[SOLVED] A Chemical Reaction

Predicting Products of a Chemical ReactionWrite the type of reaction on the line: combustion, synthesis, decomposition, single replacement ordouble replacement. Then, predict the products of each reaction. You may need to refer to the activityseries, solubility charts or periodic table. If the reaction would not occur, write “NR” on the product sideof the equation. Finally, balance the equation with the smallest integers (whole numbers) possible.1. ____ Al2O3 ?2. ____ Fe + ____ S ?3. ____ KClO3 ??? ?4. ____ Sn + ____ HCl ?5. ____ C2H5OH + ____ O2 ?6. ____ Na2SO4 + ____ BaCl2 ?7. ____ KF + ____ Br2 ?8. ____ Ca(OH)2 ??? ?9. ____ C6H6 + ____ O2 ?10. ____ NaOH + ____ HNO3 ?11. ____ Cu + ____ AgNO3 ?12. ____ KI + ____ NaNO3 ?13. ____ Sr + ____ N2 ?14. ____ HgO ??? ?15. ____ C4H10 + ____ O2 ?16. ____ Na + ____ HOH ?17. ____ Pb(NO3)2 + ____ K2CrO4 ?18. ____ Fe + ____ CuCl2 ?19. ____ H2 + ____ N2 ?20. ____ NaOH + ____ H2SO4 ?

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[SOLVED] Penicillin and Streptococcal Pharyngitis

Required criteria1. 300 words minimum.2. A strong connection and correlation are made between Penicillin and Streptococcal Pharyngitis (Strep throat)

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[SOLVED] Thermochemical Data

Using the following thermochemical data at 25 C to determine(a) standard free energy change for the reaction ()(b) Equilibrium constant (Kc) (5 Points)Species(kJ/mol)(J/molK)C6H6(l)49.1173.4O2(g)0205.2CO2(g)?393.5213.8H2O(g)?241.8188.832. (4+2 = 6 Points)a. The rate constant for a first-order reaction is . If one-quarter of a radioactive sample remains after 2.00 hours, what is the rate constant of its decay reaction?b. Pt-200 isotope undergoes beta decay. Write the nuclear equation for this radioactive decay.33. (4 Points)Name the following two compounds:a. an alkene with 5 carbon atoms, if you cannot visualize it, email me.b. an alkane with 4 carbons, if you cannot visualize it, email meLabel the following two compounds as an alcohol or an ether:c. CH3–CH2–O–CH2–CH2–CH2–CH3d.an organic compound with -OH group, email me if you have difficulty with visualizing this structure.34. (2+5 = 7 Points)a. The rate law for a reaction is as shown below:Rate = k [A]2[B]By what factor does the rate increase or decrease for the gaseous reaction if:1. Partial pressure of A is doubled while that of B is kept constant?1. Partial pressure of A is kept constant and that of B is doubled?Remember, partial pressure for a gaseous reaction is equivalent to concentration.b. Determine the rate law and find the value of rate constant (with its unit) for the following reaction given the initial rate data in the table:2 A + 2 B ? C + 2 DExperiment[A] (M)[B] (M)Initial rate (M/s)10.04220.11320.08440.11330.08440.226

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[SOLVED] Nonequivalent Protons

How many nonequivalent protons are there in 23-dimethyl-2-butene?

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[SOLVED] Molecular Spectroscopy

1. Use the ladder operator formalism for harmonic oscillator to derive the selection rule on??? ?|(?? ? ???? ) ?? |??”? for arbitrary n.2. For a heteronuclear diatomic molecule AB, the dipole moment function in the neighborhood ofR=Re is given by??(??) = ?? + ??(?? ? ???? ) + ??(?? ? ???? ) 2 + ??(?? ? ???? )3In which a, b, c and d are constants. Treating this molecule as a harmonic oscillator (using ladderoperator), expand dipole moment in Taylor series around R2 and then calculate the relative intensityof v=0->1, v=0->2 and v=0->3 transitions in terms of these constant and harmonic oscillatorconstants ? and ?.3. (McHale chapter10. Problem7) A general harmonic potential function for water is?? = 12 ???? (???1)2 + 12 ???? (???2)2 + 12 ???? (?????)2 + ?????? ???1???2 + ?????? ?????1??? + ?????? ?????2???The last three terms contain off-diagonal force constants, while the first three are diagonal. Inmatrix form, this can be expressed as 2V=RTFR, where R=(???1 ???2 ???) is the vector whoseelements are the internal coordinates. Find the symmetry coordinates S1, S2 and S3 for water,and the diagonal force constant f which permits the potential energy in form written STfS4. For raman spectroscopy, show that the following equation leads to a symmetric tensor, ?????? =??????, in the limit ??0 ? ?????? .(?????? )???? = 1? ?[???|????|??????|???? |?????0 + ?????? + ????? ????|???? |??????|????|?????0 ? ?????? ? ????? ]

