Relationship Between Mass Media and Political Power | Instant Homework Help

The critical theorists of the Frankfurt School and what Dennis McQuail calls the “dominant paradigm” of mass media research could be said to have similar views on the relationship between mass media and political power, but there are also important differences between the two perspectives. Using course readings and lecture material from both weeks, as well as contemporary examples from the world of media: a) outline the similarities and differences of these two views, and; b) tell us which perspective you believe offers a more valuable and accurate understanding of the media, if any. – 1500 – 2500 words

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What does Gay mean | Instant Homework Help

What does Gay mean when says, “languages are and communication styles are systems of cultural notions and the means through which thoughts and ideas are expressively embodied. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

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media analysis | Instant Homework Help

Media Analysis Essay Format and Documentation: This assignment requires you to write an essay, rather than a report.  An essay differs from a report in that your own views need to be balanced with the research and the marketing videos.  Your views, analysis and commentary need to be approximately 50% of the content, and the research and videos need to be the other 50% of the content of this assignment. Write an essay of 2000 words (+ or –10%), using paragraphs of approximately 100 words each.  You will need an introductory paragraph to the essay as a whole, which will introduce the videos, the financial institutions, and your argument, which is your thesis statement. The thesis statement needs to be clear, focused and debatable. It is placed at the end of the introductory paragraph and connects in a clear, logical way to the topic sentences of each body paragraph. Your thesis statement ought to indicate which video is the most effective according to the criteria you have chosen. Each body paragraph requires a topic sentence, transitions and a concluding sentence.  Do NOT use headings for this piece of writing, but make certain to provide transitions between paragraphs for logic and coherence. Single-space this document but double-space between the paragraphs. Use APA requirements for your title page, other formatting requirements such as a running head, and for your in-text citations and References list. Assignment: Choose two marketing video of less than 2 minutes each from one of Canada’s leading financial institutions (banks, credit unions, online banking platforms, for example). Both videos can come from a single institution, or you can choose to work with one video from two different businesses.  The best source for marketing videos is You-tube. Use videos that have been posted or aired within the last 10 years. Analyze and explain the advertisements, choosing two or three of the following critique points: non-verbal messages such as lighting or color schemes; language used (if any); models (humans, NOT avatars, cartoon characters or animals) and their messages through clothing, posture or facial expressions; target market and its appeal.  Supporting materials are available for you to consult in the course itself. Evaluate which marketing video is the strongest, and be very clear about your supporting evidence, using concepts from the appropriate introductions to Word and World in your analysis to provide a theoretical framework to the essay.  Use appropriate research (minimum of 2 – 3 quality sources, maximum of 5) in your essay. 6 , 7 and 8 . Please avoid ads that are objectifying or demeaning toward women, men, or other social groups; avoid ads that either intentionally or unintentionally contain biased content that might exclude particular religious or social groups; and avoid ads containing implied or actual violence.

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Social media filter bubbles | Instant Homework Help

Section 1: Item 1: Which topic did you select? Item 2: Why does this topic appeal to you? NOTE 1: Section 1 should be the shortest section of the paper (10-15%). Section 2: Item 1: Summarize the information on the topic as presented in, and Item 2: Is the topic you selected relevant in a course on digital and social media? Whether you answer yes or no, justify your answer. Section 2 Sources: Include the source(s) as an in-paper citation and on your References page. NOTE 2: Section 2 should comprise (30-40%) of your paper. Section 3: Item 1: What additional sources did you find on the topic you selected (list at least 2)? Item 2: Why is EACH resource you found (a) relevant, (b) credible, (c) accurate, and (d) unbiased based on what you learned from the What is a Credible Source? How to Evaluate Web Resources? Address a-d in your answer. Item 3: What new information do the two new resources contribute to the topic as presented in the previous sources? Section 3 Sources: Include at least TWO SOURCES related to your topic NOTE 3: Section 3 should comprise the majority of your paper (45-60%). This is where your primary focus should be. Please do not use unprofessional sources such as Wikipedia,,,,, or anything remotely similar. You can also use social media (e.g. Twitter posts, blogs, YouTube) sources as well as this is a paper about the use of digital and social media.

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Book Review/Media | Instant Homework Help

Book/Media Assignment For this assignment, you will choose a book, movie, or television show that 1.) addresses interpersonal communication and 2.) informs you and the class about an aspect of interpersonal communication that you have learned about during your time in the course this semester. The paper should be 4-5 pages long, double-spaced in 12-pt Times New Roman or Arial font with 1” margins, and include the following: An introduction and conclusion A 1-2 page summary of the book using direct quotes from the book 2-4 pages of analysis explaining what you learned from the book or how the book applies to your own life, quoting from the book and directly engaging these quotes (do not offer a quote and then stop writing) Utilization of the chapter of our textbook to which your book report book best applies (directly quote and apply our textbook to this assignment) Utilization of one additional outside legitimate resource (magazine article, newspaper article, scholarly journal, online book review) that discusses the book or parallels the concepts in the book A Works Cited page in APA format A heading on the first page Page numbers

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