Overview The first step in completing your FBA is to identify and prioritize the target behaviors to address. In doing so, you should incorporate values of compassion and cultural humility when conducting an FBA. You can refer to the Capella Compassion Code [DOCX] for more information. Complete the following in a Word document: Part 1: Selecting the […]

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[SOLVED] Assignment: Reassessment of Strengths and Opportunities

There is a saying that “people must look back in order to look forward.” As you transition out of this practicum, finish your program, and look forward to your career beyond the program, you must “look back” at all that you have accomplished, taking stock of your skill and confidence levels before moving on. For […]

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[SOLVED] Assignment 1: Developing a Focused SOAP Note

This focused SOAP note assignment is a way to reflect on your Practicum experiences and connect them to your classroom experience. Focused SOAP notes are often used in clinical settings to document patient care. They provide a standard, systematic format for collecting patient information. Similar to learning to compute math problems by hand before you move […]

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[Solved] Official Prompt for Second Outside Speaker Critique

Task:  View a Ted Talk of your choice and type of a critique using template below.  It can either be in outline form, or in narrative form. The length needs to be 7-14 paragraphs (1 ½ to 2 pages)   Speaker:                                 Topic:___________________________________________ The 7 categories for critique: Intro:  (10) How did the speaker set the mood and establish the theme of the speech?  Did the speaker provide ethos at the beginning?   Body:  (20) Did the speaker have several identifiable main points?  Did he/she use proper transitions or signposts?   Conclusion:  (10) Did the speaker end the speech with a challenge to the audience?  Or, did he/she elicit a laugh or a dramatic response from the audience?  Did he/she remind the audience of the theme?  Did he tell the audience how to get more information?   Visual Aids:  (10) Were the visual aids used effective?  Could the audience see them?  Were they clear and concise?  Did they create a rhythm?  Did they make sense?   Delivery:  (20) Did the speaker entertain as well as inform?  Did the speaker create  an energy and a rhythm?  Did the speaker have any bad habits that created “noise” and took away from the speech?   Reasoning:  (20) Were the facts and figures accurate?  Were the arguments valid?  Did the speech contain relevant information for the audience?   Appeals:  (10)  How would you describe the appeals for getting the audience on the speaker’s side?  Ethos (justice)?  Pathos (emotion)?  Logos (logic)?   Give the speech an overall grade :  (out of 10)

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