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Introduction Develop and describe a research problem as the guiding principal for the EDU541 research paper. To help you draft your problem statement, review the 5 steps and sample problem statement within: How to: Write a Problem Statement. Activity Instructions You should formulate a succinct statement of the purpose of your research and justify its importance within 2-3 paragraphs. Refer to APA 6th Edition Section 2.05 and Figure 2.1. You are required to write the original post in a Word document using APA 6th Edition for paragraph settings, margins, spacing, font style and size, and heading/paging. To properly complete the assignment, the submission should contain: Two to three sentences should define the problem statement. At least one sentence needs to state the specific problem directly such as, “The problem to be studied is…” Research questions should be incorporated within the problem statement. Two to three sentences should be used to describe these questions such as, “The study aims to investigate the following research questions…” Incorporate 3-5 scholarly studies that support the problem and connect to your problem and the research questions. Statement **I would really love to do the idea of making sophomores at colleges at Universities and Colleges take a mandatory Public Speaking class so they can practice, enhance, and efficiently give presentations before they graduate from college. Not just any major but all majors from Nursing to STEM to Business, Everybody. I believe if they take this class in their sophomore year. They have the tools and knowledge to be successful throughout the rest of their time as a student and well beyond into their future careers.** Writing Requirements (APA format) 1-2 pages (approximately 300 words per page), not including title page or references page 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title page Headings and Paging References page – Minimum 3 sources APA Style 6th ed.

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Cognitive Development Through Math and Science | Instant Homework Help

Cognitive development occurs as children acquire and process different kinds of knowledge. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is a term that has been integrated into curriculum plans across the United States as a means to further develop cognition in children. Each of these areas have a strong connection to one another and each are important to incorporate into the early childhood setting. Problem solving and being able to think critically are also important skills for children to acquire in the 21st century. According to Jaruszewicz (2013), “Mathematics and the sciences for children share a focus on inquiry, problem solving, and the development of critical thinking skills through processes and practices that engage them in hands-on explorations” (section, 10.1). Therefore, fostering cognitive development through STEM activities is important in today’s early childhood learning environments In your initial reply, Describe how incorporating math and science into the early childhood curriculum can promote cognitive development in young children. Explain why mathematics and science for young children is no longer primarily a paper-and-pencil activity. Create a plan for a STEM lesson that incorporates either science or math and is hands on, by adding a STEM section to the concept map you started in your Week Three assignment. Attach your concept map to your discussion. Remember, your plan needs to be hands on because according to NAEYC/NCTM (2010), “Developing dispositions and skills through first-hand experiences is essential to a firm foundation for mathematical and scientific thinking” (as cited in Jaruszewicz, 2013, section 10.3). You will further develop this plan by creating a formal lesson in your summative assignment

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Lee Vygotsky Zone of Proximal Development | Instant Homework Help

Identify a theory of child development and write a 2-3 page paper(before reference list) that fully explains the theory. Include information about the context from which the theory emerged. Does the theory focus on a particular learning or growth domain? Is the theory based in developmental, academic, positivist or post-modern frameworks? Don’t focus on the theorist, instead fully explain the basis and major aspects of this child development theory. The selected child development theory should also appear in the the presentation. Cite at least four sources for this paper- textbooks or peer reviewed articles. Please do not include blogs, home school, child care or parenting websites as sources of information for this paper. Be sure to include: heading and/or title page introductory paragraph emergent context of theory theoretical basis or framework of the theory cite at least four sources for this paper- textbooks or peer reviewed articles concluding paragraph reference list my topic is Lee Vygotsky Some of Proximal development

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In a properly formatted word document, please type a paragraph stating whether or not you agree with Elizabeth Noll’s stance on censorship. Please include all the following: Properly formatted font matter Times new Roman Size 12 Doubled space At least 2 quotations with parenthetical documentation A Works Cited page which includes a full citation for this article

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