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1. Explain how personal water use fits into the construction of community water dynamics. 2. Explain what can happen to concentrations of metals, petroleum products, and dissolved materials contained within the water supply as a function of water use dynamics. 3. Explain how conservation techniques can be used to help the natural ecosystem survive population increases? 4. Based on you and your partners data, explain the importance of conserving water and techniques for reducing water use at home? 5. Explain how each of the following affect our water supply?irrigation (home, school, agricultural)pesticide usestorm water runofflandscapingrainwater harvesting 6. Explain how your home could conserve water. 7. Explain how you could encourage other students to conserve water. 8. How does this laboratory exercise fit within the context of our environmental science and sustainability course?

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ENVS 200-1ONF Summer I 2020

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Analysis Writing Assignment — In a two-page assessment, review the roles of USNORTHCOM, the Stafford Act, State Governor, and the National Guard in requesting and executing defense support of civil authorities. Format is pretty loose – start, middle, and end. Use the State of Georgia

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Develop a comprehensive, generic audit checklist for a sustainable program under economy only, with 20 sub-categories. Frame the sub-categories in a way that it can be applied to an organization to check their sustainability using a Likert type scale such as 0 – 5 for “not at all” to “to a very great extent. However, this scaling isn’t included in the assignment (just for guardians) Only the sub-categories are required, with regards to an economy check.

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I work in the Industrial Field The question is: Does your current organization (or one you used to work for) have a written hazard communication (HazCom) program? Have you been or were you provided a copy of the various program elements, or did you receive any training on it? What changes would you recommend for improving Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) compliance? If the organization does not have a HazCom program, do you believe one is needed? Why, or why not? If your organization is exempt from OSHA, do you think some application of the standards would be beneficial? Why, or why not? Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

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Current Event Assignment Texas Government What Should be Included in a Current Event Paper? Each current event paper should be approximately one page in length and should include the following sections: (1) A correct citation of the article including title, author, publication, and publication date (2) A brief (one paragraph) explanation/summary of the article – please don’t copy the article – use your own words to paraphrase and summarize the article. (3) An explanation of why this particular article was chosen by you. What drew your attention to this article? What issues or events interested you? Why? (4) A description of how this current event article relates to a topic of study described in this Texas government class (5) An explanation of how you feel this current event/article will impact yourself, your city, county, or the State of Texas. All articles should be relevant to subjects presented in class or in the textbook and should be directly related to government! Current events should be timely, relevant, and of interest to students of political science (ie. no articles from two years ago, no sports scores, not about the Justin Beeber concert in Austin or Shakira visiting El Paso; should be related to political issues related to topics we are studying or those topics described in the book or syllabus).

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One of the challenges local and state governments face in implanting mitigation strategies is finding a way to pay for them. It is one thing to identify the risk of potential structural failures, but quite another to actually mitigate that risk. In this assignment, you adopt the perspective of the emergency manager in your community (choose a relatively small community, not a large metropolitan city such as Washington D.C. or New York City where the mitigation issues are very large scale in nature). If you live in one of these cities, please contact the Instructor about an appropriate community to use in lieu of either of these two cities. Research emergency mitigation strategies that have been or might be deployed in your community. Then think about the funding sources related to emergency mitigation strategies in your community. Finally, consider challenges related to funding for emergency mitigation strategies. The assignment this week is also part of your Final Project. Refer to the Week 1 Project area for details on the type of community to select. The assignment: (5–7 pages) Briefly describe the community in which you live. Identify and describe emergency mitigation strategies have been or might be deployed in the selected community. Describe two potential funding sources related to emergency mitigation strategies for the selected locale. For each potential funding source, describe (1) the key participants and stakeholders and (2) the goals and objectives of the mitigation strategies as they relate to finance and budgeting. Explain why the selected funding sources are the most appropriate for the mitigation efforts identified. Identify and explain at least two key challenges to accessing funding for emergency mitigation strategies at least two challenges to accessing funding for emergency mitigation strategies in the locale. Provide at least one strategy to address each challenge.

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Essay 3 – Environmental Crisis This assignment requires that you write a single-spaced, one page, 12-point font, paper in which you contextualize the material from your life’s experience. Please do not give me general or internet information on the topic. I want to know your perspective. You can reference the discussion material. Please attach your essay and make sure it has your name?. The YouTube documentary “2050 – a documentary” is about the general environmental problem that the world is facing today. After viewing the documentary, discuss your view of the environmental problem, including your level of awareness and what you can do, if anything, to protect the environment? link for the video….

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