What is the slope of CD? | Instant Homework Help

This is a question regarding geometry. There is a trapezoid, sides ABCD. The question states that AB’s slope is 3/4, and asks, “What is the slope of CD?”.

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Rules for Translation | Instant Homework Help

Irina wants to tile her floor using the translation shown below. Which is the rule for this translation? T–3, 2(x, y)T2, –3(x, y)T3, 2(x, y)T–2, 3(x, y)

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Right Angle Triangle | Instant Homework Help

Determine if a triangle with sides of 9,16 and 25 isa right triangle

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Finding Coordinates | Instant Homework Help

Find the coordinates of B, if the midpoint of ?B (4,7) and the coordinates of A are (-8,6)?

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