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After data analysis, it is revealed that manipulative methods have improved the mean after the post-test. A positive deviation is realized. In general, students who use manipulative to evaluate fractional problems internalize the concept with ease compared to using the conventional method of worksheets. I need to make sure the data analysis is edited correctly.

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Confidence Intervals | Instant Homework Help

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis of your results and include a copy and paste of the appropriate visual display of the data into your document. If you are using the Afrobarometer Dataset, report the mean of Q1 (Age). If you are using the HS Long Survey Dataset, report the mean of X1Par1Edu.
Based on the results of your data in this confidence interval Assignment, provide a brief explanation of what the implications for social change might be.
NOTES: I would like the analysis to be about Literacy.

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Identifying a Study Population (Use this one before the other assignments )

Given what was covered in this week’s readings and your proposed research study, identify the population from which your participants will be selected, how many participants you want to have in your study, and what sampling strategy you will use. Support your answers with citations from your readings or other resources you locate.

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Interpet the SPSS results of repeated measures ANOVA

A researcher was interested in determining whether comfort level with statistics changes across the course of a semester in an introductory statistics course. Data was collected from students on three different occasions (beginning, middle, and end of semester). Is there support for the conclusion that comfort level changes? The SPSS file* is “anova repeated measures assignment.sav” and the output file is “anova repeated measures results.doc”.

1. What might be a research question based on this data?

2. What is the null hypothesis?

3. Was the assumption of normality met? Was the assumption of sphericity met?

4. What was the value of the F statistic? Was it statistically significant based on alpha < 0.05? 5. What did the post-hoc test(s) indicate? 6. What would you conclude based on the results of the F test and the post-hoc test(s)?

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