[CUSTOM SOLUTION] Anthropology Research

Please Read the InstructionIt is to submit a qualitative research paper under the theme of’ Language and non-verbal difficulties experienced by migrant women when using Korean medical services’. It’s a subject.Also, there are assignments to make money and papers according to the course of that subject.There are two parts, Journal Entry and Assignment,For the Journal Entry, 1,2,3,4, were completed, and feedback was attached.Assaignment 1 and 2 were completed, and feedback was attached.So, For Journal Entry, you need to complete 5,6,7,8,Assaignment needs to be completed 3,4,5,6. (No. 5 is the final paper)The journal I have already submitted or the score is good, and the professor says that the subject is also good.

Sep 9th, 2021


[CUSTOM SOLUTION] interpretive anthropology

Compare Victor Turner to Clifford Geertz. What are the similiarties and differences between symbolic and interpretive anthropology? Upload your response in a word document. Be succinct but have at least two robust paragraphs.

Sep 7th, 2021


Genus Homo | Instant Homework Help

In this week we met the members of the genus Homo, our genus. We watched over millions of years as species changed in response to climate and environmental factors. Our species is quite special. We are so intelligent and so innovative, that we have certainly outsmarted natural selection in some ways. For instance, if you have light skin you don’t have to stay in the north, you can simply wear sunscreen. Or if you are tall with long limbs, you don’t have to avoid cold climates, you can simply wear warm clothes. This has caused many people to assume that our species has stopped evolving, but is this true? It certainly is not! For this discussion, please research one example of how our species is still currently evolving. It must be a real example based on the scholarly reading. By scholarly I prefer peer-reviewed from the library, but it must at least have an author and a reference list. How does the article suggest we are evolving? What evidence do they present? Explain why we would be evolving in this way. Provide a proper reference in APA for your resource

Jul 11th, 2021


China Pakistan Economic Corridor | Instant Homework Help

This should be a review paper, where the writer can search for literature regarding mega-development projects under the umbrella of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The review paper will be carried out to gather the work of researchers on mega development projects especially related to China Pakistan Economic Corridor. To discuss the themes these researchers discussed regarding mage development projects such as both challenges and opportunities brought by mega development projects for the local population in different regions of Pakistan. This critical review will highlight the emerging themes in already published work and will identify the areas that yet to be studied. Study design: Review. Methods: An overview of studies on mega development projects including those of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Belt and Road initiative projects via searches on scholarly databases that intend to locate material of anthropological relevance. Main focus: The literature review should focus mainly on both challenges and opportunities brought by different construction and other mega projects to the people where the projects were launched. The writer should develop good arguments in light of the literature review to support or reject the existing literature reviewed arguments. Themes such as challenges and opportunities by mega development projects mean how mega-development projects in Pakistan brought problems for the local people where it is launched. For example, people are displaced but not compensated properly. Their socio-cultural set up disturbed. Their cultural identity faded away. They did not get proper opportunities from the projects. There is increased socio-economic inequalities brought by these mega-development ventures. Land-use changes in these areas and how much land-use changes affect people socially, culturally and economically, environmental problems brought by such projects, urbanization of the area and influx of migrants to the area and many more bad effects and challenges, etc. Opportunities brought by such mega projects mean how these projects globalized the locality and how it gives new opportunities to the local people. How people are transformed from their traditional professions and they are getting new job opportunities to adjust to the change. How it brought migrants to the area which not only brought challenges for local people but also some opportunities. These and other related sub-themes should be sorted out under two broader themes (Challenges and opportunities). If the existing literature did not touch many of these areas then what kind of themes and areas these studies touched and what other areas are remained to be researched such as many of the above areas might not be touched by existing literature. Another important aspect to discuss in this review paper is why the mega-development projects brought so many problems for local people while fewer opportunities for them. The already published literature might identify some problems in the implementation of these projects that’s why it brought many problems for local people during and after implementations. These problems might be top-down policies in the projects implementations, authoritarian policies, less participation of local people in the evaluations of the project and post implementations, state problems such as state may use such projects for political purposes, corruption problems and many more policy aspects problems should be sought out in the existing literature. Furthermore, how can you recommend what such areas are not discussed by existing literature and need to be researched in order to improve development-related policies in Pakistan? You should also be focused on which areas such studies were conducted and in which areas/region of Pakistan no or less such studies were conducted regarding mega-development projects and its positive and negative impacts. You should also focus to review the literature on how people resist such mega-development projects and how the Pakistani state deal with the resistance of the local people. Whether the state authorities are democratic or authoritarian to local responses.

