[SOLVED] Lines of a Criminal Incident

Search through newspaper or magazine articles for an article that makes a causal assertion. For example, Country A and Country B are now at peace because they agreed on an equitable trade tax. Or it could be something along the lines of a criminal incident. For example, a woman was murdered by her estranged ex-husband because he was jealous of her new boyfriend.Read the article carefully and provide details of the evidence that supports the causal assertions.Next, answer whether the explanations are nomothetic, ideographic, or a combination of the two. Explain why. Include a link to the article in your paper.350 words excluding references, APA format and a minimum of 3 references

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[SOLVED] Wage Standards

This assignment requires you to write two paragraphs. The first paragraph will be the“pro” in support of your issue. The second paragraph will be the “con” of your issue.Each paragraph will have a paraphrased or summarized exampleInstructions:1. Select ONE of these issues:a. Wage Standardsb. Screen Time for Childrenc. Jury Duty2. Go to the Library database and search for one “pro” article and one “con” article on theissue.3. Read the article and underline important support that you will want to include in yourparagraphs.4. Create your pro paragraph using your pro article; include a paraphrase or a summary ofthe evidence from your article. Be sure to include an in-text citation: (author’s last name,year of publication).5. Create your con paragraph using your con article; include a paraphrase or a summary ofthe evidence from your article. Be sure to include an in-text citation: (author’s last name,year of publication).6. Make sure you create a reference page for the two articles you use in your paragraphs.Requirements• Submit a Word document or PDF.• Include an APA formatted title page and proper APA style formatting on the documen(Times New Roman, 12-point font suggested), with 1-inch margins and doublespaced.• Each paragraph should be 7–9 sentences.• Use evidence from an academic and reliable library resource that is eitherparaphrased or summarized. Make sure to include that evidence in your essaywith a parenthetical citation and a references page. Follow proper APA formatwhen including that evidence.• Use objective third-person language: “he,” “she,” “it,” “him,” “her,”“himself,” “herself,” “itself,” “they,” “them,” “their,” “themselves.” (Avoidsubjective language, such as “I,” “me,” “you,” “we,” “us,”etc.)

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[SOLVED] Theatrical Production Analysis

What symbolism was evident in the play? How were these symbols used to enhance the production?How was the supernatural portrayed in the production? How did this affect the production and/or the audience experience?What other elements of the production were significant and affected the viewer experience?To help you complete a successful analysis of the production you watch, please visit this play review site and read the information on this site carefully:Notice that in this assignment you should not summarize the plot of the play. Your audience (your teacher) has read and seen the play and is very familiar with it. Instead, I will be looking for careful analysis of all of the required elements described above.

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[SOLVED] Poet Analysis

Poetry Analysis – Rough DraftBy the due date assigned, attach the rough draft of your essay as a Microsoft Word document to the Discussion Area. By the end of Week 1, comment on at least two of your classmates’ submissions using the peer review questions provided below.NOTE: This is a two-part assignment. The rough draft is worth up to 80 points of the grade, and the peer reviews are worth up to 20 points.The essay assignment for this week is to compose an essay of at least 750 words in which you offer your interpretation of a literary element (such as theme, imagery, symbolism, or characterization) in one of the assigned poems. You may choose any poem from our Week 1 or Week 2 poetry reading list. If you wish, you may base your paper on the analysis you began in this week’s discussion.Tips for the EssayOpen your introduction with an engaging opener, such as a question, quote from the poem, or interesting idea. Then, connect to the poem and mention the title and the author. End your introduction with a thesis statement that interprets one literary element of the poem (such as theme, imagery, symbolism, or characterization).The body paragraphs should support your thesis. Present specific aspects of the poem that help to illustrate your points. Make sure to quote from the poem and analyze specific lines that support your argument. Typically, body paragraphs will contain at least two short quotations each as supporting evidence.Include a strong concluding paragraph that summarizes your main points and explains the significance of the thesis. Finish this paragraph with a strong and satisfying ending.APA ReminderUse APA style for formatting the essay and for source citations. Begin with a title page and use proper font and spacing. End with a separate references page. Refer to the Week 1 lecture on avoiding plagiarism for an APA essay template and additional resources.Important Note: Do not do any outside research for this essay. This analysis should be your own insights regarding the poem. If you need help, refer to the sample student paper shared in the lecture on themes, and contact your instructor with questions.

