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[Solved] Storytelling Images

Your paper should address the following questions. What if historical photographers had Instagram and were able to post some of their storytelling images to an Instagram account.  What historical event or notable thing is your photographer known for photographing? What famous images that they are known for would be on the page? Select 8 and have the ninth be an image of the photographer. What would be their user name and why? What hashtags would they give each image? What contemporary photographers would they follow and in turn follow them? Here is your list of photographer choices: Dorothea Lange Gordan Parks Nacho Lopez Nick Ut It is your job to read about the photographer do the research to provide the historical context and the information about the photographer. A minimum of three sources is required. Wikipedia does not count as a source. Write a two-page essay using 10-12pt. type, double spaced, and save as a Word document, Google Doc, or as a PDF.  Then on a separate page create your histogram grid. Directions are provided in the video below. One of those sources should be where you obtained the images for the histogram grid.

Dec 9th, 2021

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