[SOLVED] Potential Limitations

Find a unique research article via the search Database EBSCOhost (Links to an external site.) using PCC’s Shatford Library’s (Links to an external site.) service to access information (Links to an external site.) off campus. You might also find the Library Research Guide link in the left course navigation menu useful for this assignment. Your UNIQUE peer reviewed research article you that you locate on EBSCOhost should be about how Earth’s seasons are affected by climate change, and be no more than 5 years old. Ask a Librarian via phone or chat for help. NO CREDIT FOR REPEAT ARTICLES. THE FIRST POST OF AN ARTICLE ONLY WILL GET CREDIT.Create a new post where you (10 sentences minimum, using college level writing):Cite the article.Summarize the major research findings in your own words.Comment on the research’s potential limitations.

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[SOLVED] Geologic Hazard

Every student needs to prepare and verbally present one hazard research report during the semester. The objective of this activity is for students to get to know one another personally, discuss science in a fun context, and earn science discussion credit. A Hazard Research Presentation is a 5+ minute presentation. It is okay to go over the 5 minute mark by a short period, but please do not present for less than 5 minutes.The topic of a Hazard Research Presentation needs to fit within one of the topics covered in the course (see schedule below—note that weather events like tornados and hurricanes and fires are NOT a topic in this course—to learn about these please take the dynamic atmosphere course.)The student should select a major hazardous event that occurred either in their hometown or in a location especially meaningful to the student or their family. It is okay if the event to predates your birth. Please try to chose an event that no one else will present on. For this reason, the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake is off-limits. Please email your instructor for assistance choosing an event, if it is difficult to think up a unique idea.Please keep in mind that this presentation should include geologic information that is uncovered by researching the event! Please keep your personal account to the first slide, to allow time for the science. Each presentation is worth 10-16 points total, depending on whether you chose a vitual or live option. The LIVE option earns more credit for less effort.Each presentation should rely on lots of impressive visual photos and figures and maps. Please include a minimum of 5 slides including the following information:1) Title / Introduction Slide—Discussion of the memorable event. When, What, Where? Tell us the story. Why did you chose this location? What happened? Recollect your personal experience of the event, the personal experience of a family member, and / or reports recorded by witnesses of the event. Please include a map of the region, including the nearest city impacted. (2 points)2) Slide Two—Tectonic Setting of the chosen region. Where is the site of the hazard located with respect to the nearest plate boundary? Describe the plate boundary—what type of forces are present and what type of faults are most common given that plate boundary type? What is the rate of relative plate motion? Show us a map of the local and regional tectonic setting at this location. (2 points)3) Geologic Setting—Describe the landforms… Is there a major river, mountain range, lake, volcano, ocean, etc.? How were these landforms created? What are the main rock types mapped in your area? Why are these rocks present and how did those rocks form? What is the long term history of geologic hazards at this location? Be sure to include vivid and information visuals. (2 points)4) Cause of this Geologic Hazard—what happened to cause the incident and why? Please describe the chain of events from a science concept and geologic standpoint. [For example, if the event was a post-fire debris flow the chain of events probably is: a) the steep slope formed slowly over time, b) fire destroyed vegetation on this slope, c) roots that hold the soil together died off, d) major precipitation occurred, which rapidly coalesced on the ground as surface flow, e) surface water captured all the soil and rapidly moved it down the nearest channel is a massive slurry, e) this debris flow impacted houses and residents downstream.] (2 points)5) What did geologists learn about geology from this event? How did the community adapt its safety plans since this event? What changes have people and businesses made to address future risk of similar hazards? (2 points)

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[SOLVED] Physical Geography

Identify a current event in the US or Canada. The current event should have happened during the past year and should address issues of human or physical geography in the region in which it occurs.Post your 300-400 word report (not including source links) to a new discussion topic. Every report should 1) identify the location the even occurred on http://maps.google.com and provide a link, 2) consult two (2) online resources, one of which should be published by a person or organization in the region where the event occurred, and 3) offer an analysis/reflection by answering these questions: 1) What happened?, 2) Why did it happen here?, and 3) Who was impacted (and possibly, who caused) by the event?Create a short title for the new discussion topic that reflects the content of your post. Make sure that you use quotes when citing information in the article and cite the source so readers know where you got your information.

