[SOLVED] Cross-cultural Theatre

Read Chapter 3 and answer the following questions within 300-400 words.What are the advantages of mixing cultures in cross-cultural theatre?What are the disadvantages?If you were a producer at a regional theatre company, would you encourage or discourage your theatre from participating in cross-cultural theatre?Why?book belowile:///C:/Users/hdbob/Downloads/The%20Art%20of%20Theatre_%20Then%20and%20Now%204th.pdf

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[SOLVED] Philosophical Justification

Dissertation Proposal Structure PP&EPlease follow this suggested structure for the assignment (as set out in the assignment section in Canvas).1. Title the assignment relation to your proposed topic. Ensure it is clear and specific.For example. “Dissertation Proposal: Then add a title.”2. Topic and Rationale/Philosophical Justification for the project – including Research Questions (500-700 words).· This section will introduce and justify your proposed research.· Introduce the topic and explain why it is an important area of research? What is the research problem?· What is the philosophical justification for this research?· Explain the key issues and contextualise the topic. For example, if the work is studying performance management, which aspects of performance management are being considered and why?· Introduce the context of your work. Is there a focus on a particular country or a number of countries? Is there a focus on particular organisations or practices?· Introduce your research question (and sub questions) at a relevant point in this section. We suggest that you develop a number of sub questions that directly relate to your research question as doing so will help you unpack your overall research question and address all key areas.· Conclude this section with a brief description of the sections that the assignment will address.3. Literature Review (1,500-1700 words)This section provides a clear and structured overview of the relevant key literatures in the chosen topic’s area(s). This section positions your proposed work within the relevant literature and in doing so justifies your proposed research.Draw on the key literature you have been reading and should have discussed in the draft assignment.· Aim to identify at least ten key pieces of work and then ensure that you supplement these with additional publications that build on them.· Identify key themes and ensure that you fully engage with them.· Draw on peer reviewed articles and books that have been written by academics – they should constitute the key content in your literature review.· Demonstrate your mastery of the topic and demonstrate the scholarly context of the literature.· What are the key themes?· What are the central debates?· How does your proposed work relate to these debates?· Towards the end of this section you may identify a framework of analysis that you can then employ as an analytical tool, introducing it as an analytical tool in your methodology section. Alternatively, you may wish to develop your own framework from one or a number of other theoretical frameworks.4. Methodology (approximately 1000 words).This section of the proposal is crucial as it explains and justifies the research that you will undertake.· Introduce the methodology and re-state the work’s research questions and the philosophical approach that it takes ontology and epistemology).· Research Design : provide a titled subsection.· Which research design will you employ and why?· How does it align to your research questions?· Explain why it is an appropriate design for this piece of work.· Ensure that you adopt a design that fits well with your research plans (data collection / sources and analysis).· Data Collection or use secondary data / use of sources : provide a titled subsection. Will you collect primary data, use secondary data or employ the use of sources such as documents? Explain your decisions.· Will you adopt a qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods approach? Explain your decisions.· Remember: make sure that you choose a method that is feasible and appropriate for your research question and research philosophy.· Ethical Considerations : provide a titled subsection.· Discuss the ethical issues and how will they will be addressed.· Approaches to Data Analysis: provide a titled subsection.· How will you analysis your data or sources? Remember your approach must align to your research question, research philosophy and crucially the data or sources that you seek to analyse.· Explain the contribution of your study to knowledge and practice· This section should summarise your proposed research.5. Contribution (approximately 500 words)· Summary and clarification of how this research will contribute to knowledge, practice and if relevant, the academic literature.6. Timeline for Conducting your Dissertation (200 words maximum)· Provide a realistic time line for your dissertation, factoring in time to receive ethics approval, receive comments on draft chapters and responding to them.

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[SOLVED] The Thematic Connection

Minimum of 1 scholarly source and provide hyperlink to article or journal· Submit through Turnitin and provide a report· All bullet points must be addressed thoroughly in the paper. My professor said that my assignments need to show a bit more accuracy and clarity. The assignment needs to be written in a more balanced way.InstructionsPart 1: PhotographySelect a photograph to use as a point of inspiration. Create an art piece of photography inspired by your selected art piece.· Choose one of James Maher’s pieces· https://www.jamesmaherphotography.com/city-urban-photography/Part 2: Reflection Write a reflection about the relationship between your art production and the inspiration piece. Include the following in the reflection paper:· Introduction· Inspiration Piece· Include the inspiration photograph within the document.· Record the title, artist/director, year, and place of origin. Briefly explain the background of the inspiration piece.· Your Art Piece· Include your original photograph within the document.· Choose from the 4 photos from my phone.· Provide a title.· Explain the background of your piece.· Connection· Explain the thematic connection between the two pieces.· How are they similar and different?· Are they the same medium? How does the medium impact what the viewer experiences?· For photography, how do the formal elements of design compare to one another?

