[SOLVED] Calculating Opportunity Cost

This week’s discussion board has 2 parts, complete both parts.Click on the link below to see an example of calculating opportunity cost.Opportunity cost arises when you have scarce resources and you are forced to make a choice amongst various competing alternatives. In the example, the scarce resource is time so the individual has to choose between the 2 jobs.Formulate your own example that shows what opportunity cost is and go ahead and calculate your opportunity cost.In your example state what your scarce resource is and show what was the next best alternative then calculate the opportunity cost.Hint: opportunity cost arises in numerous decisions that we make including; going to college, going for a doctors appointment, making a purchase (like buying a car or anything else) etc.How to calculate the opportunity costPart 2Watch the video below and briefly share what are some of your own misconceptions of economics and what do you know now about economics that you did not know beforeWhat is economics?

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[SOLVED] Production Disruption

Operations ManagementPlease write 300 words or 1 page the following:Read the B2E Case Study 9: Production Disruption, available in the Course Resources area. Identify the ethical issues that may be unique to the field of Operations Management in this company and the ethical issues relating to corporate responsibility. Discuss ways to successfully role-model and promote ethical values and principles with B2E.

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[SOLVED] Communication Structure

Final PaperImagine that you are proposing a new communication structure for an organization. Write a formal proposal in which you discuss at least five concepts that you feel are most important for successful communication within an organizational setting. Explain why these concepts are necessary for successful communication and how best to implement them within an organization.Examples of concepts that you may choose to use are active listening, organizational culture, conflict resolution, key principles of human communication, leadership strategies, formal and informal communication, etc.Your information for this paper should not be based on your own opinions; you must back up your information with research. The research may include readings from this course or from outside sources. In total, your paper must include at least five sources with at least two from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library. This is a formal paper and should include proper grammar, complete sentences, appropriate paragraphs, and correct citations/references in proper APA style. Along with explaining the communication concepts and including the research, you can also use your personal experiences to explain the research that you are presenting in your paper.NOTE: A full sentence outline of this assignment will be submitted during Week 3. You will receive feedback on your outline so that you can make improvements before you submit your final paper in Week 5.The paper must be eight to ten pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least five scholarly sources (two of which must be found in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library) other than the textbook to support your claims. Cite your sources in text and on the reference page. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the Writing Center on the left navigation toolbar

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[SOLVED] Services and Customers

Based on your understanding of Chapter 1, what kind of information about products,services, and customers should the owners of Santa Fe Grill consider collecting?

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[SOLVED] Capital Structures

This is a CAPITAL STRUCTURE challenge – should the company incur debt or not? Why or why not?If so, how much debt should it incur?How does one convince the CEO that it is in the company’s best interests to take on some debt?This case was selected to:To create an awareness of alternative capital structures on financial performance, and how to value the benefits created by debt finance.To illustrate capital structure theory and how to select a target debt-to-capital ratio.To consider the effect of corporate culture and managerial philosophy on the capital structure decisions, and how to convince management to change to a more optimal level of debtfinance.To question the value of textbook discussions on capital structure, and the benefits of debt finance, when a successful company like Hill Country Snack Foods has consciously chosen to avoid the use of debt finance.POWER POINT MUST COVER SWOT ANALYSIS

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[SOLVED] Reflection Journal

Reflect on the course, and share one activity or assignment that you found most challenging, and explain why. Overall, how do you feel that the material presented in this course can aid in your future professional or academic pursuits?Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

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[SOLVED] Creation and Competitive Advantage

Several of the largest corporations in the world first started as small family-owned businesses. The strategic decisions they made as a family over the years determined their growth path.In this course, you will complete three runs of a 30-minute business simulation. In the simulation, you will make decisions to grow an innovative and sustainable family business through several generations while balancing the relationships between the business, your family, and ownership.For this assignment, complete your first run of the simulation https://forio.com/app/harvard/family-business/#/. This time, as you work through the simulation and make decisions regarding diversification for the company, consider the blue ocean strategy in your approach. Then, complete and submit your journal assignment.Submit your assignment here. Make sure you’ve included all the required elements by reviewing the requirements and rubric.OverviewThe situations you faced and the decisions you made in the simulation may have affected the company’s success in obtaining a competitive advantage over the market. As you have learned in this module, opportunity-based thinking is critical to blue ocean strategy (BOS). For a business to achieve success through BOS, its leader must have the right mindset and ask deeper questions to hopefully remove bias and false boundaries from their judgment.PromptIn this journal, you will reflect on whether and how your decisions in the simulation aligned with blue ocean strategy principles, innovation, and competitive advantage.Discuss your opportunity-focused mindset during the simulation by answering the questions below:Value creation and competitive advantage: How do you think the company did regarding value creation and gaining a competitive advantage across generations?Thought process: Did you “think differently” while you made your decisions in the simulation? Explain why or why not.Discovery: What have you discovered or learned after completing the first round of the simulation?Guidelines for SubmissionSubmit a Word document of one to two pages using 12-point Times New Roman, one-inch margins, and double spacing. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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[SOLVED] An Angel Investor

Requirements of Draft an Angel Investor Term SheetUtilizing the template which is posted on TritonED please draft a term sheet for a company which you make up.Please make sure that you incorporate all the terms in the document including the capitalization table.In order to receive 100 all of the sections need to be completed in sufficient detail?You need to write this assignment based on the data in a file called “New Venture Description”. And I have posted the “draft term Sheet”, which is the answer format given by the professor. You need to complete the homework in this format?Please gimme within 12 hrs, because i have due date. i’m very appreciate!

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[SOLVED] Woolworths Group Analysis

1. Describe the Woolworths group, so your manager has a comprehensive understanding of its operations. Woolworths group2. Find three news articles from the last 4 weeks about Woolworths group and briefly summarise each article. Explain how the event(s) detailed in the new articles have affected Woolworths group. In addition, find an article related to Woolworths group and the COVID-19 pandemic, which could have been published at any time since 2019. Explain whether Woolworths group has been impacted and how your company has fared during the COVID-19 pandemic.FINC5001 Foundations in Finance Semester 1, 20213. List the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) sector, industry, and sub-industry for Woolworths group. List one other public company that is in the same sub-industry as your chosen company and briefly describe its operations. This competitor does not have to be listed in any of the indices above. (like coles)4. Present a table of a current “stock quote” with the following characteristics: (1) Current Price (2) Market Cap (3) Beta (4) P/E Ratio (5) EPS (6) Earnings Date (7) Forward Dividend and Yield, and (8) Ex-Dividend Date for both your chosen company and competitor. Define, interpret, and compare each characteristic for your manager.5. Compare the P/E ratios of your chosen company and the competitor to the average P/E ratio of the industry of your chosen company. Discuss.

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[SOLVED] The Coffee Supply Chain

Determine the issues raised in the readings, and in your personal observation and study, that you will focus on in your case study analysis. *****Please note: You will be reviewing the coffee supply chain case study as an example to draw upon for your own paper. Do not write about the coffee chain case study but use it as a guide for your own paper. You need to focus on your organization that you are researching no the coffee supply chain case study.Read the case study, Coffee – The Supply Chain: A Nestlé case study, carefully, and gather from it information you will need for your analysis.

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