[SOLVED] Foods Perspective

Essay assignment (400 words minimum) on one macronutrient from two perspectives: one from a naturally occurring harvest, the other from a refining and manufacturing process.DescriptionThe learning objectives for this chapter include emphasis on whole foods versus refined and processed foods. Throughout the book, this is a common theme that encompasses many modern issues and decisions in nutritional choices. This assignment requires students to present two views on one macronutrient of choice, in the following scenario:The patient is a relatively inactive 26-year old woman who lives alone in a highly urban city in an apartment. She works from home as a software engineer for 7-8 hours every day. She exercises 1-2 times a week at the local gym for 30-40 minutes each time. She typically runs on the treadmill, but does not do muscle training or any other form of exercise. The patient is inquiring about the benefits, risks, and costs of buying refined foods from the store versus whole foods from the farmer’s market. The store is 5 minutes’ walk away from the apartment, while the farmer’s market is around 7 miles from the city. The patient is seeking to purchase one food from each category of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.As such, one view is from the perspective of a naturally occurring harvest, and the other is from a processing and refining perspective.Students should be able to answer the following three questions for one macronutrient:Whole Foods Perspective: what four benefits and four risks of this macronutrient in its whole, non-processed formRefined Foods Perspective: what are four benefits and four risks of this macronutrient in its processed and refined form?Dietary Guidelines: according to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines, as well as the scenario, how much of this macronutrient should this patient consume?Health Options: what other lifestyle options can this patient pursue to maintain a healthy weight and wellbeing?Students should also provide an organized list of APA-formatted citations and sources.Student Resources/Recommended ReadingsDistance Learning Systems 2020 Nutrition eBook, Chapter 2Basic infographic templates for Google Slides and PowerPointNational Agricultural Library: MacronutrientsInnerbody Research: Macronutrients

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[SOLVED] Educational Purpose

Discuss the expanded model of Tyler’s rationale (educational purpose, scope and content, structure and sequence, and the evaluation). Discuss what is involved with each of these 4 parts, and how do they interplay?From the standpoint of the teacher, which would you ‘debate’ as the most important part of curriculum design? (A MINIMUM OF 1 PAGE)

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[SOLVED] Theory of Career Counseling

Step 1: Complete the O*NET Interest Profiler found online at http://www.onetcenter.org/IP.html (Download all materials at once -Interest Profiler Desktop) ATTACHED: I AGREE WITH THE RESULTSStep 2: Evaluate the accuracy (validity) and usefulness of the results. You are free, of course, to agree or disagree with the assessment interpretations; however, the precise reason(s) for any agreement or disagreement should be thoroughly explained. In addition, a brief critique should be included for the assessment instrument indicating what you liked or disliked about it, how useful/ interesting you found it to be, and any deficiencies/limitations that you were able to discern.Step 3: You will apply information learned from your assessment results, combined with yourtheoretical understanding (referencing a theory of career counseling) of your own process of development to write your own career autobiography. You will consider your own development across your lifespan in terms of a chosen career theory. APA format required.Paper Criteria:• Page length minimum 8 pages, maximum 10, pages excluding references.• Be sure to consult the Publication Manual of the APA, 7th Edition (2020) for style and reference questions. You will be evaluated on adherence to APA style.Autobiography Content Outline:• Background: Include factors such as family constellation, socio-economic status, ethnicity, religion/spirituality, ability, sexual orientation, and other factors you deem pertinent to your own process of career development. ? Present Life Situation (see above examples)• Education/Training• Work History• Assessment: Interests, Values, & PersonalityEach of the sections should combine information from test results & self-reflection• Career Goals (now and in the past)Theoretical Understanding of Career Development: This section should be based on your newly obtained knowledge of career theory and the application of ONE CHOSEN CAREER THEORY to your own life and development. You may choose any theory presented in the text, or another approved by the instructor.

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[SOLVED] Jet Propulsion Research

In this module, some of the background considerations for jet and propeller aircraft performance were introduced by taking a closer look at the different propulsion systems. During the next module, you will apply these fundamentals to your aircraft example and its unaccelerated performance. Nevertheless, since all of your example aircraft are propeller-driven, it makes sense to divert your attention for a moment to introduce some of the application of performance principles in jet aircraft.Choose a jet aircraft to use as your example for this activity. It should not be an exotic jet aircraft, as you will need to find data online for the aircraft. If you choose a military aircraft, make sure you are not using classified data to support your work. Only use data that is available to all on the internet. You will then use the data you gathered for this particular aircraft to show examples of your performance problems and how you derived them.To provide an outlook to some of the aspects of next module’s unaccelerated performance, select a jet aircraft of your choice, choose three (3) of the following items of performance, and prepare an instructional presentation (utilizing a presentation tool of your choice – see resources in the Online Tools section) that explains in-depth how to find these different items of performance for a jet aircraft. This will be a standalone presentation and will not be attached to your comprehensive presentation project. Available choices:maximum forward speed in level flightabsolute ceilingbest angle of climb airspeedangle of climbbest rate of climb airsperate of climbmaximum endurance airspeedmaximum range airspeedinfluence of weight on performanceinfluence of altitude on performanceinfluence of configuration on performance

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[SOLVED] The Educational Imagination

