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By now, you should have a firm understanding of the material presented in the textbook. Write a 4-6 page analysis on the topic of social stratification that is found in a newspaper or magazine, and make sure the paper meets all of the criteria stated on this document. This paper must be typed and submitted on Blackboard.

Find a recent newspaper or magazine article that illustrates an event or situation relating to social stratification that has occurred in the U.S. within the last couple of years (2017- 2020). The article must be from a major source, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, among others. The article can be found online or in print. Choose an article that focuses on groups of people in conflict with one another as a result of the inequality in the U.S. class system. You may want to run the article by me first before proceeding with this assignment. The objective of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply sociological perspectives of social stratification to real-world situations.

I. Background (1-2 pages):
a. Briefly describe the social stratification or situation presented in the article.
i. What is the event?
ii. Who was involved?
iii. Where did the event occur?
iv. When did the event happen?
v. What data or statistics help to describe the situation?
b. When you describe the situation, do not plagiarize – describe in your own words!
c. Make sure you include a well-developed thesis statement which informs the reader in one sentence what your paper is about. The thesis should be placed at the end of the Background section. Go to this link for assistance:

II. Assessment (2-4 pages): This is the core of your paper. Make sure this section is very well-developed, well-organized, and well-written since your grade depends mainly on your sociological analysis of the article.

a. Discuss why the social stratification or situation occurred by relating it to four sociological concepts/theories learned from any of the chapters in the textbook. Remember that you do not need to explain the theories/concepts. You will be graded by how you apply the theories/concepts to the article you have selected.
Concepts/theories must be bolded or underlined in your paper, or they will not be counted in the quota.

b. Discuss how the reality is presented by the author/reporter/media. Are there any unwritten cultural assumptions? Do those assumptions reflect ideologies? Do the ideologies support the status quo? What kind of status quo? Are there any biases in the media presentation? If so, what kind of biases? Try to read between the lines. Cultural assumptions are not written.

Important: you are asked to analyze both the content of the article of your selection as well as how it is presented. Presentation usually reflects ideology and subtly power relations.

c. Include an engaging and stimulating conclusion paragraph that summarizes your paper. Demonstrate evidence that you can make connections between all of the main ideas.
Make sure to include the URL of the article in your list of “Works Cited.”

The paper should be logically organized in well-constructed paragraphs/sentences, have relevant content, and be easily understood. There should be few or no errors in format, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. These errors should not hinder comprehension of your writing.

In accordance with the Montgomery College Code of Conduct, there is ZERO tolerance for plagiarism, so always cite the original source if you are “borrowing” information. If you are citing sources, there must always be in-text citations and a list of “References” in APA style. Sources must be in alphabetical order in the list of “References.” For assistance on APA style, refer to these websites:

If you are unsure of when to cite sources, refer to this website:

Here are some general notes concerning the final written assignment.

1. Regarding format: I am flexible with format options as long as you are consistent. However, here are some preferred options that may help.

• Font size: 11 or 12 point
• Font type: Times New Roman, Times, Arial, or Calibri
• Line spacing: 1.5 or 2
• Document type: Please use Microsoft Word. This creates the fewest problems when uploading your assignment
• Heading: In the upper right-hand corner you only need to put your name, Sociology 100, and Final Written Assignment. Nothing else is required. You do not need a formal title.
• Citation format: APA is preferred. Your paper will only need 2 citations – the textbook and the article that you have selected.

2. Regarding organization: I highly recommend organizing your paper using the assignment guidelines. For example, using subheadings that reflect the guidelines is a great way to keep things organized and to help ensure that you attend to all of the requirements. For example, using subheadings “Background” (which would include the summary and your thesis statement), “Assessment” (which would include your use of the 4 concepts/theories, “Cultural Assumptions,” “Conclusion,” and “Works Cited.” This is just an example and you may choose to decide to break up your subheadings even further.