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Black Litrature Studies

hen respond to the prompt. You may respond in any form/medium that feels comfortable to you, as long as it can be uploaded/linked etc. You may write a letter, a creative piece, respond in video, write a traditional response paper, this is up to you. You will only lose points if your lab does not fully engage the lab activities/exercises and requirements/or you do not submit your lab by the deadline.Prompt: Both CRT and Adichie insist on the power of storytelling. The ways stories of experience and perspective may influence and expand our ideas assumptions and expectations. For example, within Butler’s novel Kindred and Bell’s short story The Space Traders, there are many stories, many counter narratives that are brought to the surface. Both texts present something seemingly impossible (time traveling, alien encounters) paired with very real worldly happenings (the institution of slavery, the complications and contradictions of social norms and political action, the trading of people for “the better good” of a society). Using Derrick Bell’s The Space Traders discuss what you think may be the author’s purpose. In other words, why is he telling this story? What is a major argument he’s making, a position he’s taking, what is it he wants readers to think more about? Then discuss a particular issue or aspect of the story that provided a new perspective, helped you make a connection or expanded your understanding of histories, present, or(potential) futures. You may also included thoughtful questions that the text raised for you. Please be detailed and specific in your observations (for example, do not broadly state that Bell’s story reminds you of slavery–there’s so much nuance to this) Use evidence from the text to support your position.

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Classical Music Concert

There are two papers. Each paper must be two pages long, 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman, 10pt.Research Paper:DUE FRIDAY, APRIL 2 via email submission in MS Word or Google Docs at 2:00PM CDT.After you have chosen your concert you will the piece on the program. It is best to research that piece (all movements) before you watch the concert.You must research the composer and their life, their circumstances for composing the piece (commission? To dedicate to someone? For their own performance?), and the piece itself, i.e., what is its form, how was it received when premiered (did people like it?), and things such as what affect did it have on music.Be certain to cite your sources using whichever standard method you choose.

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Personal Quality Improvement

Personal Quality Improvement Project: Topic: Improving time managementRequirements for Final Personal CQI Project due Week 11:Minimum of a 7 page written account of your progress over a minimum of four weeks.You must include your baseline and four weeks worth of data. Your paper should be APA format and font options include Calibri 11, Arial 11, Lucida Sans Unicode 10, Times New Roman 12, and Georgia 11. The paper is double spaced and the first page of the paper includes: ? Your full name ? The date of submissionInclude your Statement of Purpose (why you chose your area), your AIM-what you are trying to accomplish, your goal, how you collected your data and evidence of your data collection.Demonstrate and include the utilization of at least (2) CQI tools (Fishbone Diagram, graphs, control chart).Demonstrate use of each step of the PDSA model for your project or submit a copy of PDSA Worksheet with your paper

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[SOLVED] Motivations and Machinations

Please write a 5+ paragraph response to one of the following prompts. Be sure to organize your essay clearly (including an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion) and use multiple specific details (including quotations) from the text in order to support your argument. A high quality response will have a clear and arguable thesis, use important quotes from the play with necessary context, and follow MLA format for citation.Prompt Questions (pick one)1. Othello is often identified as a revenge tragedy. Discuss revenge as a theme in this play.2. Reputation is a key concept in this play. Analyze how the reputation of a select character or characters is essential to the plot and/or subplots of the play.3. Aristotle defines tragedy as the tale of a person of noble birth who, by the action of his own tragic flaw, brings about his own downfall. Defend or refute that Othello is a tragedy in the classical tradition.4. Analyze Othello’s final speech (5.2.397-417) for examples of paradox. Explain how the paradoxes contribute to the conclusion of the play.5. Discuss Iago, his motivations, machinations, and ethics/ morality. Is he purely evil as so many critics have argued, or is there something more to his case than good versus evil?6. There are many foils in this play. Nearly every character has one. Take a pair, such as Iago/ Othello, Emilia/ Desdemona, etc., and analyze the form and function of a foil in the play.7. Looking at Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca as a group, discuss how these three women represent a “spectrum of women’s roles/identities” for Shakespeare’s contemporary audience.

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[SOLVED] Paragraph Structure

Begin by stating a tentative thesis (what you think your paper might argue). Then use the MEAL plan paragraph structure to write one rough draft paragraph that could support this potential thesis in your research essay. The evidence from the Evidence section of your paragraph should come from the source you located on your topic.My research topic is : How has the COVID 19 pandemic affected people’s mental health and substance abuse.

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Chinese Socialism Past

Chinese Socialism Past and PresentChinese Culture Traditional and ModernThe paper should be at least 6-7 pages in length, double-spaced, coherently written, with 1-inch margins on all sides. The preferred font is Times New Roman 12.Discuss and compare the major themes, prominent subject matter, and distinctive styles of the films of these directors.A Touch of Sin (Director Jia Zhangke 2013). KanopyMr. Six (Director Guan Hu, starring Feng Xiaogang, 2015). KanopyYouth (Director Feng Xiaogang, 2017). KanopyAvoid simple generalization. You need to refer to specific elements in the films. Your writing should reflect the level and ability of an upper-division college student. Coherence, organization, and elegance are important criteria for good writing.If you anticipate difficulty in writing this paper, try to make an appointment with the University’s Writing Center to get some help as soon as possible.

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Games and Politics

Can games be political? In what kinds of ways can politics enter into games? Should games contain political topics? You have been presented with four journalistic perspectives and a video on the same critical question of how political statements enter into video games in various kinds of ways. Please use the four readings and the Errant Signal video (in Lecture 18) to write your opinion on the question of Games and Politics.Be sure to accurately summarize the positions of each before moving on to your opinion. You may do outside research if you wish, however, you may rely on the assigned readings. You may use video game examples if you have played any of the games discussed, though this is not mandatory. Remember this is a formal response, so you should do proper citation and include an intro and conclusion. You can use anything you have learned in this course to support your ideas.Chicago in-text citation

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