Applied Mathematics

[Solved] Probability at Work

You will write about a situation in which you might need to use probability at work. You will think through this situation and identify the steps you could take to resolve the situation using probability. NOTE:  You will NOT solve the problem in your initial discussion post.  That is what your classmates will do.    To prepare for this Discussion: Review Sections 10.1–10.8 from the course text, Math in our World. HINT: Pay particular attention to the “Applications in Our World” problems at the end of each section. Think of a situation in which you might need to use probability in life or at work. For this Discussion, you will compose a problem similar to those found in Chapter 10.  DO NOT solve the problem in your initial posts By Day 3 Post a 2- to the 3-paragraph response that: Outlines a probability example and provides the elements involved in your example. Describes each element or part that needs to be determined or analyzed in the example.  An example could be from any source. Please provide actual probability values in your example. DO NOT provide the solution to the problem (keep that to yourself so you can check your work)

Dec 4th, 2021

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