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Discuss the following in your main postThinking about your favorite company, compile a list of at least 3 competitors within the same industry. What organizational changes have the companies made in the last 5 years? What do you believe prompted those changes? In looking back at the changes the companies made, what do you believe would have happened if the employees had resisted the change? What steps should a company take to minimize the risk of resistance to change by the employees?

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Choose an article published in the last two weeks in one of these three resources (Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Economist). Discuss how the article relates to one or more of the Ten Basic Principles of Economics:People Face Trade-offsThe Cost of Something Is What You Give Up to Get itRationalPeople Think at the marginPeople Respond to IncentivesTrade Can Make Everyone Better OffMarkets Are Usually a Good Way to Organize Economic ActivityGovernments Can Sometimes Improve Market OutcomesA Country’s Standard of Living Depends on Its Ability to Produce Goods and ServicesPrices Rise When the Government Prints Too Much MoneySociety Faces a Short-Run Trade-off between Inflation and UnemploymentUnit 1.1 DB: Importance of Sociological Research(SOC101)Discuss why Sociological research is necessary and why relying simply on personal knowledge may not be enough to clearly understand events in our daily lives.You must support your response with scholarly sources in APA format. Simply stating your opinion is not enough, back up your opinion with citations.Unit 1.2 DB: Social Problems and Sociological Perspectives (SOC101)Select a social problem such as drug abuse, suicide, homelessness, bullying or racism and discuss how the various sociological perspectives view the problem and how they may go about solving this problem.You must support your response with scholarly sources in APA format. Simply stating your opinion is not enough, back up your opinion with citations.

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Sec 10k company Netflix to DiscussionPost the auditor’s name, city and state, and date of their letter. Read their opinion and comment on issues highlighted other than the standard clean opinion. What issues may have been included in a management letter to your SEC 10-K company based on issues you have identified this semester where audit issues and the management of risk may arise.PLEASE REVIEW THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS BELOW TO ANSWER THE RPA QUESTION!!!!!!!Express your opinion regarding how robotic processing automation (RPA) will impact the auditing field. There is a set of materials titled “RPA Overview” (appears above eReserves) that you should review. You can review the PDF documents first.

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Federal Regulations | Instant Homework Help

Reflection and Discussion Forum Week 9Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:California passes regulations that address pesticides. These regulations are much stricter on the use and production of pesticides than the federal regulations. Is this permissible under current law? What if California’s regulations are much less strict than the federal regulations?Discuss the required elements of a valid contract analyzing when an agreement rises tothe level of a legally enforceable contract and when it does notWeek 9 – Short EssaysQuestion I – Explain some of the hurdles litigants have encountered when it comes to the Endangered Species Act and standing to bring a lawsuit.Question II – A contract is made between two parties. The terms of the contract are complete and unambiguous. A dispute arises between the Parties. Party A wants to pull out of the contract without penalty. Party B argues that Party A’s proposed action is prohibited by the express terms of the contract. Party A argues that the Parties verbally agreed to ignore that provision of the contract that would impose a penalty on Party A. Which Party will prevail and why?

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Fraud and Forensic Accounting | Instant Homework Help

Resources to use are listed down below.Learn about the management of evidence as it relates to fraud and forensic accounting by accessing the article the key links and resources to the right of the reading panel. This resource will be an important beginning in organizing your thoughts for our class. Also, click on the ‘tabs’ above the reading panel for additional resources.Read the article about the fraud examiner’s report to consider the role of the expert witness and the management of fraud and forensic accounting engagements. of these learning activities, featured in the Readings for Week 7, assists in further developing your Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) and completing for the projects and deliverables in our course.Discussion summary 350-400 words APA format single space.Explain the relationship of learning activities and resources in our course as a progression from week 1 to this point.Each student’s posting should be unique!After reading the various resources this week from the “weekly learning resources accessed here” section, answer the following questions. This exercise is intended to get you to think about the various aspects of fraud detection and deterrence1. Select one of the readings and provide a summary.2. How did the reading relate to fraud detection and deterrence?3. What did you learn and how will you apply it going forward?

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Organizational Strategic Vision | Instant Homework Help

Why is it critical for company managers to have a clear strategic vision regarding their organization? in 600 words

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Adjustment of Variables and Constraints in a Model | Instant Homework Help

You have been asked to assist in the distribution design for Santa Insulators- the Brazilian’s premiere source for porcelain insulators used in electrical lines. Santa Insulatorsoperates two plants (Plant 1 in Lorena, SPand Plant 2 in Sorocaba, SP). The plants produce a range of insulatortypes and sizes, but you have determined that the most relevant flow unit is simply each insulator. Because the insulators are quite fragile, they are transported directly from the plants to the three DCs located in Sao Paulo, SP; Campinas, SP and Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Each DC has a different demand forinsulators:Sao Paulo, SP: 6,000insulators perweekCampinas, SP: 550insulators perweekRio de Janeiro, RJ: 3,160insulators perweekThe cost of transporting an insulatorfrom each plant to each DC ($/insulator) is shown below :$/insulatorSao Paulo, SPCampinas, SPRio de Janeiro, RJPlant 1 (Lorena, SP)1.902.492.50Plant 2 (Sorocaba, SP)1.010.865.27The plants have their differences, but they have the same capacity of 5,000 insulators/ Chief Financial Officer for Santa Insulators, Paulo Silva, believes that the models are not including the cost of running a production line at a plant. He tells you that to manage a production line of one product type costs $5,000 per week. So, if a plant is producing both Type A and Type B insulators, they incur a $10,000 fixed cost.How should we adjust the variables and constraints in the model to implement the changes requested by the CFO?