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[SOLVED] Geostatistics Analysis

Find a map that displays a topic related to geostatistics and share it. Upload an image or screenshot of the map making sure to credit the author or creator. You may use a map from the internet, a book, an atlas, or another resource. Explain what the map shows and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the map. This should be a two paragraph though review of the map. Discuss the elements as well as what story the map tells and how well it tell it.

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[SOLVED] Imperial Valley

 After watching the video on the creation of the Imperial Valley (on the previous page) you are to write a detailed summary/ reaction to what you have learned. I am looking for 2 pages or so about the video and your thoughts on it. You do not need to worry about grammar as much as content. Since this is partially a reaction 1st person is totally fine. Please run it through spell check at least.  HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvFNaJyzWOE&feature=emb_logo&ab_channel=ImperialValleyCollege For more information on Imperial Valley read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Valley

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Sarawak is a Malaysian state located on the island of Borneo. The predominant soil order for most of Sarawak is the same as which of the following locations?

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[SOLVED] Geopolitical Framework

Considering the statement “This region was, is, and will likely into the distant future be prominent in world news.  Media attention to what we commonly refer to as the Middle East typically focuses on what our textbook labels as the Geopolitical Framework.” as well as the application of any of the five themes:1-Physical Geography and the Environment, 2-Population and Settlement, 3-Cultural Coherence and Diversity, 4-Geopolitical Framework, 5-Economic and Social Development. for each of the world’s regions, what do you think is the most important matter facing this region now and in the future?  Be sure to offer specific examples to support your response. For more information check: 

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[SOLVED] Diverse Environment

Q1   Define and discuss the uses of IDaaS in at least two paragraphs.  Also, find three IDaaS providers and compare and contrast their services. You must include at least one scholarly peer-reviewed article as an APA cited reference. Q2   Discuss the use of cloud collaboration tools in today’s geographically diverse environment in at least two paragraphs.  Cite at least one scholarly peer-reviewed article. Also, compare and contrast two popular video collaboration tools.

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[SOLVED] Desalination Plant

1.  Write one paragraph on one example of a major pollution event that has either happened in the past or is occurring now on the Eastern United States Coastline or on the Western United States Coastline (you may include Alaska). 2.  Write one paragraph comparing and contrasting (how do they look differently) Seals too. Sea Lions.  I would like you to be able to recognize the difference when you see them at the beach!  3.  Write one paragraph comparing and contrasting Porpoises to Dolphins (write about the. differences between the two).4.  Finally, write a paragraph describing what a Desalination Plant does (briefly how it works), and tell me where at least one Desalination Plant is on our California Coastline.

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[SOLVED] Atmosphere Composition

Description: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YzpOirDQZH2rWnAtbSU5kwbUv9QBtqrQ3pyyTGi3z4w/edit?usp=sharing Goal: Summarize what you have learned in Week1 Build learning community by helping each other answer study questions.  Initial Post You are REQUIRED  to post a thorough summary with the following two components: What you have learned in this module – please use the “Outline” slide in the lecture presentation as an outline of your summary.  You will need to summarize what you have learned on the first three bullet points (6 points) Overview of atmosphere Atmosphere Composition and its evolution Air Pressure and Density At least ONE question related to course content – this question needs to be related to the topics listed in the outline (2 points) Reply to Peers Browse the questions posted by your classmates and help answer at least ONE of your classmates answer the question(s) he/she has (2 points) Requirements and Grading Please read carefully Discussion Guidelines before posting to make sure your posts meet the requirements.  

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