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Please respond to the following in APA format: In what ways can you adapt your presentation to your audience?         USE APA Template 300-350 words

Jul 17th, 2021


Case Overview of Plagiarism | Instant Homework Help

Discussion: Plagiarism The examples below draw upon the same passage from the 1985 book Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by media critic Neil Postman. Respond to the following two prompts/questions: 1. When people plagiarize, they present someone else’s words or ideas as if they were their own. Which of the examples below would be considered plagiarism? Which would not be considered plagiarism? Explain. (If you’re not sure, that’s fine. Just explain why you’re uncertain.) * Note that we are not concerning ourselves with APA or MLA in this discussion. Pretend you are encountering the examples in a newspaper or magazine, where academic citation style isn’t even used. 2. This set of examples has been used by many different instructors. Teachers (both K-12 and higher ed) participate in a culture of sharing that is intended to benefit students and normally isn’t considered plagiarism. Politicians, too, often present words that they did not themselves author. Everyone is aware of the role of political speech writers, and thus this practice is not considered plagiarism. Can you think of other situations where one person presents the words of another without citation, and the practice is not considered plagiarism? What is the difference between the situation you have in mind, or the situations described above, and that of plagiarism that appears in the work of an individual author (whether a student or professional author)? * If you can’t think of a response to #2, or it seems to you that your example has already been well-covered by your peers, then you can respond to the following prompt instead: Do a little web surfing to learn about a public official or some other prominent person who confronted charges of plagiarism. Summarize the incident and describe any debate surrounding it. This week, please write a subject line for your discussion contribution following the guidelines in this reading on “microstyle.”Original passage as it appears in Postman’s book: “television has achieved the power to define the form in which news must come, and it has also defined how we shall respond to it. In presenting news to us packaged as vaudeville, television induces other media to do the same, so that the total information environment begins to mirror television.” Example 1: Television has achieved the power to define the form in which news must come, and it has also defined how we shall respond to it. In presenting news to us packaged as vaudeville, television induces other media to do the same, so that the total information environment begins to mirror television. Example 2: According to media critic Neil Postman, television has achieved the power to define the form in which news must come, and it has also defined how we shall respond to it. In presenting news to us packaged as vaudeville, television induces other media to do the same, so that the total information environment begins to mirror television. Example 3: According to media critic Neil Postman, “television has achieved the power to define the form in which news must come, and it has also defined how we shall respond to it. In presenting news to us packaged as vaudeville, television induces other media to do the same, so that the total information environment begins to mirror television.” Example 4: According to media critic Neil Postman, television has achieved such dominance as to dictate the form in which news comes, and it also dictates how we respond to it. In delivering news as vaudeville, television causes other media to follow suit, so that all information begins to resemble television. Example 5: Television has achieved such dominance as to dictate the form in which news comes, and it also dictates how we respond to it. In delivering news as vaudeville, television causes other media to follow suit, so that all information begins to resemble television. Example 6: According to media critic Neil Postman, television now determines the way in which news is delivered and received, with the result that all news media have increasingly come to emphasize entertainment over depth and substance.

Jul 2nd, 2021


Disruption in Book Distribution | Instant Homework Help

As you have now learned, distribution was always the biggest advantage of traditional publishers. Ebooks and audio books have been challenging that advantage as more and more smaller companies offer electronic distribution services. These companies have also increased market access to self-published titles, which have been exploding in number. With the increase in numbers of books and the varied formats for sale, discoverability of any title has become an even bigger challenge for publishers. Address the following in essay format and submit your answer. As a reader, how do you find new titles? If you read fiction, how do you discover new authors? What is the key indicator that helps you decide to buy a book? Do you use online sites such as Goodreads to find reviews and/or recommendations? What advice would you offer a publisher looking for new ways to better reach their audience? Do you have an example of finding and buying a book which you had never thought you would be interested in?

Jul 2nd, 2021


Technology and Inter-Personal Communication | Instant Homework Help

Many of us spend hours in front of our computers and communicate more by e-mail or instant messaging than person. some people believe that this is good because it helps people communicate more openly with others. Others believe that computer communication prevents us from developing interpersonal skills and limits our ability to have meaningful relationships with others. How do you feel about this ??