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[SOLVED] The Right to Health Care

It has been established that the Right to Health Care is not a guaranteed right in American law. Despite this, there have been many legal enactments that have incrementally moved in that direction without expressly granting it. After reviewing the background readings as well as doing your own research, draft a 1- to 2-page (single-spaced) position statement on whether the right to health care should be guaranteed in the United States. Be sure to include some discussion of ethics behind your position, including a discussion of ethical principles. You will not be graded on which side you choose, but you must support your position with reputable and reliable sources; this is not an opinion piece.Please review the following document on how to draft a position paper; you are expected to follow the outline that is located within this document.Xavier University Library. (2014). How to write a position paper. Retrieved from https://www.xavier.edu/library/students/documents/position_paper.pdfSLP Assignment ExpectationsConduct additional research to gather sufficient information to justify/support your report.Limit your response to a maximum of 2 pages (title and reference page is not included in page number count).Support your paper with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 3 references. Use the following link for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:Angelo State University Library. (n.d.). Library guides: How to recognize peer-reviewed (refereed) journals. Retrieved from https://www.angelo.edu/services/library/handouts/peerrev.phpYou may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment:Purdue Online Writing Lab. (n.d.). General APA guidelines. Retrieved from https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/For additional information on reliability of sources, review the following source:Georgetown University Library. (n.d.). Evaluating internet resources. Retrieved from https://www.library.georgetown.edu/tutorials/research-guides/evaluating-internet-contenThis assignment will be graded based on the content in the rubric.

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[SOLVED] Persuasie Essay

why underage driving should be punished?

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[SOLVED] Characters in A Novel

describe what parts of your identity might have shaped your initial thoughts and feeling about the book. What about who you are allowed you to connect with the text? Do you see anything about yourself in the characters or story? Do you see something that is totally the opposite of you? the novel is what lies between us

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[SOLVED] The Endangered Animals

Choose one of the endangered animals from Unit 6, and describe the animal that is in danger. Why is it in danger? What are people doing to help this animal that is in danger?the book is pathwa second edition

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[SOLVED] Non-governmental Organizations

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) are essential as they fulfill a purpose that is traditionally addressed by a government (Balteanu & Marcu, 2014). In order for an NGO to be impactful and serve its purpose, it will require support and involvement from those it has been organized to help, as well as maintain financial and management autonomy, devoid of the governmental influence (Johnson & Stoskopf, 2010). Political and social instability has made it difficult for NGO’s to fulfill their purpose to meet the needs of the communities they have pin pointed as their focus (Balteanu & Marcu). During unrest experienced by many countries, residents who need shelter, food, and medical care, benefit from what NGO’s to provide (Balteanu & Marcu). Without the government, military, or religious backing of the NGO’s purpose, the NGO will not be able to fulfill it’s intent (Balteanu & Marcu).Resident of unstable regions through out the world, are without food, shelter, and medical care due to the preoccupation with control, whether through the government, military, or religious factions. The unstable governments within these regions are either unwilling or unable to care for the needs of their citizens or have taken away their ability to care for themselves. NGO’s have the ability to provide for the needs of the people and help them sustain, if allowed.In general, what is the impact of political and social instability on non-government organizations?

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[SOLVED] Housing Crisis

San Francisco is now facing a severe housing crisis. How does San Francisco change the existing housing problems of a large number of working-class people to avoid the displacement of workers? Is its approach the best? Are those approaches the best? How would you like to change them?Though you will be informing your reader about the issue, its history, and how it impacts various stakeholders, your ultimate purpose is to persuade the audience to agree with your proposed call to action. In other words, how would YOU like to change your city?Read the book “How to Kill a City” chapters 7 to 9, author Moskowitz.Search for 5 to 8 resources, their URLs must be from “gov. ,org. ,edu. “Request below:Thesis-driven, and organized point-by-point.Supported by textual evidence (quote or paraphrase) from Moskowitz’s How to Kill a City and a minimum of five outside sources. These outside sources must include at least one scholarly source (i.e., a peerreviewed, academic journal article). Note that many students find they need more than five outside sources to write a successful essay.Developed with at least one counterargument/ counter-perspective.Formatted in MLA style, including MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page.8-10 pages in length.the essay will be assessed based on the following rubric:The essay expertly analyzes university-level texts, including How to Kill a City, showing awareness of rhetorical choices and synthesizing differing perspectives.The essay is research-based, organized, driven by an arguable thesis, and employs critical thinking.Sentences elegantly and effectively communicate the writer’s ideas, showing a strong understanding of sentence focus, structure, and development.The essay integrates 5+ credible outside sources for support, consistently and accurately using MLA citation and Works Cited conventions.

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