5 Orientations to the Curriculum The Educational Imagination, 1985 2nd Ed.Elliot Eisner1. Development of Cognitive Processes • Help children learn how to learn • Use and strengthen the intellectual facilities through process2. Academic Rationalism • Foster growth in subject matters most worthy of study, especially basic fields ofstudy e.g. science • A “liberal education” for everyone, therefore, a common educational experience foreveryone. “What’s best for the best is best for the rest”3. Personal Relevance • Children are individuals and require a personal buy-in • Teachers must establish a rapport with a student • People are stimulus seeking, therefore, provide a rich environment for growth • Child centered; the teacher as gardener or travel agent4. Social Adaptation and Social ReconstructionSocial Adaptation • Maintain the status quo and meet the social needs • Career and vocation education so that one may fit inSocial Reconstruction • Focus on real problems with a view to do something about them • Build anew, change and cope with the difficulties5. Curriculum as Technology • Once ends have been formulated, establish the means to get there • A planning model, very sequential • Chart progress towards specific objectives • Images of this curriculum include a staircase with few landings and no hallwaysfeeding into it or an efficient machineThese orientations are infrequently encountered in a pure state although commonly one dominates. Context is critical to any given situation.Activity from Class MeetingCURRICULA PUBLIC PRIVATE HOME (FAMILY) OTHER1. Mathematics 2. English 3. Science 4. Social Science 5. Physical Training 6. Sports 7. Health 8. Foreign Language 9. Music 10. Dance 11. Graphic Arts 12. Art History 13. Drama 14. Technology 15. Business 16. Law 17. Economics 18. Practical Arts 19. Religion 20. Journalism 21. Creative Writing 22. Driver Training 23. Cooking 24. Work Experience 25. Vernacular Arts 26. Travel Abroad 27. Interpersonal Skills 28. Intrapersonal SkillsA = Actively Engaged In (personally)E = Explicit Curricula (advertized) I = Implicit Curricula (not advertized) N = Null Curricula (non-existent)

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[SOLVED] Race in America

Fine Arts AppreciationCurate a Virtual Museum ExhibitionWhat is a Curator:The title curator is given to a person who selects and interprets works of art.The word Curator comes from the Latin curare meaning “to take care.”TASKCreate a virtual museum exhibit. Determine a theme for your exhibit. Then choose the pieces which you would put on display if you were actually able to mount your show in a museum.There are a variety of possible ways to present your project:PreziCollagePowerPointPhoto AlbumShort FilmArt ProjectVideoPick a theme for your museum show – it could be something like “Freedom” or “Motherly Love” or “The Dignity of Work.” Try to pick a broad theme so that you can select art from a wide range of pieces, but choose something that interests you.Some possible themes …Race in AmericaLaughter is the Best MedicineReaching for the StarsLove and DeatSports in ArtBased on your Identity or Culture

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[SOLVED] Utilization of Emerging Technologies

Internal factors affecting the businessFactors which impact Walmart’s strategic decision-making include the internal relationships with the company workforce, the human resources, labor-management, the Company plans, and policies, not forgetting its corporate image. Its formal structure plays a crucial role in motivating the employees towards a common Purpose and developing a unified vision and mission statement (Hong, 2011). The Company’s internal environment is characterized by smoothened communication through the utilization of emerging technologies. We cannot understate the company culture of focusing on excellence and enhancing the customer utility, coupled with an endeavor to create an enabling environment that enables the company employees to give their best (Neebe, 2020) As the Company hires the most talented employees, the workforce can influence the firm’s strategic decision making; the Company developed an innovative and creative environment coupled with enhancing efficiency in operations. The Company’s organizational structure is flexible enough to maneuver in the rapidly changing business environment, especially in the technological evolution and changes in the customer demands, enabling the Company to make rapid changes whenever needed (UniqueWritersBay, 2014). The business’s role of financial and physical assets is critical in giving it a competitive advantage over the competitors as it can maximize any emerging opportunities and invest in strategies that call for massive capital, unlike the small Enterprises. The company management guarantees that its internal environmental factors, including the employees, the business assets, and management decisions, align with the business Vision and make positive contributions to the Company’s strategies.Another internal environmental factor influencing Walmart’s strategic decision-making can be attributed to the corporate structure (Neebe, 2020). It should be understood that Walmart Company was structured into three major business units that is Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart Stores USA as well as Walmart international. Although Walmart is a public corporation, most of its stock is still under Walton family members, which means their family members, are highly involved in top-level alongside corporate and decision-making, among other critical functions.

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[SOLVED] Educational Challenges

Challenges You Are Facing or Have Faced While Pursuing Your Degree”(Two (2) Full pages, double space, 12 font size, Times New Roman)

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[SOLVED] A Nuclear Weapon

The main objective of this study is to calculate the break out time (time required to acquire a minimum amount of nuclear material needed for a nuclear weapon) and nuclear weapons latency (time required to produce a nuclear weapon) for the historical case of India (the 1974 plutonium bomb test in Rajasthan-Pokhran). A software developed at Texas A&M will be used to calculate the latency value, further verifying the validity of the tool. To get an accurate latency value, we need to make three basic assumptions. First, predict the date of the decision to proliferate nuclear weapons. Second, build a possible proliferation pathways based on existed nuclear complexes and R&D. Third, set needed times for each activity in the proliferation pathways. To reveal the bias or possible errors of the tool, sensitivity analyses by varying activity time alterations to the proliferation pathways are planned. The entire Indian Nuclear fuel cycle and R&D complexes will be analyzed.

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[SOLVED] Health Care Management

Health care management is a growing profession. Employees in these roles are expected to manage inpatient and outpatient care facilities as well as non-direct care settings. Therefore, it is important for health care managers to understand the complexity of its roles and functions to build the necessary skills to help them be successful.

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