Jul 9th, 2021


Mendelian Genetics | Instant Homework Help

1) Mendel did experiments where he kept track of seed color (yellow or green). First, he created true breeding lines: parents with green seeds produced offspring with green seeds, and parents with yellow seeds produced offspring with yellow seeds. When he crossed yellow with green peas from these true-breeding lines (F0 generation), all of the offspring were yellow. a) For the peas what is the gene? And what are the alleles? b) How many plants in the F1 generation are green c) What is the phenotype of the F1 generation? d) When he crossed members of the F1 generation what was the phenotypic ratio? e) If he crossed plants 800 times from the F1 generation how many would be green? f) What is the phenotypic ratio of the F2 generation? g) What would be the genotypic ratio had he backcrossed members of the F1 generation with individuals from the true green breeding line? h) If he did this 1000 times approximately how many of the plants would be green? 2) Describe the concept of the Lamarkian inheritance of acquired characteristics, and explain why you think it is incorrect. Look up the concept of epigenetics and tell me why Lamarck may in fact have been correct!!!

Jul 4th, 2021


Late hominin drawing  | Instant Homework Help

page 1 Late hominin drawing (2my and younger) Draw one fossil hominin species that lived between 2 million years ago and present. List the following on your drawing: Scientific name when it lived where it lived brain size canine size molar size leg length List any other features it has that are relevant to reconstructing its behavior, and indicate the reconstructed behavior (e.g., long, curved fingers –> probably somewhat arboreal). page 2 Draw one fossil hominin species that lived between 2 and 4 million years ago. List the following on your drawing: Scientific name when it lived where it lived brain size canine size molar size leg length List any other features it has that are relevant to reconstructing its behavior, and indicate the reconstructed behavior (e.g., long, curved fingers –> probably somewhat arboreal). page 3 Draw one fossil hominin species that lived before 4 million years ago. List the following on your drawing: Scientific name when it lived where it lived brain size canine size molar size leg length List any other features it has that are relevant to reconstructing its behavior, and indicate the reconstructed behavior (e.g., long, curved fingers –> probably somewhat arboreal).

Jul 4th, 2021


Short Answer question,ANTH | Instant Homework Help

use the link to go to the website and answer the questions below: 1. Lise Eliot is quoted as saying “sex differences are real and some are probably present at birth, but then social factors magnify them.” What does this statement mean? Do you agree? Why or why not? 2. The author says that Americans excel at breaking down divisions. Do you agree with this statement? Provide examples in your answer. 3. Physician Leonard Sax has stated that “ignoring gender won’t make it go away.” Is a gender-neutral society one that ignores gender? 4. Is it necessary for a society to become gender-neutral in order for all citizens to be considered equal? Why or why not? 5. Are we moving toward an end of gender? Why or why not?

