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Discuss the Japanese viewpoint in deciding to bomb Pearl Harbor in 1941

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The purpose of this discussion post is to outline your essay. Refer to Steps to writing Essay 3 for a suggestion on out to organize your paper. First, answer some preliminary questions: 1. In a sentence or two, what is the issue you are addressing in your paper? 2. What is your specific solution? Your solution should be concrete, perhaps focused on changing a specific policy. Keep in mind that abstract solutions such as changing the public’s attitude toward a situation are too complex for a short 3-4 page paper. In your outline, provide the following: your working thesis statement at least three topic sentences (i.e. the first sentence of each body paragraph). Your topic sentences should be clear, in your own words (not source material), and they should appear in the order you will use them in your essay. Your classmates should be able to see a logical order of your topic sentences. Finally, under each topic sentence, add a few bullet points of information that supports the respective topic sentence. You should include specific information from your sources in using both paraphrases and direct quotations. Finally, you should include the correct in-text citation next to each piece of evidence. EXAMPLE: Thesis statement: Students are under-prepared for college due to lack of resources for high schools and the incessant testing culture. Topic Sentence 1: The number of students under-prepared for college has risen over the past ten years. Evidence: “.. more than 40 percent of high school students who don’t have access to adequate college preparation or occupational training” (“Degrees of Failure”). Evidence: one university states that 40% of their freshman students needed remedial classes in 2016, versus 15% of students in 2006 (Edgar et al. 233). Respond two classmates. In your responses, offer both praise and critique. Consider offering advice on what else the writer could add.

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