Personal Leadership Strategic Plan

In a formal paper, using assessments in Modules 1-3, evidence from the Review Matrix, and taking into consideration what you’ve learned in your readings and assignments throughout the course, formulate a Personal Leadership Strategic Plan. Due Week 14, Saturday 23:59 This may present for you an opportunity to incorporate the “burning question” that you have […]

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[SOLVED] Assignment: Preventative Health and Assessing, Diagnosing, and Treating Special Populations

Certain groups of patients have concerns that may be specific to their particular population. Conditions related to men’s or women’s health, pregnancy,s pediatric, older adults, college students, LGBTQ individuals, athletes, those with particular cultural beliefs or concerns, or those undergoing palliative or end-of-life care would all fall under this category. Individuals may identify with more than […]

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[Solved] Nursing Educator Scenario

As the nurse educator (NE) providing training to the county health care providers (physicians, APRNs, RNs, LPNs, health aids, teachers, social workers, and other ancillary staff), you are charged by the Chief Nursing Officer to develop a lesson plan that would provide the necessary knowledge for these individuals to function in their role of screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and referral of these trafficked victims. As the NE, you must be aware of the needs of the health care personnel and difficulties in addressing this sensitive topic. Utilizing the ASSURE model, you will formulate the plan to be role-specific, evidenced-based, and to address the collaboration of the team in meeting the mission of the clinic. A formal process should be created to ensure that information is shared among the team and with external entities. An evaluation plan must be included to ensure that the team is functioning and that client outcomes are being appropriately addressed

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Urgent Care Facilities | Instant Homework Help

Based on the sector Urgent care facilities, draft a well-organized outline evaluating how quality, safety, and competition within this healthcare sector impact patient care.

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Effect of Covid-19 on Gerontology | Instant Homework Help

We are all experiences the challenges placed on us with COVID-19 but the elderly are at a higher risk of complication and death. The situation is ever changing and research ongoing making it challenging to find accurate information. Every day, however, we are learning more and more about this virus and its impacts on the individual, communities, governments and health systems. Locate four credible media sources (online, television, radio, print media) discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the elderly. -information can be from United States or another country -may include public service announcements, government videos, speakers at conferences such as TED Talks, training videos, or websites -information should be interactive and not merely a news article or research paper (think of the video discussion assignments you have completed this summer) Each media discussion should be 100 words minimum and include… -brief explanation of the item -goal and target audience of the information -relationship to elderly and COVID-19

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7 Step Model | Instant Homework Help

7 Step Model Create a possible ethical dilemma relating to your chosen field. For example: You are a Medical Assistant and your supervising physician consistently asks you to perform procedures that you are not trained for. Or, you are a Medical Biller and your supervisor has asked you to overbill certain procedures because the clinic that you work for is in financial trouble. Using the 7 Step Decision Making Model, apply the facts of your dilemma. After you provide a summary of your situation, you will fill in this worksheet by answering the questions of the 7 Step Model to resolve your ethical situation. Summary of the Situation: The Seven-Step Decision Model I. Determine the facts by asking the following questions. What do we need to know? Who is involved in the situation? Where does the ethical situation take place? When does it occur? II. Define the precise ethical issue. For example, is it a matter of fairness, justice, morality, or individual rights? III. Identify the major principles, rules, and values. For example, is this a matter of integrity, quality, respect for others, or profit? IV. Specify the alternatives. List the major alternative courses of action, including those that represent some form of compromise. This may be a choice between simply doing or not doing something. V. Compare values and alternatives. Determine if there is one principle or value, or a combination of principles and values, that is so compelling that the proper alternative is clear. VI. Assess the consequences. Identify short-term, long-term, positive, and negative consequences for the major alternatives. The short-term gain or loss is often overridden when long-term consequences are considered. This step often reveals an unanticipated result of major importance. VII. Make a decision. The consequences are balanced against one’s primary principles or values. Always double-check your decision.

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Interest in Medicine | Instant Homework Help

Motivation and desire to become a PA What made you interested to Medicine How did you find out about PA profession?How do you prepare to be successful as a PA?

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Cultural Choices and Nutrition | Instant Homework Help

Re: Topic 4 DQ 1Gathering cultural information through assessments is important to curating a personalized care plan that meets the patient’s needs as well as assisting with promoting and treating their health effectively (GCU, 2018). The Heritage Assessment Tool (HAT) collects information with reference to their culture in detail to aid with educating the nurse on their culture and to provide a composition for their care plan (GCU, 2018).Respecting cultural choices and needs is critical to staying competent in addressing their psychosocial and physical needs (GCU, 2018). By being open and aware of cultural differences, nurses are able to adjust and provide better care to their patients. Cultural competency can be done by taking in detailed assessments on their culture and adjusting the care plan as needed, and giving accommodations when relevant (GCU, 2018). For example, documenting a pork restriction within their nutrition chart for Muslim patients.References Grand Canyon University (Ed). (2018). Health promotion: Health & wellness across the continuum. Retrieved from

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Tuberculosis Crisis | Instant Homework Help

Work type: Case study Format: APA Pages: 2 pages ( 550 words, Double spaced)Number of sources: 2Subject or discipline: Health Care Title: Case Study 2 | Tuberculosis Crisis Paper instructions:1. Identify immediate and basic issues within the case study, including the problem at hand, its significance and related assumptions.2. Describe any missing information, risk factors, alternative strategies and negative outcomes.3. Define a problem statement (see the example provided in the Case Study Analysis Preparation worksheet).4. Develop an action and implementation plan.5. Summarize takeaways and reflections on the process, as well as the viability of the plan.Assignment Scope Citation requirements: 2Word count: 600 APA formatting Title page Reference p

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Plan Care and Nursing Model | Instant Homework Help

Planning care through a nursing theory Due Tuesday by 11:9pm Word doc in APA 7th edition with no plagiarism.The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your ability to plan care through a nursing model.After you have chosen a nursing model, give a brief description of the “nuts and bolts” of that model. Then you should select a client that you are caring for at your clinical site (EMERGENCY ROOM site “make up a patient”).Describe all of the steps of the nursing process (assessment, planning, nursing diagnosis, implementation and evaluation) as they are done when following the model. Do not include care that is not directed by the model.The last part of the paper is a critique of the model and its usefulness in directing care for this client. The content of the paper should not exceed 12 pages.RubricPlanning Care though Nursing Model Paper RubricPlanning Care though Nursing Model PaperThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTheory Identifies Theory Used to Plan Care Explains Basic Tenets of Theory This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Plan of Care Plan Provides for Comprehensive Care Within Confines of the Theory Include: Assessment, Nursing Diagnoses, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Theory CritiqueLimitations of Theory are Discussed Advantages of Theory are Discussed This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Referencing and APA ConformityReferences Organization/Clarity, Length is 12 pages or

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