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There is a youtube video to review before writing this assignment it is called Guns, Germs, and Steel   the essay needs to be written as a review of the video answering the questions Do you think that Diamond answered Yali’s question satisfactorily? Was Diamond correct in his assessment of why there is such so much disparity in the world between the have and have nots? Why or Why not?

Jul 17th, 2021


Reviewing Professional Work Journal | Instant Homework Help

My Professional Work Journal: CLA 1 – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3 Journal response. In Weeks 3-7 you were directed to keep a professional work journal (Please refer to Week 2 for a review of instructions). Now you will review your work journal entries and arrange some of them into an essay. The essay will reflect upon those five (5) weeks of experiences recorded in your journal and what you have learned.  Include how they may have furthered your career or caused you to rethink your career goals.  Your essay should include your experiences, observations, and the key concepts based on the internship and business course experience. The CLA 1 assignment will be a Turnitin paper of 4 to 6 pages. Your paper should be formatted in APA style. Include at least two (2) peer-reviewed sources related to course material taken in your academic program and scholarly journals. 

Jul 14th, 2021


Innocent Victims of a Harsh and Cruel Natural world | Instant Homework Help

 When earthquakes, hurricanes, or other so-called “natural” disasters strike, humans tend to blame nature and see themselves as innocent victims of a harsh and cruel natural world.To what extent do environmental hazards stem from unpredictable nature, and to what extent do they originate from human activity? Should victims blame nature, other people, or themselves for the disaster? Why or why not?

Jul 13th, 2021


Saptial Informaion  | Instant Homework Help

An introduction to geographic information (GI) and geographic information systems (GIS) 

Jul 13th, 2021


Urban Poverty | Instant Homework Help

Urban poverty is spatialized in both symbolic and material ways. Please discuss. In your response, please discuss geographies of urban poverty particularly from the perspective of urban residents, articulated through a variety of stories and interview data from the readings. High-quality essays will:  Include a clear main argument and be logically organized. Articulate how the urban is comprised of both formal and informal spaces, ·       Demonstrate how urban space is gendered (this can be one segment or run throughout the entire paper). Show how urban policies and laws are contested (resisted in a variety of ways). Include Explanatory Footnotes only if necessary; No Endnotes. Include a Reference list/Bibliography. Be written in 12 Font, double-spaced as a Word document only—no pdfs. Papers are to be uploaded, do not cut and paste. Range between 2000 (min) and 2500 words(max) – minimum 10 article

Jul 12th, 2021


Landscape After Genocide | Instant Homework Help

EXAMPLE OF CITATION: ” Domosh, M., Neumann, R., Price, P. and T. Jordan-Bychkov. 2013. The human mosaic: A cultural approach to human geography. 12th edition. New York: W. H. Freeman and Company. ” **INSTRUCTIONS** everything you need to know is on the Term Paper Instructions file I have attached. ONLY USE THE ARTICLE I HAVE PROVIDED AS A SOURCE. Wikipedia is NOT allowed.

Jul 6th, 2021


Making a Difference At Home Evaluation Activity | Instant Homework Help

Background Information We all know that we regularly face environmental challenges because our society is making decisions that hurt our environment. It’s your job, in this project to help make you and your region/municipality more environmentally friendly! Step 1: Choose a topic. Conserving household water Conserving household energy Reducing household waste Step 2: Research to find out what your region/municipality is doing about your topic. Be sure to take good notes on what you find. Step 3: Determine what could be done to improve your topic. Refer to your textbook for this and keep notes on what you find out! Step 4: Choose two actions that your region/municipality should take to improve your topic, using the information you’ve collected. Create a picture or collage to illustrate the two actions you chose. Make sure you give reasons to explain why you chose these actions. Step 5: Create a short presentation. The municipality of ________ (insert your community here) is effectively addressing environmental concerns in the area. ** You may choose to agree or disagree with this statement and prove it throughout your essay.You should choose at least three reasons for your choice and write about each in a body paragraph. Your essay should be five paragraphs: Introduction (introduce the topic and your side on it) Body Paragraph 1 (discuss reason 1) Body Paragraph 2 (discuss reason 2) Body Paragraph 3 (discuss reason 3) Conclusion (wrap up)

Jul 5th, 2021


describe the physical features, landforms, and processes | Instant Homework Help

The paper has to have photos. The landmarks that I want are the Sahara Desert, The Himalayas, The San Andreas Fault line and the Polar Ice Caps

Jul 4th, 2021


Answer Each of the Questions Below | Instant Homework Help

These reading questions are designed to be used as a study aid and self-assessment tool to help you determine if you’ve sufficiently read and studied the assigned regions. Answer each of the questions below in 3-4 complete sentences. Each answer must include reasoning and rational by using and explaining key terms to support your answers. Please do not include the questions in your submissions, just the question numbers. Describe the locational, environmental, and climate factors that together help make the Caribbean a major international tourist destination. What environmental issues currently impact the Caribbean? Describe the risks and possible solutions. How did the long-term reliance on a plantation economy influence settlement patterns in the Caribbean? What is creolization, and how does it explain different cultural influences and patterns found in the Caribbean? What explains the relatively high levels of social development in the Caribbean given the region’s relative poverty? Submission Guidelines This is an assignment designed to help you apply what you are learning to real-life scenarios. To begin your reading questions assignment, select the submit button, and type your answers into the edit window. You may also type your answers in a document window then copy/paste them into the text entry window. Please do not include the questions in your submissions, just the question numbers. Need help submitting your reflection? See the Submit a Text Entry section of the Canvas Guide: How I submit an online assignment.

Jul 3rd, 2021


Hurricanes Tornadoes Typhoons and the Green House Effect | Instant Homework Help

Write an essay explaining the following topics concerning the environment: 1. The Greenhouse Effect, 2. Hurricanes, 3. Tornadoes, 4. Typhoons You must give examples of each.

Jun 30th, 2021

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