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NIMBY  is a concept that describes the negative attitudes against a project  that benefits the greater community. This mentality is one in which even  though people are generally supportive of a project that will  benefit the greater community, they don’t want to suffer the burden of  bearing the cost(s) of the project. In terms of power generation, one of  the biggest reasons against power plants, especially wind farms, is  “visual intrusion.” Opponents of projects like these don’t want an  eyesore as well as any noise, negative impacts on wildlife and displaced  agricultural land. Something else to consider is whether or not the  project will have an effect on property values which can serve to  bolster NIMBY sentiment. Having this mindset affects power delivery in that residents  are forgoing access to more reliable power in favor of maintaining  aesthetics or reasons like those listed above.  This attitude halts  progress and can ultimately waste money if proposed projects in an area  where they have to jump through hoops to get local approval. Look at the  Cape Wind Project for example, which was initially proposed in 2001 but  died by litigation 16 years and 100 million dollars later. 

Jul 13th, 2021


Architecture in Response to Covid 19 | Instant Homework Help

Hello, I need this research for publication. The topic shall focus on the impact of architecture
on spreading or minimizing the spread of the virus, covid 19. The Architectural design fails during covid 19 and therefore what alternatives or design solutions should be designed/prepared for a better architecture in order to protect occupants and minimize the spread of such viruses

Jun 24th, 2021


Building Code | Instant Homework Help

Provided is the first and second level plan of a two story building. The building is a sprinklered building. Based on the floor plan provided- (this needs to be worked out for both floors) Identify the occupancy classification of each area hatched ( you can assume a common occupancy for a single hatched color) Determine the occupant load for each of the hatched areas Determine how many exits are required from each area Show the route the occupants will take in an emergency to safely exit the building Determine the occupant load at each stair exit and the final occupant load at each exit to the outside at the lower level Determine how wide the stairs need to be for the occupant load that it will support What should be the minimum tread and risers Do the stair need to be accessible or not at the upper level? What should be the minimum width of the corridor based on occupant load What should be the maximum travel distance Do the corridors need to fire-rated and if so what should the fire-rating be? What is the minimum door widths required based on occupant load?

Jun 16th, 2021


Architecture in Iraq | Instant Homework Help

I would like you to write an article about the topic above for an architectural magazine to be published within this month. Please include high resolution images if possible ( plans, 3Ds,,,,etc any architectural related photos ). Please note that Iraq is where cradle of civilization emerged. Discuss the article with examples from those times alongside with examples of buildings in terms of design of modern days. ( you can create like a timeline thing in sequence). Thank you

Jun 15th, 2021

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