[Solved] Black Women Hair

***The purpose of the assignment is to propose a specific solution to fix a specific problem affecting a specific social identity. The problem must be directly related to specific identity contingencies, stereotype threats, and their effects.***  ? 4 academic sources (Steele and 3 PBSC library database articles).  ? Annotations for every source on the works cited page. * use Steele’s terminology  Intro: **The assignment must begin with an introduction that: ? Hook ? Anecdote ? Context (critical background, history, definitions) ? Thesis statement that follows the CH 12 template**  Thesis: **The thesis/proposal statement must follow the template in CH 12:  A. Identify the group of people you hold accountable for implementing change.  B. Identify specific, actionable solution (using a verb that compels this group of people to take action) . C. Identify specific reasons (the exact contingencies, threats, and effects affecting the social identities your proposal focuses on)**  Body: Since the primary objective is to propose a solution to fix the problem.  ? Students may have one paragraph that continues to elaborate on the context or history of the problem.  ? Students must have a paragraph (or two) that explains the nature of the problem in order to explain why change is urgently needed:  ? Identify the exact identity contingencies, stereotype threats, and their effects.  ? Explain the exact identity contingencies, stereotype threats, and their effects.  Conclusion:  ? The conclusion paragraph must reiterate (rephrase) the thesis/proposal statement.  ? It must acknowledge opposing views on the issue.  ? It must appeal to readers by explaining why this issue should matter and what is at stake (win or lose). For Evidence:  ? All evidence must be framed so the connection to the thesis and claims is explicit and evident.  ? All evidence must be introduced.  ? All evidence must be elaborated on.  ? All evidence must be cited (if there is no page number, provide a paragraph number). ? All quoted evidence must be properly punctuated and formatted. This everything the professor wants for the essay. Also thank you for your time and help the articles will be uploaded.  ** Use the “Steeles” article throughout the whole essay **  **  I should not see any mention of a source until the 4th or 5th sentence of a body paragraph. ( Her words)**

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[Solved] Taxonomy vs. Phylogeny

For novice biologists, taxonomy and phylogenetics are difficult concepts to understand and keep separate. This confusion is made worse because modern taxonomic methods make use of molecular tools. Write an essay that contrasts taxonomy to phylogenetics and explains how both disciplines are important to our understanding of species and evolution. Your essay should include a description of taxonomy and phylogenetics, as well as a detailed explanation about how information is represented in a phylogenetic tree or a cladogram. It may help you to frame your argument if you start by constructing a paragraph for yourself that says: “Before reading my paper, my reader will think X. After reading my paper, my reader will think y.” Your summary should be typed in Times New Roman 12-pt font and be one-and-a-half-spaced with 1” margins.

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[Solved] Covid-Related Topic

For this assignment, write 2-pages in an op-ed style on the topic of COVID. I have loaded two files COVID 1 and COVID 2 in FILES that have a number of news stories on the topic. Pick one of these — or a COVID-related topic of your choice and write a short argument. Make certain you have a strong claim and strong supporting evidence. Think of kairotic moments (timeliness) and pick the best topic. In other words, what about COVID is in the news currently? The legality of masks? Back to school and COVID? The economy and COVID?  This is due on SUNDAY.  It does not need a bibliography.

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[Solved] Impact of the Government

In your Report, you will address the following issues: (a) What are the key issues of the public policy debate? (b) What is the available research evidence? (c) What are the range of proposals or solutions? (d) Which solution(s) do you favor and why?

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[Solved] Education Should be Free

Why education should be free and how  should have an opposing  3-4 reasons why education should be free and opposing side  reasons from weakest to strongest  go back and forth in between my points and the opposing side

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[Solved] Universal Healthcare

For your final essay, you will write an eight-to ten-page argument essay.  In addition, you will submit a Works Cited page that includes AT LEAST SIX sources.    In your essay, you will demonstrate elements of persuasive writing that we have covered in class.  Think the four pillars of argument, rhetorical analysis, rhetorical situation, deductive and inductive reasoning, Toulmin logic, and Rogerian argument.  That’s not to say you have to incorporate all elements.  That would be messy and totally ineffective.  But consider what we learned about persuasive writing and how you might use what you learned to advance your argument?  Of course, be careful to avoid logical fallacies.    **INCLUDE THESE FIVE SOURCES AND ANOTHER OF YOUR CHOICE** Sen, Amartya. “Universal Healthcare: the Affordable Dream.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 6 Jan. 2015, www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jan/06/-sp-universal-healthcare-the-affordable-dream-amartya-sen. Jindal, Ashok Kumar. “Universal health coverage: the way forward.” Indian journal of public health 58.3 (2014): 161. Boudreau, Richard. “The plausibility of universal health care in the United States.” Journal of Clinical Research & Bioethics 8 (2017): 298. Greer, Scott L., and Claudio A. Méndez. “Universal health coverage: a political struggle and governance challenge.” American journal of public health 105.S5 (2015): S637-S639. Bloom, David E., Alexander Khoury, and Ramnath Subbaraman. “The promise and peril of universal health care.” Science 361.6404 (2018).

