Architecture and Design

Cultural Building Materials | Instant Homework Help

you will be looking for historic cultural building materials (and methods) used in the city Kyoto, Japan. These can be based on building materials (construction for the structure) or finishes. In terms of finishes, you can also focus on things like fabric and textile patterns, in addition to finish materials. For this assignment, you will need to find and identify three (3) such materials. Write a minimum of 1 paragraph for each one describing the material and its use. You must identify the material, the project illustrating its use, and its location.

Jul 11th, 2021

Architecture and Design

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Class: Security Architecture and Design Length: Minimum of 600 wordsTotal points: 40 pointsBriefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references.1. When should the architect begin the analysis?2. What are the activities the architect must execute?3. What is the set of knowledge domains applied to the analysis?4. What are the tips and tricks that make security architecture risk assessment easier?

Jun 27th, 2021

Architecture and Design

Fictional E-commerce Website | Instant Homework Help

Security Architecture and DesignThe purpose of this midterm assignment is for you to demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the security concepts covered thus far in this course. This assignment is a paper that both answers the listed questions and ties together concepts from different chapters. A summary of the concepts for each chapter is provided below. They are a further condensed version of the summary provided on pages 173-76 in your textbook. Be sure to use these concepts in your answers to the below questions. As you answer the questions, remember that you are writing a developed, academic paper. Do not be too concise or number your answers. Write long, developed paragraphs covering the answer, applying concepts from the textbook, and adding examples and explanations to show your in-depth knowledge.The paper should be formatted in APA style, including title page, headings, organization guidelines, and paraphrasing requirements. Your paper should have a minimum of 1000 words to make sure you have fully illustrated your knowledge. The Questions:List and describe the required tools needed for an effective assessment. What are some common mistakes and errors that occur when preparing for a security assessment?Describe in depth the role in which organizational risk tolerance plays in relation to systems under assessment. Identify and describe what threat agents should be avoided in preparation for an assessment. How do we effectively screen out irrelevant threats and attacks in this preparation? Identify when to use architecture representation diagrams and communication flows. Define and illustrate when decomposing of architecture would be used. Provide an example of architecture risk assessment and threat modeling. The Concepts:What follows is a summary of the major concepts from the first six chapters of the textbook. You will use these concepts in answering the questions. The first five chapters of the textbook set the context and foundation for the security assessment and threat modeling for any type of system. System as defined is not only the implementation of software (code) but any type of digital system integration and deployment. Architecture risk assessment is mandated within standards and by organizations. A continuing increase in sophistication and complexity of attackers means that flaws in architecture, missed security features and weak designs continue to put digital systems at risk. Chapter 1- Architecture Risk Assessment (ARA) threat modeling has been defined as it applies to security architecture. Also addressed is a body of knowledge and a practice for applying security to systems of all types and sizes. Chapter 2- defines what a system assessment for security is. It shows multiple examples and addresses the 3 Ss, namely Strategy, Structures, and Specification. Chapter 3- explores the art of security architecture as a practice. Narrowly defined security architecture to the confines of the task at hand: ARA and threat modeling. Chapter 4- addresses risk as it relates to the attack, breach, or compromise of digital systems. Providing concepts and constructs with direct applicability to system assessment and threat models. Also credible attack vectors (CAV), a construct for quickly understanding whether an attack surface is relevant or not. Chapter 5- is devoted to the lightweight ARA/threat modeling methodology ATASM. The acronym stands for architecture, threats, attack surfaces, and mitigations. Chapter 5 demonstrates how to apply ATASM to a fictional e-commerce website.Chapter 6- finishes examining the security architecture and the ATASM process for the fictional e-commerce website.

Jun 26th, 2021

Architecture and Design

Arts and Culture virtual exhibit on creating Istalifi Ceramics | Instant Homework Help

For this week’s response, you will write “wall text” for an Islamic ceramic object of your choice.Please visit the Google Arts and Culture virtual exhibit on creating Istalifi Ceramics: (Links to an external site.)Then, take a look at the 323 examples of Islamic ceramics on Google Arts and Culture here (Links to an external site.).Select one item and, based upon the information on the virtual exhibit and your knowledge of Islamic art and culture, provide an introduction to your object.How was it likely made? Why does it look the way it does? Imagine that you are writing wall text for your object on display in a  museum or gallery.  Your wall text should assume that your museum  visitor is completely unfamiliar with Islamic Art.  Your response should be at least 500 words long.  Have fun! 

Jun 20th, 2021

Architecture and Design

Style of Architecture and Surface Decoration of Each Mosque | Instant Homework Help

This week’s discussion will involve two crucial art historical skills: stylistic recognition and close visual analysis.For your original thread, please select one mosque that is NOT pictured in any of our module materials.  Post an image of your mosque with information about its location, dates of construction, and any other information you think may be relevant.For your thread responses, please REVIEW our weekly readings four and five.  Then, discuss the style of architecture and surface decoration of each mosque.  What makes each mosque identifiable as Islamic?  What are the highlights of its design? How might it reflect Islamic values?Looking forward to seeing what you select!Reading four: Reading five:

Jun 20th, 2021

Architecture and Design

Different Views Of Architecture | Instant Homework Help

OverviewYou will consider the interaction of form and function in architecture, using an example of innovative architecture as a case study.  InstructionsArchitecture has always been about solving problems for humans and their need for shelter to protect them from and work within their environment. For this reason, buildings can look vastly different depending on the demands of the climate and the local materials available. In modern day, we see architecture evolving to solve more complex problems such comfort, light, efficiency, environmental factors, and aesthetics.Respond to all parts of the following questions:How does architecture relate to both science and art?How are form and function intertwined in successful architectural projects and concepts?Find an example of architecture that used innovative techniques, materials, or concepts to solve a difficult problem. How did the architect resolve the problem?Research inventive solutions in architecture. What limitations or restrictions forced the architect to discover a new solution that led to an iconic building? As an example: Read about Denver International Airport. The project was over-budget, behind schedule, and out of solutions. Then, a newly-hired architect’s used his ability to think outside the box to design a building that dramatically changed the outcome, bridging both concept and new materials to produce an icon.Respond to two other students’ posts, and bring their research to address a problem that you would want to see used in another space or building of your choosing. How would this innovation approach help solve your problem, or change the look and feel of the space? What challenges would this approach have in its new location, time, context and climate?RequirementsTo receive full credit students must do the following:Write 1 substantive original response* to all parts of the question before the initial posting deadline.*** Responses should be a minimum of 200 words. Include an image that refers to your post, properly cited references and resources in MLA format.Photographic references should be labeled to include artist name, title, date, and media (when available).Downsize all images to 500 px or less before embedding them into your post.Refer to the Discussion Rubric for more specifics on how the content of your posts will be evaluated to determine your discussion grade.

Jun 12th, 2021

Architecture and Design

Causes Earthquakes | Instant Homework Help

1.  What is an earthquake and what causes earthquakes to happen?2.  What is a tsunami?  What causes them?3.  What is a P wave?4.  What is the difference between magnitude and intensity of an earthquake?

Jun 11th, 2021

Architecture and Design

“Renaissance” Style of Painting | Instant Homework Help

Giotto di Bondone is one of the best-known artists of the Early Renaissance in Italy, influential in developing what came to be the “Renaissance” style of painting. Please discuss the narrative tradition that Giotto helped to develop as a didactic tool for the congregation of a Church, and explain how the new naturalism found in his style helped his viewers to understand his work 1750+ word essay

Jun 10th, 2021

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