Jul 1st, 2021


Hydrochloroquine and Covid-19 | Instant Homework Help

Topic: Hydroxychloroquine and Covid 19 General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, the audience will be able to explain the basics of the drug hydroxychloroquine and how it is helping with Covid 19. Thesis Statement: Hydroxychloroquine is a drug that reduces fever and inflammation and scientists are hoping that it can inhibit the virus that causes Covid 19.

Jul 1st, 2021


Communication Perceptions and Assumptions | Instant Homework Help You may already have been told on more than one occasion that employers are looking for people who have good communication skills. What does this mean, exactly? When signing up for this class, what did you think was meant by the communication piece? Do you consider yourself a good communicator? Students often tell me they’ve given “lots of presentations,” so they feel comfortable communicating. Really? What, exactly, were you communicating? Who were you communicating to? What was the objective of your communication? Was your communication effective? The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to common assumptions we make when communicating with each other. Keep in mind that there is both explicit (obvious) and implicit (not obvious) components to communicating. I challenge you to identify these different components within this assignment. THE ASSIGNMENT Complete the entire assignment before posting your initial response in the Discussion forum. Part I: Please watch the ~10 minute TED Talk video below, and address the following while watching: 1. Before you begin, explain whether or not the simple fact of watching a TED Talk imparts a bias on your perception of the information you are going to hear. 2. Monitor your reaction to the speaker throughout the presentation. Make sure to pay attention to your reaction before the presentation begins (when the speaker appears) as well as during the presentation. Describe your reactions and explain why you reacted in this manner. You may want/need to watch the video more than once. 3. Finally, how do you interpret the purpose and effectiveness of this presentation? Explain, keeping in mind the purpose of this assignment. TED Talk Part II: The following link will take you to the Gender Action Portal (GAP), which is “a collection of research evaluating the impact of specific policies, strategies, and organizational practices to advance gender equity.” Read the Introduction (and other components if you like). Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see Related GAP Studies. I suggest viewing the STEM or Bias categories. Choose one additional topic to read about. 1. Comment on one fact you read from the website that surprised you. Alternatively, you may comment on one fact you read that you may have experienced personally. 2. While focus is often placed on written or spoken communication skills, it is important to understand the unintentional means by which communication occurs and the significant ramifications that can result. Why do you think I have chosen this website for you to examine as part of this assignment? In other words, what do the articles on this website have to do with communication?

Jun 30th, 2021


Final Project II Milestone One | Instant Homework Help

In this milestone, you will create the first part of your Final Project II presentation. This section will focus on your goals. You will state three goals for creating, improving, and/or maintaining your online presence. You will tie these goals to the “best practices” research you completed in Modules Three and Four. This milestone assignment will directly contribute to the successful completion of the Final Project II presentation. Your instructor will provide you with feedback so that any needed revisions can be incorporated into your final presentation, which will be due in Module Nine.
Prompt: The first section of the Final Project II presentation will include a discussion of three goals for creating and maintaining or improving upon an existing online presence. You will support these goals with information gathered from the research you conducted for your paper.
Your presentation should include:
? Statements that identify your goals for creating and maintaining or improving your online presence and explain why you set those goals. For example, one of your goals could be to increase your web presence or increase the rate at which you are getting recommendations for consulting work, or maybe you want to become a leader in the communication field by curating content that is of interest to various parties. Whatever your goals are, clearly identify and justify them in your presentation.
? An explanation of how your goals address the recommendations you developed based on your research.

Jun 26th, 2021


Role of Communication | Instant Homework Help

I have to respond in essay form to the following discussion using my text book as the source. The text book is Communication by Morale, Spitzberg, & Barge, 3rd Edition. The material from the text book needs to come from Chapter 3. In the response essay, we are to use specific examples, text, terms, etc from Chapter 3 to offer a retort.