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Aspect of Intercultural Communication in the Workplace | Instant Homework Help

Please find an article, written within the last 3 years, that discusses some aspect of intercultural communication in the workplace. The article could discuss many things such as: communication customs in a given country, low context and high context cultures, the challenges of intercultural communication, communication skills business people should have in international business, etc.For your sources, please find the article from PCC’s online magazine database “EbscoHost”. EbscoHost is a very valuable database for students and anyone doing research. The college pays a lot of money each year so that students and researchers can access current articles from some of the world’s leading publications. In your future studies and in your career, these databases can provide great access to information, more than you may be able to find just doing web searches. The following is a quick link to the PCC Library and its list of article databases. PCC DatabasesSave a copy of the article in Word or Acrobat Reader. You’ll need a copy of this for your discussion post.fter researching one intercultural communication article as described in Module 2, please do the following:In your discussion post, provide a short summary (2 paragraphs) of the article, including your thoughts on the author’s point of view.Add a heading to your summary with the article title and author’s name.Attach a copy of the article, in either a docx or pdf format, to your discussion post.Also response to 2 people: Your responses must be at least two paragraphs in length, but you can discuss any aspect of the articles you’d like. Replies may be posted by selecting a message and using the “Reply” button.1. “Exchanging Business Cards in Japan” by Maxime PolleriIn this article an anthropologist narrates the exchange of business cards in Japanese culture. Business cards are very important in Japanese business culture and it is looked badly upon to be caught without having one available. When you are handed a business card, you must accept it as a gift, with both hands and read it thoroughly, and then you must give your business card in return. There is always an exchange.The anthropologist goes on to examine the differences between what is typically inscribed on a Japanese business card in comparison to an American, in the given story the Japanese businessman often travels internationally and so his business card is offered in English on the backside. Because Japanese culture is sociocentric, the card’s inscription begins by listing the man’s affiliation/company first, then his rank/position, then family name/last name and finally his first name. In comparison, the U.S. is an egocentric culture and so the backside begins with first and last name, followed by profession and finally organization.This is an interesting breakdown of how the simple tool that is a business card varies across cultures. The businessman in this article is a good example of how simple things can easily be overlooked. The pictures also give good visuals on the customary way to accept and exchange business cards in Japan. In America, it is common to accept a business card singlehandedly, take a glance and simply put it in your pocket, often without giving one back in return. To avoid making easily avoidable mistakes such as these, it is important to conduct cultural research before engaging in international business.2. Intercultural communication is difficult enough with language barriers. Common expressions simply do not translate well, ad nonverbal communication isn’t explored when learning a new language. Both are important factors in effective communication in the workplace. Here are a few tips on how to improve intercultural communication:Remove Stereotypes: It is natural to think that methods of communication you grew up with are correct, but other cultures may have learned a different way. Rather than assuming your communication style is right, try to learn from others.Avoid Slang: The language barrier is the largest cause of intercultural communication differences, and can be minimized by speaking properly to assure that people understand you.Listen and Mirror Their Body Language: You can build rapport by watching for signs of personal boundaries, eye contact, and other body language that can signal trust and honesty in other cultures. Try not to appear as though you’re mimicking, but simply allow them to take the lead.Nonverbal Cues: Some cultures have a code of etiquette that governs nearly every movement while others are laid back. Familiarize yourself with other cultural norms to help aid your communication.Gender differences can cause problems as well in communicating with other cultures. Studies have been done that show that women like to discuss a topic at length while men tend to jump from topic to topic. Whether interacting with other people that are different genders, ages, or religions you should always be mindful of how you are perceived. Harassment can be the result of communication that had good intentions in the beginning but got carried away or was perceived poorly. You should attend diversity training and always be considerate of other cultures. In the end depending on what your culture or communication style is, try taking cues from the other person and being mindful of your actions and although it may seem difficult at times the rewards are well worth the effort and are appreciated by others.I think the most of author’s views on intercultural communication are great. It’s good to just learn to read the room and take cues from others if you’re not sure what to do. I think most people who are considerate and self aware aren’t the ones that run into issues. The people who run into issues are not even aware that there may be cultural or gender differences and they may be perceived as rude by their actions or words. I would have only 1 tip for anyone, and it would be to just be self aware and read the room. Everything else falls under that umbrella and as long as you try, people will appreciate it.

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Management System | Instant Homework Help

 Discuss the six-step process to develop and implement of a successful performance management system. single spaced  2-3 pages. See attached power point to get the 6 steps.

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Open Market Purchases | Instant Homework Help

Discussion Question 1Suppose that the Fed conducted open market purchases and that on Tuesday of last week it lowered the discount rate. What would you say the Fed was trying to do and why?Assignment.  This week you learned about the importance of home-buyer education programs. Pretend you are about to buy your first home.  Use the internet to find a local program in your area.  Send me the link to the program and come up with 5 questions you would want answered by attending the program.2.  We just discussed that the Fed’s preferred tool of controlling the money supply is open market operations. Explain to me in your own words how the Fed uses open market operations to increase the money supply? How can it be used to decrease the money supply?————————————————————————-CHAPTER 3 AssignmentFederal deposit insurance is a very important topic for depositors. Explain why you feel the FDIC has raised its limits on the amount of insurance it provides over the years.  What impact did that have on customers and banks? Send me your answers in an e-mail.CHAPTER 4-5 Discussion Question 1Since 2008, there has been talk in the real estate industry of either eliminating FNMA and FHLMC as secondary market institutions or merging them. What kind of impact would it have on the industry if either occurred?Add a new discussion topicAssignment1 Explain the pros and cons of obtaining a loan from a mortgage company vs a bank/credit union.2 Investors do not lend money they purchase notes expecting a return called a yield. Explain the difference between price and yield on mortgage loans .

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