 2013 ruling on the Voting Rights Act) contradict or support the idea that we are living in a post-racial era? How do recent events (the pandemic, the killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter protests) contradict or support the idea that we are living in a post-racial era? Do the events taking place in the country since Trump’s election support or contradict the claim that this country is “post-racial”? on the powerpoint I attach

Jun 13th, 2021

African American Studies

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Short Answers  1. Use of the MLA Sample text supplied via Moodle. 2. For clarity of MLA documentation use, acquire a reference text, such as Little, Brown Handbook for in-text quotes and parenthetical citations. Note: documentation for genres of writing differ. 3. .Begin with a thesis statement.  Do not write an introduction or conclusion. Write three to four (3-4) paragraphs for each.  No Works Cited pages 4. All paragraphs should be nine (9) to eleven (11) sentences.  5. Use textural evidence in the development of each answer, providing MLA style and documentation. 6. Answers must show analysis and interpretation.  You are to develop a discussion.  Do not misrepresent text.    7. Answers should be the students’ own analysis and interpretation.  8. Summary of the text and background information about the author and his life are not analysis. 9. Focus the discussion on the Journal Essay topic. 10. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  If any aspect of the journal essay is discovered not to be original, the assignment will receive a zero on the assignment.    11. Logic, grammar and mechanics are also taken into consideration for assignment grades.  These journal essays are designed to make you think about the application of themes and, more importantly, how the themes can be applied to various works. 12. Submit the correct document to assignments.  No document will be returned for failure to do so.  13. Assignments are to be submitted by 5 pm on due dates (Thursdays). Journal essays must be submitted by 5 pm. Quizzes will be available until 5 pm. 14. Submit documents in a compatible Microsoft format, such as .docx. Do not submit documents in the following: Pages, Rtf, or PDF. Failure to submit assignments in an incompatible format will result in a zero for the assignment.

Jun 13th, 2021

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