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[Solved] Human Research

Research Writing Assignment Information for your research paper. (1500 or more words) Please, write about one of the topics from the approved list which you were provided earlier in the semester. You need to research at least 3 scholarly articles. (They may all be from our textbook.) Your paper should include these 3 parts: 1) an original thesis statement based on your research 2) a thorough analysis of your research 3) a strong conclusion that affirms your thesis statement through the evidence in your research Citation: 1) The assignment must be cited using MLA formatting. 2) You must cite your articles in a meaningful way a minimum of 10 times. These must be in-text citations. 3) You are NOT required to cite any other source besides your articles. However, you can cite other scholarly books if you would like. NO Websites are acceptable. Next

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[Solved] Connections Paper

Length- 700-1000 Assignment Select a song, image, video, or other artistic expression in English and make an argument for a) how it connects to one text that we read in this class and b) what that connection illustrates about a specific theme/idea/issue. Assignment Goals • continue to showcase your text-based analysis skills • solidify composition skills (organization, fully developed and well-argued ideas) • expand intellectual engagement with literary texts Evaluation Criteria Argument Does the paper have a clear, accurate thesis statement that states what this connection illustrates about the specific theme/idea/issue you have chosen? Does the paper’s argument illuminate the theme/idea/issue chosen? Evidence and Analysis Does the paper provide evidence for every claim? Does the paper provide convincing, illuminating analysis of each piece of evidence? Organization Does the introduction introduce both works and the issue/idea/theme, finally concluding with a thesis statement? Does each paragraph have a topic sentence that is clear, accurate, and precise? Is each paragraph unified around a single idea? Is each paragraph relevant to the thesis and does each one build on the previous one to advance that thesis? Are transitions used, as needed, to signal how each paragraph builds on the one before it? Professionalism Does the paper use correct MLA-style citations (both in-text and works cited)? Is the paper formatted in MLA style (see template)? Is the writing clear, and is the paper free from spelling and typographical errors?

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[Solved] School Lunch Shaming

Assessment Specifics Argument Essay Cover Letter Minimum 200 words (successful cover letters are often longer) Address letter to your instructor In a couple sentences only, explain your primary motivation or purpose for writing your draft and describe your audience. Answer at least 2 of the 5 questions below; (where applicable) provide brief, specific examples of the following in your cover letter: What specific revisions did you make in order to improve how you accomplish this purpose and/or appeal to this audience? Why were these revisions important to make? What feedback did you receive from your peers? How did you use this feedback to revise your draft? How do these revisions improve your draft? What feedback did you receive from other sources, such as your instructor or tutors? How did you use this feedback to revise your draft? How do these revisions improve your draft? What have you decided to revise in your draft, apart from feedback you received? Why? How do these revisions improve your draft? What valuable lessons about writing effectively have you learned as a result of composing this project? Place the cover letter on a page just before the first page of your Argument draft (If following MLA style, this will be the first page of your draft document; if following APA style, this will be the second page of your draft document, just after the title page). Remove your Purpose Statement. Your Final Draft An essay taking a stand and making arguments in support of a view or course of action on the issue, problem, or controversy developed in Writing Project 3. Clearly focused, debatable, and supportable thesis statement advocating your view on the problem or controversy Use of evidence from sources, objectively and accurately interpreted, to support your arguments Effective reasoning that demonstrates how the evidence supports the thesis and the specific arguments being made At least one counterargument and rebuttal, in which you accurately present at least one viewpoint or claim in opposition to your stance and effectively refute that claim, using sound reasoning and valid evidence A logical organizational structure that clearly and effectively guides readers through the arguments being made Introductory paragraph, body paragraphs that present and support your arguments, and concluding paragraph, with topic sentences and transitions Use of evidence from sources; at least 10 quotations and/or paraphrases, clearly discernible from each other and from the writer’s voice and cited using correct in-text citations Use of at least 5 relevant and highly credible sources, at least 3 of which come from the Ivy Tech Library databases. (No Print Sources.) APA or MLA manuscript style, as specified by your instructor, with in-text citations and a References or Works Cited list including ALL sources used. (References or Works Cited list does not count in the minimum word-count requirement) Observation of the conventions of Standard English 1500 words for the final draft (the minimum 200 words for the cover letter is statement is not included in this count)

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