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Building a Customer Service Strategy: ProposalDescription: Individually, you will be creating a customer service strategy aimed at building and sustaining customer loyalty for your chosen company. You have been hand selected by the CEO to propose a customer service strategy to the Board of Directors for your organization in an effort to convince them that they should adopt your strategy. Your company has been struggling to attract and retain customers. You believe this is due to the lack of focus on customer service. Once you have finalized the proposal by completing the 3 Capstone Project parts, present your strategy to the class, who will act as your Board of Directors. The overall length of the presentation should be 6-8 minutes.Capstone Project Part 2 Answer the following questions (this will lead to your strategy proposal):Who are your external customers? What are their specific needs? Describe at least three.In Chapter 3, you learned about the six customer Fundamental Service Skills. Describe each of the skills. => YOU CAN IGNORE THIS QUESTION.Build rapport, uncover needs, listen, empathize, clarify, explain, and delight customers.Handle customer complaints, irate customers, and challenging situations.Avoid misunderstandings, manage expectations, and take responsibility.Work in teams and build internal cooperation and communication within the organization.Communicate well in writing, and speak effectively to others to convey accurate information.Show a positive customer service attitude and actively look for ways to help people.How would improving employee training in these skills improve customer service in your company? => PLEASE REFER MY ANSWER FOR PART a.In Chapter 4, we discussed using a SWOT analysis to help build a plan for creating an extraordinary customer experience. What are the 4 elements of SWOT and how will you use them to formulate a strategic customer service plan? Focus on the areas of SWOT that would have the strongest impact on customer service (Use this analysis to create a customer service plan).Submit your work in at least 3 paragraphs to Capstone Project Part 2 to

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(Review case and answer the questions) This is a TWO-Part Case (the customer issue and the company response). Post the case and the questions and answer each question in complete sentences. The lecture will cover the key topics in the case. Part I: Is This Any Way to Run an Airline? The following letters are detailed accounts of an actual service encounter that involved numerous service failures and the company’s response. Read Part I of the letter first, which presents the customer’s letter to the airlines. Answer the discussion questions listed at the end of Part I. Next, read Part II, the airline’s response, and address the questions at the end of Part II. July 23, 2015 Dear Customer Service Manager: Through the Carolina Motor Club, my wife and I booked round-trip, first-class and clipper-class seats on the following World Airlines flights on the dates indicated: 1 July World Airlines 3072 Charlotte to Kennedy 1 July World Airlines 86 Kennedy to Munich 21 July World Airlines 87 Munich to Kennedy 21 July World Airlines 3073 Kennedy to Charlotte We additionally booked connecting flights to and from Wilmington and Charlotte on Trans Air flights 263 (on 1 July) and 2208 (on 21 July). The outbound flights 3072 and 86 seemed pleasant enough, especially since World Airlines had upgraded our clipper-class seats on flight 86 to first class. However, mid-flight on 86 we discovered that we had been food poisoned on flight 3072, apparently by the seafood salad that was served in first class that day (it seemed warm to us and we hesitated to eat it, but unfortunately did so anyway). My wife was so ill that, trying to get to the restroom to throw up, she passed out cold, hitting her head, and, we discovered over the next few days, apparently damaging her back. The flight attendants were very concerned and immediately tried to help her, but there was nothing they could do except help her clean herself up and get the food off her from the food trays she hit. In addition to the nausea and diarrhea, she had a large knot on her head and headaches for several days. Her lower back has been in constant pain ever since. I, too, was very ill for several days. A nice start for a vacation! But it gets worse. During the long layover between flights at Kennedy, there was a tremendous rain-storm, and our baggage apparently was left out in it; a situation that we discovered when we arrived at our first night’s lodging and discovered ALL of our clothing was literally wringing wet. In addition, four art prints we were bringing as gifts for friends were ruined. The return flights were better only in that we did not get poisoned; instead we did not get fed! Flight 87 out of Munich was apparently shorthanded and, due to our seating location, the flight attendant who had to do double duty always got to us last. We had to ask for drinks; there were no hot towels left for us; the meals ran out and we were given no choice but an overdone piece of gray meat with tomato sauce on it. We tasted it, but it was odd tasting and, given our experience on flight 3072, we were afraid to eat it. Flight 87 was delayed in boarding due to the slowness in cleaning the aircraft (according to an announcement made) and also due to the late arrival of the crew. In addition, the flight was further delayed due to a heavy rainstorm, which backed up traffic for take-off. However, had the flight boarded on