How to Deal with a Potentially Pandemic Outbreak of EBOLA VIRUS | Instant Homework Help

This task requires research and fact summary, governement action plan on how to deal with a potentially pandemic outbreak of EBOLA VIRUS. Depth research of disease and its management, follow the instructions on criteria for each section. E.g

PART A – fact summary
1: PATHOGEN – name of pathogen (common and scientific)
– describe method of transmission
-provide atleast one image of pathogen

– see scanned picture for the dot points to answer
-see scanned picture for the dot points to answer
-see scanned picture for the dot points to answer
-see scanned picture for the dot points to answer
see scanned picture for the dot points to answer

Use the information researched in PART A to write an action plan for government in an affected area of AFRICA that harbours EBOLA
report should include recommendations on
-infection control measures that should be implemented
-metods for implementing the control measures
-educational measures
-new drugs/treatments that should be supported or used
– difficulties likely to encounter and ideas for overcoming/minimising the difficulties

recommendations should be supported by eveidence and an analysis of the need/value of each recommendations

see scanned picture – how to do the references

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Capstone Final Report | Instant Homework Help

Attached is my capstone final report paper. Please help me edit it.
I will also attach a presentation ppt and script to help you understand my work. You only need to edit the paper.

the project is about:
With recent development in connectomics, there’s a growing need for analysis of large 3D reconstructions. In this project, the students will work with a dataset acquired in P14 mouse primary visual cortex, and are expected to assist with manual annotation, learn to run deep learning models on neural data and perform analysis on objects of biological interest, we’re particularly interested in comparing the morphological statistics of mitochondria in young vs adult mouse brain, which are believed to underlie functional differences.

1. Please write an abstract section
2. Read through and edit anything you want (especially the literature review part, since initially I planned to study the comparison between developing mouse vs. adult mouse, then in fact I compared between two brain layers. please add/delete literature review to make the part consistent. The idea is to find article to support that there might exist functional difference between cortex layer4 and cortex layer 2/3 that might affect mitochondria)
3. reduce words count if you wish or add any new section if you wish
4. Please make it a better formal report paper

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Effects of Antibiotic Resistance, Pesticide Use in Agriculture | Instant Homework Help

One of the more important evolutionary concerns facing humans today is the impact on present day environments and populations. Consider how evolutionary processes may be impacting the field of agriculture. Research topics such as antibiotic resistance, pesticide use (resistant insects/plants).

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Female and Male Reproductive system | Instant Homework Help

Describe the female and male reproductive systems related to human reproduction starting from fertilization to final delivery.

– font : times new roman
– font size : 12
-1,500 words

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