[Solved] Adam Equity Theory

Use Adam’s equity theory to explain bias practices in an organization and how that can cause an employee to think about quitting the organization.

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[Solved] The Effect of Advertising Exposure

Hello, hope you are having a great day! The study is about “The Effect of Advertising Exposure, Consumer Perception, and Personality on Consumer Buying Behavior” You will find attached an excel sheet with some analysis and a word document with part of the research What I need is not the whole study, you can find some headlines in red in the study, I need them to be filled they are as following: 1-    First Requirement: Literature review about Consumer Attitude (please use 10 articles to write this part, so 10 resources) ( 1 page only or 1 and a half)  a.       Introduction b.       Relationship of Mediating Variable (Consumer Attitude) towards Dependent Variable (Consumer Buying Behavior) 2-      Second Requirement: Chapter 5: DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION a.      Introduction b.      Discussion.                                                i.     Stated each Research Question and the discussion should be based on the result/findings from correlation, multiple regression, and hierarchical regression in chapter 4. 1.      The research questions are as follows: a.      Research Question 1: What is the relationship between consumer attitude towards consumer buying behaviors. b.      Research Question 2: How the advertisement exposure affect consumer attitude? c.      Research Question 3: Does consumer perception affect consumer attitude. d.      Research Question 4: What is the role of personality on consumer attitude? e.      Research Question 5: Is consumer attitude mediates the relationship between advertisement exposure, consumer perception, personality, and consumer buying behavior?                                              ii.     Support this finding by referring to the literature review (chapter 2) whether it is similar or different results c.      Conclusion i.     Limitation of Study 1.     Add some limitations of the study, one of the limitations can be because of Covid19 it was hard to take live surveys ii.     Recommendation

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