The Beatles

1. Write a paragraph that highlights some of the ways in which the Beatles’ experience in Hamburg were significant in their personal and musical growth and development.2. Write a paragraph in which you discuss the importance to their career of the Beatles’ appearances on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in February 1964.Noted: I uploaded some lecture notes, you can try to find something useful in there. That is so much, but you can search the keyword and look for what you need.

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Ethics In The Movies

Movie Link: Equity Funding – The Billion Dollar Bubble1. How was the fraud committed?2. The fraud occurred over 8 years. What opportunities were missed to catch and stop it?3. What are some things that the auditors could/should have done?4. Did some of the lower level people get pulled into the fraud unwillingly? If so what was the environment like at this company, what were some of the “red flags”, how could they have avoided getting involved?5. What are some lessons learned from this case, and were there any industry changes made as a result?6. Any other general thoughts of comments.

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Presentation Script

a) What are some questions you are wondering about you’d like to discuss?b) What effect has the novel had on you? How did you feel while reading it?c) What reflections do you have about how you live your own life?- Does the presentation clarify aspects of the author’s style?-Does the presentation sufficiently explain the importance of the author’s style on the narrative as a whole?-Does the presentation address the strengths of the author’s diction?- Does the presentation identify aspects of ambiguity within the plot?-Does the presentation identify aspects of ambiguity in the character development?-Does the presentation clarify the narrator’s relationship to the author?-Is the presentation’s sentence structures varied and effective in conveying the writer’s message?

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Annabel Lee Video

After watching the short film, make notes of any important details and explain the differences in your interpretation of the text and the filmmakers. Then complete the short answer prompt see attachment.

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Movie Analysis

Hello! I am expecting around 1400 words total. Introduction 130 words, movie summary 130, statistics 270, violence dealt in movie 230, sexual violence 230, Redesign/Redesigning of the movie 330, conclusion 80, total around. In the essay, I would like to have some parts where they mention about the movie’s Camera Language, Character’s dialogue, Body gesture and etc. Please consult the file “Group Essay Requirements”(Don’t need to worry about the number of words written there).  You can consult Example docx as a way to write. Thank you!

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Film Blog III

The film for this unit is No Country for Old Men. Please watch the film and post a reflection (aim for around 500 words) to our forum.You should be able to access the film from the CSUSM library by using this link: can either address the open ended the film critique prompt:A brief overview of the reading(s):What is the central philosophical issue or theme? What were the primary topics of discussion? What interesting questions were raised? What conclusions, if any, were reached?A synopsis of the film How does the film relate to the reading(s) under consideration? How did the main philosophical points or ideas manifest in the film?An evaluation of the philosophical success of the film Did the film adequately treat the philosophical topic? Why or why not?OR if you would rather a guided prompt, here are a couple of specific questions you can answer:A. Chigurh claims: “well I got here the same way that the old coin did.” Do you agree? Why or why not?B. Consider the dialogue below in light of Hume or Sartre’s philosophy:Carla Jean Moss : You don’t have to do this. Anton Chigurh : [smiles] People always say the same thing. Carla Jean Moss : What do they say? Anton Chigurh : They say, “You don’t have to do this.” Carla Jean Moss : You don’t. Anton Chigurh : Okay. [Chigurh flips a coin and covers it with his hand] Anton Chigurh : This is the best I can do. Call it. Carla Jean Moss : I knowed you was crazy when I saw you sitting there. I knowed exactly what was in store for me. Anton Chigurh : Call it. Carla Jean Moss : No. I ain’t gonna call it.Anton Chigurh: Call it. Carla Jean Moss : The coin don’t have no say. It’s just you. Anton Chigurh : Well, Igoherethesame way the coin did.

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[SOLVED] Movies as Critiques

Begin with a screenshot followed by the name of the film and the time mark for the scene as in the example below. Describe what’s happening in the scene. Then, explain what the scene reflects about real-world issues in world history by relating this scene to a discussion of that issue in an assigned reading. Use the same form of in-line notation used in papers, forex. “(R33, p.2)”. #1 – You MAY NOT use the SAME SCENES that I have identified in-class lectures or in this prompt. It’s ridiculously lazy, but some may actually try this. IF YOU USE A SCENE DESCRIBED IN a CLASS LECTURE OR THIS PROMPT, YOU WILL RECEIVE 0 OF 6 PTS and … I will file a plagiarism complaint to student conduct, citing this prompt. #2 – DO NOT lift, borrow or quote analysis of scenes of these films from websites. If you do, you will receive a 0 on the assignment and … we will file a plagiarism complaint to student conduct. Movie Link  English subtitled Godzilla 1954  FRANTZ FANON: Black Skin, White Mask [documentary] La Noire de…/Black Girl – ENGLISH SUBS (1966)

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[SOLVED] Food Photography

Please use the outline and follow the directions for each paragraph. This paper is about food photography and the main topic is “how does food photography affect a person’s decision?”. The outline provided can be used as a guide. -Introduction -Body paragraph 1- This paragraph should give us the details about your career. If we had never heard of it before, you areintroducing us to what a person in your career does, what education was required, how much money they make, what their work schedule looks like, etc. This is the information from your Career Research Google Form. This should include citations- that you highlight to match the sources. (I included a very not special example of this).-Body paragraph 2 , 3, 4- This paragraph should give an introduction to your implication. What is your ACTUAL topic? This is the research we did on the sources sheet. You will split this research up into 3 paragraphs total.-Conclusion

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[SOLVED] Film Review

watch the film and answer ths questionsExplain the scale in which evil people are judge and if you think this is an efficient way to judge people’s deviant behavior. Also give two reasons why you think women are driven to kill and if you think these reasons are drastically differient from men.12 pt font.single space

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[SOLVED] Hollywood’s Representation of America

In your view, and based on your learning throughout the term and the films we have screened, how has Hollywood’s representation of ‘America’ changed over time? (This is a persuasive Essay) In your response, take into account, any changes you have observed in the films’ depictions of American values and ideals, in their narratives and […]

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