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[SOLVED] The Prevalence Rates

-Of the ten disorders, identify the two that you find the most strange and/or interesting and explain your reasons for your response.–Discuss the roles of race, class, gender, SES, and/or ethnicity as they relate to sleep and sleep disorders–e.g., do these areas of diversity affect the experience of sleep and/or the prevalence rates of sleep disorders (feel free to use any of the information presented in Chapter 4 as well as information from your own experiences to support your reaction).

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[SOLVED] Quantitative Chemical Analysis

Write a paper (7 -10pages) where you articulate and discuss: 1- What you perceive to be the significance of what you learned in quantitative chemical analysis class and lab. Discuss: – How does it relate to real life and to you personally? – What is the take home message that you learned from this course? -What did you like or dislike (your favorite part)?2- Discuss using references and specific details how the material you learned in class is related to a specific topic such as: -Water and air pollution -Fracking -CO2, greenhouse gas emissions from human activities3- In your opinion, what is the connection between the Animal Farm novella (by George Orwell ) Or Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli and what you learned in class and how is that relevant to your life and future ( that means you need to read the Animal Farm novella or some of Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli)? ( what is the take-home message for both and the connection between the messages)

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[SOLVED] Physical Change

Why does soap become foam-like when it reacts with water (moisture) or when we touch it with wet hands.. What compound actually causes this physical change? And why does this physical change occur?

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[SOLVED] Sustainability and Resilience

1. Supply a url/link to a news article (within the last year or so… 2019-2020) that discusses a global change issue that is important to you. In the prompt explain why this issue is important to you (provide a few sentences).2. Think about a particular application of remote sensing that you think is important. Do an internet search to find an example image being used to address this application. Upload a copy of that image and discuss briefly the application, why it is important, and what limitations you see in how remote sensing can address this application.3. Professor Meerow discussed differences between Sustainability and Resilience. Two such differences were the concepts of “fail-safe” vs. “safe-to-fail” and “maximizing efficiency” vs. “maximizing adaptive capacity”. Can you think of one specific example from your everyday experiences with the design/operation of your city that illustrates these differences? Provide either documentation of a catastrophic failure or a well-designed adoption which established Sustainability and Resilience. Provide links if necessary.4. Different cities and countries are vulnerable to climate change for one reason or another. Find an example, other than those used in the learning materials within this module, and comment on the vulnerability of that location to climate change using the vulnerability framework we’ve introduced. Give us your thoughts on WHY they are vulnerable and also on any solutions (mitigation/adaptation) that might be appropriate for that particular community. Respond with a short paragraph and links if necessary.5. Geoengineering: find a fictional movie/television series which uses a form of geoengineering (for better or worse) as a primary plot component. Provide the name of the media and briefly discuss what geoengineering methods are used and how effective they were.6. You’ve learned about a lot of potential approaches to address climate change–diet, population control, geoengineering, renewable energy, nuclear energy, etc. Flex your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking… what is one potential technology (rarely mentioned) that you think could be developed/deployed to address global change issues? Provide a short paragraph and links to support your argument!

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[SOLVED] Signal Transduction Presentation

Communication skills are of paramount importance in defining success in your career. Putting your communication skills to good use requires sound judgment in deciding when to speak, what to say, to whom, and for what cause. Thorough planning and preparation are essential for delivering an effective speech and presentation.Give a 25-minute lesson teaching with a PowerPoint (10-15 slides) on one of the following topics:Please pick a topic you are strong in1. GPCR signaling2. Ion channels and neuronal communication3. Receptor tyrosine kinases and cancer4. Cell cycle regulation in the cellThe lesson presentation should include a title and reference slide and have between 10-15 content slides. At least four references should be cited (only one can be the textbook).While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

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