[Solved] Perception of Progress

For the second film review, watch the film Surviving Progress (Links to an external site.) (1:25:09).  Also available via Kanopy with captions (Links to an external site.).Start your paper with a brief overview of the film and your general impressions, then move into discussing the three key questions listed below.  Your paper should end with a 1-2 paragraph summary of your major points and conclusions. What does progress mean to you? Did this film change your perception of “progress?” Why or why not? Point to specific examples in the film. How do you think the concept of “progress” interacts with the concept of “sustainability?” Point to specific examples from the film and your own experiences how does this film relate (or not relate) to topics and materials we have discussed during Weeks 6-10? Give specific examples and please cite your sources (use either APA or MLA formatting—just be consistent). Formatting and SubmissionYour paper should be between 700-1000 words (not including references). Submit your completed paper to this assignment item as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or PDF. 

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[Solved] Impression of Kwame

After reading the opening chapter, what is your first impression of Kwame? What kind of person do you think he is? Cite evidence from the chapter that caused you to form this impression of Kwame.

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[Solved] Silent Spring

Each AP US History student should prepare for the upcoming year in AP United States History by reading one (1) of the following books over the summer.  Each essay should be at least two pages long, typed (double spaced) 12 point font and Times New Roman. Each report must include the following analysis: From whose perspective is the book written? When is the book set? Setting includes time and place. (What is the historical significance?) Who is the intended audience?  (Might the message be skewed?) What message does the book convey within the specific historical context? What is your favorite quote? Explain the meaning and why it is significant to you. Compare the way of life in the book to present-day living in your community.  For example, compare methods of transportation, fashions, foods, customs, religious practices, and types of government. (What impact have these events had on the present?) What is missing?  (Is there purposeful omissions? What is the alternative?) Include map(s) of where the action takes place – include cities or regions and geographic landmarks such as rivers, mountains, lakes, oceans, islands. (This does not count toward the page count.) Proper citations should refer to book, author and page (MLA Citation format – Website OWL Purdue)

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[Solved] Genre in the Wild

Reply to this thread with your thoughts on Bickmore’s “Genre in the Wild” article. https://openenglishatslcc.pressbooks.com/chapter/genre-in-the-wild-understanding-genre-within-rhetorical-ecosystems/ What was one thing you learned from Bickmore’s article or thought about differently after reading it? Choose one or two sentences from Bickmore’s article that summarise your point, and write a few sentences of your own that explain your learning. Next, do the same, but with a detail from the article that you found confusing or unclear. What is a question you have after reading this article? Is there something you still don’t understand?

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[Solved] Globalization and its Discontents

With this assignment, you will read and review Globalization and its Discontents. The goal of a book review is to summarize the author’s main argument and the evidence/points used to make that argument. You must also evaluate how they have done so: does their methodology seem sound? What data/evidence do they use? What is their role in the world they are writing about? What might they have done better? What did do they do well? Please note that it is not just your opinion of what they have done, but you must use examples/evidence from the text. You should evaluate how much/what you learn about the main topic (spoiler alert: development and globalization). Below is a link to UNC’s Writing Center, in which they discuss book reviews and I highly recommend you take a look. I have also added to Blackboard an example of a book review I wrote & published on a different text so you have some sort of frame of reference. This assignment should be at least 3 pages double-spaced Times New Roman 12-pt font with 1-inch margins with Chicago Author-Date citations (you’ll need parenthetical citations when you’re quoting directly, even though I know what text you’re pulling from).  Link to UNC page: https://writingcenter.unc.edu/tips-and-tools/book-reviews/  Chicago Author-Date style citations https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide/citation-guide-2.html

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[Solved] The Map that Changed the World

