Findings for a stroke and how it affects the lives of patients and their families | Instant Homework Help

Findings for a stroke and how it affects the lives of patients and their families

Jul 14th, 2021


Analyzing Disaster & Recover Planning | Instant Homework Help

Write a Research paper APA format 3000 words. Need at least 4 peer reviewed references. Any one of below topic:  1. Organizational Readiness2. Incident Response3. Business Continuity Planning4. Crisis Management

Jul 14th, 2021


Natural and Un-natural Medicine | Instant Homework Help

What is the difference between “natural” and “non-natural” medicine, supplements, or products? Based on what we’re learning this semester, how rigorous is that distinction? Especially in our consumer age when the “organic” label comes with commercial overtones, it’s important to think about what’s behind the label. Using examples, and incorporating information from class, answer one of the following questions: Make an argument for or against the use of “natural” or “organic” products in a particular area of life (e.g. health, medicine, cleaning, clothing, etc.) Make an argument for how to define a product as being “natural” or “organic”. Content: You should be sure to address the concepts necessary for understanding the explanation to your answer, explain the concepts, layout your answer to the question, and illustrate your answer with informative examples (plural). You may draw your examples from any field of chemistry or medicine you like, and it is recommended that you use this project to highlight the relevance of chemistry to your chosen field of study and/or professional discipline of interest. Format: You should prepare a multimedia presentation (be creative!) to explain the ideas in your presentation (PowerPoint, video, skit, song, etc).

Jul 11th, 2021


Causes of Chemical Pollution | Instant Homework Help

Description: Essay 1000 words Causes of chemical pollution and their effect on our natural resources also reference it

Jul 11th, 2021


Element Carbon | Instant Homework Help

1) Title including the name of the element (on a title page) 2) Discuss important properties of the element including at least three compounds in which the element appears 3) Discuss biological, biomedical, and/or commercial applications of the element. 4) Discuss other interesting facts about the element. 5)The report should include four sources cited within the paper and on a reference page

Jul 9th, 2021


Reverse Phase Chromatography | Instant Homework Help

The paper should define and explain chromatography, include Gas and liquid chromatography. Emphasis should be on High Pressure liquid chromatography and Reverse Phase Chromatography. Please write the paper in your own words.

Jul 5th, 2021


Principles and Practice of Toxicology in Public Health | Instant Homework Help

Please don’t copy past anything from the internet, and citation should be right Book: Richards, I. S., & Bourgeois, M. M. (2014). Principles and practice of toxicology in public health (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning. For the online BOOK: username: [email protected] password: shehadeH3! CSU Online Library: Username: ahmed.shehadeh1 Password: shehadeH3

Jul 3rd, 2021


Foundation of Chemistry | Instant Homework Help

Chemical bonds are the foundation of chemistry. Please explain several types of bonds (at least two).

Jul 1st, 2021


Nuclear Chemistry | Instant Homework Help

C9: Nuclear Chemistry Read the Topics: – 9.1 – How was Radioactivity Discovered? – 9.2 – What is Radioactivity? – Watch the Video: – 9.3 – What happens when a Nucleus emits Radioactivity? – see Figures 9-1, 9-2, 9-3 – Alpha, Beta and Gama Emission – Watch the Video: – Example 9.2 – 9.4 – Nuclear Half-Life – see Table 9-2 – Watch the Video: – Example 9.5 this research paper has to be about nuclear chemistry, above i have placed some topics from the chapter

Jun 30th, 2021


Journal Entry | Instant Homework Help

Do you know the reason ice floats in your drink? It is because the density of ice is lower than that of water. Chemistry is happening all around you at all times (both physical and chemical changes). What have you observed within the last week that involves chemistry? What is that process/reaction? Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

Jun 28th, 2021

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