3. Regarding the “Assessment” section: Keep in mind that this is the bulk of your paper. The goal of this section is to help your audience understand the article through a sociological perspective. You may use any theories AND/OR concepts that you read about in your textbook. Make sure you choose appropriately. For example, if your article is looking at inequality in the workforce (depending on the specific subject of the article) you may choose to use social conflict paradigm (p.22), reserve army of labor (p. 420), capitalism and the service economy (p. 425), and life chances (p. 172). As part of the requirements, make sure that you bold the concepts/theories you are using in the body of the paper.

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Peer Reviewed Journal Article | Instant Homework Help

Assigment: You will find one peer reviewed journal article from the HCCC library database that correlates to the population you are working with or some area of work going on at your site. The article must be from a peer reviewed journal or your grade will be a 0. No websites, newspaper or magazine articles are acceptable for this assignment. Write a summary of the article along with why it relates to your site placement. Use APA style for citations and Reference page. This should be 4-5 pages in length not including the title page
and reference page. This will be submitted 3 times during the semester via Canvas. Your submission must have a APA style title page, body of discussion that is 4-5 pages, and an APA style Reference page.

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Outline | Instant Homework Help

The outline must be full sentence outline with the following:
a. Topic
b. General purpose
c. Special purpose
d. Thesis statement
e. Introduction
f. Main points. Make sure you have 3-5 main points
g. Conclusion
h. Bibliography. You must cite at least 3 authoritative sources on the outline.
I. Visual Aid. You must state what the visual aid is on the outline.

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Movie Adaptation | Instant Homework Help

Pick a horror movie of your choice and turn it into a short story with your own modifications and ideas. You can write it from a different character’s point of view, you can kill off characters, keep characters, add / remove characters, write a prequel or a sequel. The sky is the limit.
-Your short story should be a minimum of 1500 words and your rationale a minimum of 500 words. You must include the word count at the end of each part.
-Double-spaced using font size 11 or 12.
-Give your story an original title.
-Put your first and last name and page number in the header at the top right corner for both the short story and the rationale.
-In the rationale, don’t summarize your story. Explain your choices.
-Your project is worth 100 points: 75 for the story and 25 for the rationale.

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Reflecting on Redistricting Activity & Discussion Peer Review | Instant Homework Help

Reply to Peers

*Note: You will not be able to view your peers’ posting until you initially post. Let’s try to identify which peer’s posting you are replying to by using their first name at the beginning of your reply. Replying to one or two peers will satisfy this criteria.

Here is what the aim should be for when replying to your peers:

Extending meaningful discussion by elaborating on your peers’ initial posting through adding to or expanding upon the initial thoughts or questions posted.
Advancing the discussion by posing new questions to your peers or class.
Asking for clarification (in a respectful manner) on confusions you may have about initial postings by the instructor and/or peers.

Your Peer Person: Emmanuel Nfawmor

TASK 1 of Redistricting Activity: Mission 1 (Fundamentals Basic)

Political Party; REPUBLICAN. ( Goal is to redraw district lines for the State of Jefferson to make all districts equal in size)

1) Yes, I succeeded in drawing the district lines so that the population was equal in in the state of Jefferson.

– Two bodies of government approved my plan, namely; The State Legislature and the Governor, the voting results were as follows:

For the State Legislature: 64 Yes and 36 Nays. My plan was then pass to the Governor for review.

For the Governor: The plan was signed and now off to the Courts.

For the Court: The Court disapproved my plan. After the rejection, the court asked me to return to the map and revise.

Reason for the Court’s Disapproval (Rulings) was as follows:

Plaintif : Sybil Rites (Clue). Rejection of the plan was on grounds that my plan did not meet contiguity laws. So based on such reasoning, the State Court Ruling was UPHELD.

2) After completing this section of the game, although the navigation process was easy, but the procedure for redistricting was complicated than I thought, because despite going back to the map for revision as directed by the Court, both the legislature and the governor still gave their approval signatory respectively, but for the court who stood its ground. This made me understand that redistricting is not as smooth as one will think. All three bodies must be on the same lane for 100%approval.

TASK 2 of redistricting Activity: Mission 2 (Partisan Gerrymandering Basic)

Political Party (Republican)

Mission (Goal): The State of Adams has 4 Seats distributed equally between Democrats and Republican with 2 Seats each, but we need to redistrict in favor of our party, Republican to have 3 Seats instead of 2.

