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[Solved] Construction Management

Overview: For this case study task, due in Module Six, you will be stuck between a rock and a hard place as the construction team will be using soil to backfill against the concrete foundation walls at the Fairfield Inn construction site. However, a disagreement between two trusted colleagues will force you to provide leadership on the project by writing a 1- to 2-page letter to both parties presenting the results and findings of a neutral third party. Prompt: First, review the case study document Module Six Case Study: Site Work and Soils. Then, referring to the ABC Testing Services Inc. document Soil Test Results and the PROCON document 1155 Appendix A, evaluate the results of various tests that were performed on the backfill material. With these results you will settle the dispute between your subcontractor and your independent testing laboratory. (Note: You may find it useful to review Chapter 2 of your text, on aggregates.) You will then write a 1- to 2-page letter to both parties presenting the results and findings of a neutral third party. In this letter, you will describe which party, or parties, should take responsibility regarding the material. Furthermore, you will request reimbursement for the costs of the neutral third party. In your letter, be sure to address the following: ? What is the discrepancy between what each party stated and the findings of the soil testing agency? ? Include the request for reimbursement of the testing agency’s costs. ? How do you plan to resolve any issues that may exist with the backfill? Cite from the case study documents to support your responses.

Dec 2nd, 2021

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