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1. There are 70 tens in the number 679.2.  Although convenient for computers, the binary system is exceedingly hard for human beings.3. Logical functions are implemented by the interconnection of decoders.4. Boolean functions can be implemented in electronic form as a network of gates.5. The instruction set is the programmer’s means of controlling the processor.MULTIPLE CHOICE6. The unary operation _  inverts the value of its operand.A. OR B. NOT C. NAND D. XOR7. Which of the following is correct?A. 25 = (2 x 102) + (5 x 101)B. 289 = (2 x 103) + (8 x 101) + (9 x 100)C. 7523 = (7 x 103) + (5 x 102) + (2 x 101) + (3 x 100)D. 0.628 = (6 x 10-3) + (2 x 10-2) + (8 x 10-1)8. There must be __  instructions for moving data between memory and the registers.A. branch B.  logic C. memory D. I/O9. __  _ instructions provide computational capabilities for processing number data.A. Boolean B. Logic C. Memory D. Arithmetic10_________ instructions are needed to transfer programs and data into memory and the results of computations back out to the user.A. I/O B. Transfer C. Control D. Branch II.  Discuss the strategies to solve Data Hazards, which one is the most efficient, can we always use it? Explain III.  a) Find all the dependencies in the above program, will those be Hazards?b) Fill out the schedule for a classic pipeline with no forwarding of this programc) Fill out the schedule for a classic pipeline with forwarding IV. 1. Find 10111 + 1011 in binary notation then convert to decimal.2. Write the Boolean expression corresponding to the circuit below 3.  Draw a circuit for the following Boolean expression:V.Read the section of the research article below, what computer architecture problematic this article discusses? Write your summary analyzes and reflection of the problem stated.

Jun 20th, 2021

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