1) No, I did not succeed to in gerrymandering the redistrict the lines in favor of the Republican Party.

– Non of the body of government approved my plan. However, the governor had to veto and called for a backup commission after the state failed to approve of it.

– My plan failed approval because according the State Legislature, a backup commission was required to redraw the lines to equal population after several attempts was made to no avail.

– The reasoning was simply that it was mapped as unconstitutional by the State Court. This was due to issues that intersect with redistricting policy, such as; ethnicity, race and electoral competitiveness, with respect to State Legislation for redistricting, which contradicts federal requirement standards.

2) After completing this section of the game, my impression is that it is difficult and complicated to use gerrymander in favor of one’s party. First, because of separation of powers. All sorts of self-favoritism, corruption, discrimination and dishonesty is scrutinized and counteracted by other government bodies involved in the process. Moreover, gerrymandering will be difficult in a process which requires equal state legislative representation for all citizens of all places and races, and it is unconstitutional if the largest and smallest districts are more than 10% apart.

Therefore, gerrymandering should be illegal and banned. Not only because it was considered unconstitutional by the court, but it is bad, biased, unfair, corrupt, and not a transparent approach. Also, Gerrymandering stands on the way of true democracy, and it violates the law of equal protection. Moreover, instead of voters choosing their representatives, it is the representatives who seem to chose their voters. In addition, gerrymandering obstructs winning by merit or majority because one party may get the majority votes and the other party ends up winning the election and carries more elected representatives; a very bad system. Thus, this are some of the reasons why I think gerrymandering should unapologetically be illegitimated.

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Hero in Literature | Instant Homework Help

Throughout this semester, we have been exploring the concept of the hero in literature. We began with the epichero (Beowulf). Then we examined the tragic hero in an ancient Greek drama (Oedipus Rex) and then the fairy tale hero. You have also become familiar with Joseph Campbell’s and Vladimir Propp’s theoretical works and how literary critics help us to understand what we read a little better (Bettelheim, Luthi and others). For Essay #4, your goal is to reflect on what you’ve learned and read this semester and apply it to a story/movie of your own choice. Tell us briefly about the story and discuss how it reflects the ideas and concepts we’ve covered. Students have chosen stories by Anton Chekhov, Spiderman (comic book), and Japanese anime stories, just to give you some ideas. Students have also written about Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Katniss from The Hunger Games, Rey fromStar Wars, The Joker, and even Deadpool!

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Motivating Students | Instant Homework Help

Topic: Each chapter includes several “Teacher Tips” related to topics found within that chapter. Choose one or more tip(s) and write a discussion about it. Be sure to provide the number of the tip and on what page number it can be found in the book. You do not have to write about a tip from each chapter assigned to this module, but can choose from any of the tips within those chapters. Remember to end your discussion with a thought-provoking question that encourages your classmates to respond to what you’ve written.

Teacher Tip #1.3 page 21
Motivating Students

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Student-Centered and Student-Driven Discussion | Instant Homework Help

Read Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion and watch the Ted Talk, “What Makes us Feel Good at Work” by Dan Ariely.

This week’s forum is an opportunity for each of you to develop a student-centered and student-driven discussion–so show me all the smart and interesting things you think about!

And be respectful! While I promote disagreement and discussion between all of you, I have noticed some people being a bit too harsh in critiquing each other. Challenge each other but do so in a respectful way. While you can tell someone you think their argument or logic is flawed, that’s a better way to put it (followed by an explanation) then just saying “it doesn’t make any sense or I dismiss your opinion.” While it should not be something that needs to be said, it is important for me to ask that each of us provide constructive criticism, not just criticism.

To get credit for this Discussion, you must:

Begin a thread that states your response (not your feelings, but your intellectual response) to Zweig’s argument in 100 words or more and then also a response to Ariely’s discussion in 100 words or more.
Pose at least one question about the reading and video to your peers. Choose an interesting, thoughtful question that will help you understand and engage with the discussion more.
Then, in 100 words or more EACH, respond to a minimum of TWO other students posts.

