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For Annotated Bibliography 1, find one source from the library databases about the United States. This source should focus on education. A few databases that may help are listed below.
The following databases are a good place to start, but you can also conduct a general Gale or EBSCO search:
• AtoZ The World
• Cultregrams
• Global Issues in Context

Format: Post the work cited entry first, then the summary paragraph, and, finally, an analysis paragraph for your source.

Examples of annotated bibliographies are posted under the same folder as this assignment. Look at these samples for formatting help, as well as help with documentation. The samples will show you how to cite sources that have both author’s names and page numbers, as well as how to cite sources when information–such as page numbers or author’s names–are missing.

Works Cited Entry: The databases will provide a citation for you, but you should check with your textbook to make sure the citation is correct. You will also probably need to change the formatting, font, spacing, etc. to meet MLA guidelines.
See Chapter 23, especially sections 23a, 23c, and 23d (page 246, “article accessed through a database)

The summary paragraph should explain the source’s main idea(s), keeping in mind your audience has not read the content of this source. The summary paragraph should be written in third person and include two cited examples from the source.
Review what you learned about writing a summary in previous lessons.

For the analysis paragraph, tell your audience how this source will help you on the upcoming research essay.
How will you use this source to help support the information you plan to discuss in your second essay? The analysis paragraph should be written in first person.

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