What is the slope of CD? | Instant Homework Help

This is a question regarding geometry. There is a trapezoid, sides ABCD. The question states that AB’s slope is 3/4, and asks, “What is the slope of CD?”.

Jun 19th, 2021


Rules for Translation | Instant Homework Help

Irina wants to tile her floor using the translation shown below. Which is the rule for this translation? T–3, 2(x, y)T2, –3(x, y)T3, 2(x, y)T–2, 3(x, y)

Jun 19th, 2021


Right Angle Triangle | Instant Homework Help

Determine if a triangle with sides of 9,16 and 25 isa right triangle

Jun 19th, 2021


Finding Coordinates | Instant Homework Help

Find the coordinates of B, if the midpoint of ?B (4,7) and the coordinates of A are (-8,6)?

Jun 19th, 2021

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