Read the article; Winchester: Winchester.pdf Winchester, Simon. The Map that Changed the World. HarperCollins Publishers. [excerpt Ch 2]   This assignment requires you to work with at least one other student and not more than three other students to discuss the article so that you can better process the information in the article. Discuss with other students (s) the main argument of the article, critically evaluate or analyze it, and develop connections for your writing.  The reflection MUST BE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL WRITING, but you should discuss the concepts, theories, or content of the article with each other. Please have your reflection partners’ names on the following lines indicating that they have worked together with you in preparing for writing your reflection:   _______________________      _______________________     __________________ _______________________   Write a 500-word reflection which will discuss the article.   Write: At least 3 paragraphs   At least one paragraph summarizing the main argument(s) of the reading. At least one paragraph critically evaluating the reading. At least one paragraph explaining how the reading connects to either, another reading/topic, academic subject, pop culture or your own life experience. Include on top of response: NAME and DATE TITLE OF THE READING YOU CHOSE AUTHOR OF THE READING YOU CHOSE 12 POINT FONT

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[Solved] Who Moved My Cheese

Each student is required to read, “Who Moved My Cheese?” and write a 10-page paper that highlights a topic and/or situation related to the book. In addition, students will be required to research the topic and identify scholarly articles related to their selected topic and/or situation. The book project is due in Canvas by 11:59 p.m. on November 19, 2020. The requirements for this assignment are outlined on Pages 2 and 3 of this document. To assist with completing this assignment, please refer to the question examples on Page 4 that are designed to serve as a guide in framing the book project. These questions are examples and you may incorporate other questions that you deem appropriate. below is the link to the book ” who moved my cheese? ” file:///C:/Users/Karim/Downloads/who%20moved%20my%20cheese.pdf

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[Solved] Romeo Juliet

Romeo Juliet: The prologue in Act I has conveyed the basic theme and actions that would unfold before the audience. To what extent are the ideas conveyed in the prologue reiterated in Act 1 scene 1 of the play? A detailed analysis that focuses on the implicit and explicit meaning of why conveying what is reflected in Act 1 scene 1.

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[Solved] Food Preferences for Children

Hello. The Article Review Paper details are as follows: (I will attach the Article)   Write a concise, double-spaced, 2-page article analysis summarizing and reviewing critical components of a peer-reviewed journal article. A summary highlighting and analyzing key points from the article. Do not use any direct quotes from the text of the article.  This is the Article: Article 2: Schreck, K.A., & Williams, K. (2006). Food preferences and factors influencing food selectivity for children with autism spectrum disorders. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 27, 353-363.   Students should organize the paper according to the following topics about the article itself.  Students should perform the following tasks. (See scoring grid for a breakdown of requirements): Summary (30 points) Write a summary (3-4 paragraphs) highlighting key concepts in the article. Please be sure to summarize the study using your own words, and not simply answer these questions pulling words from the way that the authors described it. Do not use any direct quotes from the text of the article. The summary should give the big picture of the article, not the fine details, and should be written in scientific language (third person).  Research question (4 points): What was the intent of the study?   Population: (4 points) Who were the participants? What was the setting?  Research Design: (6 points) Was this a primary or secondary research study?  If a primary study, was it experimental or observational?  Describe the specific design (e.g. randomized control trial, cohort study, case-control study, systematic review, single-subject, etc.)  Results: (4 points) What were the main results of the study?   Reliability and Validity: (4 points) Did this study measure what it set out to measures?  Are the results reproducible (consistent with other studies)? Conclusion:  (8 points) What did the authors conclude?  Did this study add to the literature?  Where could this topic be further developed for future research?  Quality analysis (12 points). In this brief section, you will analyze the quality of the study and information provided.  Describe the strengths of the article (6 points)   What were some strengths of this study that you saw beyond what the authors said? What was new or interesting about the study?  Describe the limitations of the article (6 points)  What were some limitations that you saw beyond what the authors said? What could have been done better? Was there any component that was too difficult or unlikely to be implemented in the natural environment?  Proper citation (7 points)  Use APA format for citation of the article and any additional references in the body of the document and in a references section at the end of the paper.

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[Solved] Research Method in Outliers

-Read one chapter that you found engaging & that you would like to dissect. -Write a brief 2-page discussion: :: Write the author’s research topic. :: Discuss, evaluate, and critique the author’s research method. (In other words, how did the author conduc

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