Jul 4th, 2021


Faunal Analysis | Instant Homework Help

The 1849 California Gold Rush attracted miners from across the United States and around the world to seek their fortunes. Camp Salvado was established on the flat top of Shawmut Grade, not far from what was once Woods Creek (now part of the Don Pedro Reservoir), by a group of miners from El Salvador (Figure 1). A few months later, another camp was founded about 1.5 miles to the northwest by a group of Cantonese miners after they were forced out of Camp Salvado; it became known as Chinese Camp. These camps were similar in many ways. Each was occupied for about five years, then abandoned; each was occupied by about 500 people, mostly young men; each procured its food from the countryside and from the provisioning town of Jamestown (5-6 miles to the north along a dirt road). Excavations are underway at Chinese Camp and Camp Salvado, and you have been asked to analyze and compare the faunal assemblages from each site, summarized in the attached Excel table (the table has two tabs, one for Chinese Camp and one for Camp Salvado). First you will need to calculate the Minimum Number of Individuals (MNI) of each species for each of the two assemblages. From those results, calculate the Flesh Weight (FW) of each species for each of the two assemblages. Finally, in 1-2 pages (Times, 12 point, double-spaced), evaluate how different or similar the diets were at the two communities. Your interpretation of the data should take into account: The importance of meat in the overall diet The diversity of animals in the assemblage The ratio of wild to domesticated animals Why there might be evidence for preferences for particular species What is the relevance of butchering marks: Were the animals represented in the assemblage eaten by the camps’ inhabitants? Are there patterns in which bones are being processed? If the animals were not being butchered, did they serve some other function at the camp? Conclude your interpretation with a paragraph about how this kind of faunal analysis, based on MNI and Flesh Weight, can help us understand diet at the mining camps, and what this kind of analysis might be missing or misrepresenting. *Adapted from Barber (1994: 93-106)

Jul 3rd, 2021


World Leader Letter Assignment | Instant Homework Help

Assignment Instructions (Page 1 of Chapter 13, on Culture and Sustainability, of your textbook poses the question, “What political, economic, and cultural factors are prohibiting world leaders from agreeing on solutions to global environmental challenges?” (Brown, Tubelle de Gonzalez, and McIlwraith, 2017). For this assignment you will write a letter, to the world leader of your choice based on the concepts you are learning in this course. The letter should be about potential solutions to global environmental challenges. Please include the following: Describe political, economic, and cultural factors you see as prohibiting world leaders from agreeing on solutions to global environmental challenges. You will need to support your points with information from the textbook. Be sure to consider the political, economic, and cultural factors from a broad, anthropological perspective. Argue for a recommended next steps for the world leader. Describe clear next steps and keep your recommendations grounded in a broad anthropological perspective or support your recommendations from an anthropological perspective. The letter should be double-spaced and formatted in Times New Roman 12 point font. The letter should be 1-to-3 pages. Be sure to cite any factual sources you used (including your textbook) with parenthetical, in-text citations. Include an APA-style reference page as well.

Jul 3rd, 2021


Living primates media | Instant Homework Help

This assignment will give you the opportunity to learn more about the field of anthropology, to evaluate practical applications of anthropological theories and research, and to find interesting resources to share with your classmates. What To Do At any time during this learning area (i.e., primate behavior or biology) , but no later than the assignment due date listed in Canvas, you will find a recent news article or video that is relevant to the concepts covered in any of the learning area’s associated modules. You may find the article in a mainstream newspaper or magazine or on an anthropology-focused website. Some examples of mainstream newspapers are the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Salt Lake Tribune. Some examples of mainstream magazines are National Geographic, Scientific American, Discover, the New Yorker. Some excellent online resources include Archaeology & Anthropology at The New York Times or ScienceDaily Share this article or video by clicking “Reply” below and creating a new post. Format your post in the following fashion: Write the title of your news article or video at the top of your post Include the name of the author below the title Beneath both, copy and paste a URL to your news article or video. Beneath the URL or video, explain why you think this is relevant to our Module and write one discussion question based on the article. Rather than posing yes or no questions or asking about facts, good discussion questions focus on the themes within the readings and are why and how-type questions that encourage conversation and could be discussed by anyone who is reads the course material. After you submit your article and video, read the articles/watch the videos your fellow students have submitted and craft a thoughtful reply to a minimum of 2 other students by the assignment due date and time. Replies should be a minimum of 40 words and should evaluate the article/video in the context of the readings and lectures you’ve encountered in this learning area.

Jun 30th, 2021

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