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Critical Analysis of Walt Whitman’s Poem ‘I Hear America Singing’ | Instant Homework Help

Write a critical appreciation of Walt Whitman’s poem ‘I Hear America Singing’ focusing on its content, structure and style of writing.
the relevant cultural and historical contexts of the literary work.
also discuss the movement the writer/literary work belongs to.

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Brazil- Training Program Proposal | Instant Homework Help

Holiday Villas owns more than 40 hotels throughout the United States. They recently acquired a small hotel chain in Brazil (6 hotels), with the objective of growing the organization globally and establishing an international presence.
Holiday Villas are family style rooms, typically two bedroom suites and a mini kitchen that cater to families on vacation who want to spend time in a low budget but well located area.
Most guests stay 3-7 nights, and most guest are families or groups. The hotels are typically located in cities with tourist attractions, near downtown locations that are easily accessible by mass transit.
The organization has decided to use the acquisition of the hotels in Brazil as a pilot project and if all goes well, they will consider acquiring other hotel chains across Europe and South America. This is a strategic endeavor, so it is important that the organization finds an effective formula to operate successfully in the global arena.
The organization has never owned hotels outside the US before, and has hired you to provide consultation on how they should proceed.
Part 1 (Due at the end of Week 3)
This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the course outcomes 3 and 4:
• Identify the key challenges and trends in the changing globalized workforce in order to implement effective human resource practices
• Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions in order to meet an organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the local culture
You are part of the HR department. You supervisor asks you to write a memo to management that explains recruiting, selecting and staffing managers for the new hotels in Brazil. Some of the questions they would like to see addressed are:
1. What are the different sources of staffing and which one would be recommended for these new hotels? (home country or host country nationals)
2. Provide a job description for hotel managers.
3. What kind of selection process should be used? Justify.
Respond to the management with a memo. Respond to each question and give a suggestion on how the hotel should proceed.
Be sure to support your suggestions with both the literature and current facts or statisticsthat you research for this task, as well as information from the course. You should use atleast three sources from the class materials.
Part 2 (Due at the end of Week 5)
This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of course outcomes 2 and 4:
• Distinguish national and global culture and the impact they have on the globalized workforce in order to contribute to human resource practices across countries and cultures
• Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions in order to meet an organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the local culture
The management team has now hired a manager for each hotel. The managers are PCNs (parent country nationals). Now they need to figure out how to develop a compensation plan that is aligned with the company’s compensation but also takes into consideration the host country’s financial situation. You are asked to:
a. Put together a compensation plan along with a balance sheet. Assume that the base salary of a manager in the U.S. is $7500 a month. You may need to do some additional research to find out what taxes are in Brazil, what is a typical housing allowance, and cost of living.
(Review the Balance Sheet Approach to Compensation in the course file “Global
Compensation” in week 5.)
b. List the top three benefits that should be offered to the expatriate. Explain why you chose these as the most important. Support your choice with literature.
Use at least three course resources for this assignment.

Part 3 (Due at the end of Week 7)
This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the course outcomes 1 and 4:
• Demonstrate the inter-cultural competencies of an effective citizen
• Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions in order to meet an organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the local culture
The organization has hired six hotel managers. The success of these managers is vital to ensure the success of the expansion into the international market. You are asked to propose the content and format of a 5-day training program for the new managers. Typically, this will consist of some pre-departure training, as well as some in country training upon arrival.
Your task is to put together a proposal for the training program. Your proposal should include three sections:
a. Importance of Training. Explain why training is such a critical factor in expatriate success. Present an argument for this, using literature and statistics. See: “Learn to support your arguments” in week 7 readings.
b. Importance of Intercultural Competency. Describe intercultural competency and why it is important for these managers. How is intercultural competency developed?
c. Proposal for 5-day training. Create a 5 day training agenda. Choose five topics to focus the expatriate training on. Justify the selection of these topics with literature. Describe how each topic will be presented, practiced and assessed.
Use at least three course resources for this assignment.

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