I think the role of communication plays a role in what I think of myself and of others by me interacting with people who I feel I can relate to and just be open and honest with without feeling uncomfortable. For an example I am an emotional driven person which results in me being really sensitive and I tend to communicate that with every person I see myself relating to in a genuine way. Me voluntarily expressing that trait of mine can connect to self-disclosure, which is the process of intentionally and voluntarily providing others with information about yourself that believe is honest and accurate, and is unlikely to be discovered elsewhere (Spritzberg, Morreale & Barge, 2012, p. 78). Me disclosing that freely relates to the open self which is known to the self and to others as explained by the Johari Window model.
Culture, our individual histories, and norms of communication can hinder how we interact with each other by not being able to understand and interpret how people from another culture communicate. Not being able to understand and interpret other people causes unnecessary stereotypes placed on certain people that we simply don’t understand. In order to better communication with others we must acknowledge our individual self which is how we look at and understand ourselves to be which deciphers what we think about others and how we understand them.

Jun 25th, 2021


Communications Essay | Instant Homework Help

Communications Essay

Instructions:Why Do You Feel Communication is so Important in Physical Therapy?


In Essay format, please describe in your own words “Why do you feel communication is so important in physical therapy?” The essay should be between 500-700 words, typed and double-spaced. The essay will be graded on grammar, spelling, content, composition and must include personal experiences, characteristics and interests to support your rationale.

Jun 25th, 2021


Cultural Commonplaces Speech | Instant Homework Help

Part 1


In this speech, you will provide an analysis of a cultural artifact using public identity as a critical lens. Your goal in this speech is to explain to your audience the basis for your critical judgment about the artifact.(The artifact chosen is Lego bricks)

This speech should be 3 pages long.


The object you analyze(Lego bricks)should be well known or easily shown to your audience. Your analysis should focus on claims made by the artifact on the audience in terms of the issue of public identity (race/gender/orientation, citizenship, or public memory). Additionally, your speech should inform us about the context of the artifact by presenting sufficient historical and cultural background for the audience in class. Ultimately, you should be presenting a clear and thoughtful argument about the object as something that can be understood as a material instance of rhetoric. This argument should not be limited to whether the object was merely aesthetic, functional, or in conversation with community standards, but should judge it according to the criteria of how it—intentionally or not—persuades someone to think, to act, or to believe in specific ways. Were the purposes of the object (assuming it had an intended purpose) fulfilled by its persuasive stance or contradicted? What were the consequences or potential impact of the artifact? Were the principles behind it valid?

This assignment will rely on logos. Logos is one of the rhetorical proofs that lead to judgment by the audience. Logos is based on evidence and reasoning, language, and structure. Your analysis, given in a speech, will demonstrate how you use criticism as a form of civic engagement. What you believe to be the persuasive dimensions of the cultural artifact will demonstrate that you know how to be a critic involved in public life, that you know how to do criticism that is engaged in civic matters, and that this functions in ways that are important for the good of the public.

Provide support for your speech by drawing on what others say about the artifact or about artifacts like it: include a minimum of six published sources cited orally in the speech, cited in the outline for your speech where you use them, and listed in the outline bibliography / Works Cited page. Four of the six sources must be scholarly (edited, peer-reviewed) publications. Journalistic sources, news-aggregators, and general web pages are not scholarly sources, but they can be used to provide factual information, historical background, or pertinent cultural characteristics and uses. The artifact you analyze is not a source: it is the object of your analysis. The textbook for this course is not a source: it is your guide for preparing your speech. Your instructor can be an invaluable resource in developing your perspective: ask your instructor for suggested scholarly readings that will help you conduct your analysis. Remember, your purpose is not merely to provide facts in an informative speech, but to use these facts to argue persuasively for the perspective that you are taking.

Part 2

Consider the cultural artifact you will analyze for your Cultural Commonplaces speech. Make a list of five values that you think are expressed by the artifact and explain how they are expressed by the artifact. Your answer should be approximately 200-300 words or about one page.

Part 3

Fill in the speech outline shell in full sentences.

Jun 24th, 2021

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