time it would not have lost its takeoff priority and could likely have taken off two hours sooner than it did. We might have been able to make our connection in Charlotte. Onboard the flight, the plane was the dirtiest and in the most disrepair of any aircraft I have ever flown on peeling wall coverings, litter on the floor, overhead bins taped shut with duct tape, etc. As a first-class passenger I asked for some cold beer while we were waiting for the rest of the passengers to board; it was warm. We were quite hungry, having not eaten much in the past 12 hours, and asked for some peanuts; there were none—the plane had not been stocked. I asked for a pillow and blanket for my wife—there was none. What a great first-class section! There were only three flight attendants for the whole plane, and I felt sorry for the pregnant one who had to do double duty in first class and the rear cabin. She was very sympathetic to the poor conditions. I don’t see how you keep employees when they are treated like that. Due to the excess delay at Kennedy, Flight 87 was very late and we could not make our connection from Charlotte to Wilmington. As it turned out, we would have barely been able to make it if the flight had been on time, because World Airlines had changed not only the flight numbers, but also the flight times on the Kennedy-Charlotte leg of our journey—AND WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED OF THIS CHANGE UNTIL WE ARRIVED AT THE AIRPORT! I deplaned in Raleigh to try to alert the people meeting us in Wilmington that we would not be in that night; however, it was too late and they had already gone to the airport. The gate attendant at Raleigh assured me that World Air-lines would put us up for the night in Charlotte, so I returned to the plane. However, when we arrived in Charlotte, the World Airlines representative refused to take care of us, stating that, since we had not booked the Wilmington-Charlotte portion of our trip through World Airlines, “it is not our problem.” Furthermore, he tried to wash his hands of it, saying we had an “illegal connection” due to the times between flights, and that he wouldn’t provide lodging and meals. After I pointed out to him at least three times that the connection was not illegal when booked and World Airlines changed its flight times without notifying us, and further made it clear that not only was I not going to go away, but that there was going to be a lot more said about the matter, he finally capitulated and gave us a voucher. After traveling for 24 hours, receiving lousy service, poor food, no amenities, it is a real pleasure to run into an argumentative SOB like your agent in Charlotte. He should be fired!!! As first-class passengers we have been treated like cattle! But, it does not end here. Upon arriving in Wilmington the next morning, only two of our four bags arrived with us. We had to initiate a baggage trace action. Our missing bags were finally delivered to our house around 3 p.m. on July 23rd. And, SURPRISE, they were left out in the rain at Kennedy again and EVERYTHING was so wet that water poured out of the pockets. I poured water out of the hairdryer. All of our paper purchases, maps, guidebooks, pho-tos, souvenir brochures, etc., are ruined. I don’t know yet if the dryer, radio, electric toothbrush, voltage converters, etc., will work—they are drying out as this is being written. In addition, my brand new bag now has a hole in the bottom of a corner where it was obvious that World Airline baggage handlers dragged it on the tarmac (obviously a water-logged duffle bag-size piece of luggage is too heavy to lift). As near as I can figure, we have lost at least a roll of color prints (irreplaceable); approximately $100 in travel guides and tour books, many souvenir booklets, brochures, menus, etc.; $100 in art prints; $50 in damage to luggage; an unknown amount in elec-tronics that may not work; a lot of enjoyment due to pain and suffering resulting from ill-ness and injury (bill for x-rays enclosed); and all sense of humor and patience for such inexcusable treatment by an airline. If there is to be any compensation for what we have suffered, it should be in monetary form. There is no recapturing the lost time and pleasure on the vacation. The art, books, etc. (except for the photos) can be replaced…assuming we should make such a trip again. But if we do, you can be assured we would not choose World Airlines. In closing, I am particularly angry and adamant about this whole fiasco as we wanted this vacation to be special and treated ourselves to the luxury of first-class treatment… which we got everywhere except on World Airlines…it is almost unbelievable how poorly we were treated by your airline, almost a perfect negative case study in customer service. I have purposely tried to mention every little nitpicky thing I can recall because I want you to realize just how totally bad this whole experience has been! In disgust, J. Q. Customer Part I: Discussion Questions 1. In general, is the preceding complaint letter: (1) instrumental or noninstrumental; and (2) ostensive or reflexive? Please explain your answer. 2. Identify the service failures that occurred and classify each failure according to the four main failure categories presented in Figure 13.3. 3. Select three of the service failures identified in question 2 and discuss the possible attributions for these failures in terms of locus, stability, and controllability. 4. Discuss the recovery strategy or strategies you would recommend to offset the customer’s complaint.

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