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MAC 1147 TEST 3lessons 5, 6, 71. f(x)= x3- 4×2- 7x +10 given x=1 is a zero of the function.A. show synthetic division.B. list the solutionsC. factor the polynomialD. Graph the polynomial2. Graph. State the multiplicity of each solutionA. f(x) = x2(x – 3)B. f(x) = x( x -1)2(x+3)3. Write a polynomial function with the given zeros x= 2, 5, – 34. Graph the following: list any VA, HA, Domain and rangeA. y = ex +2B. y = ln(4 – x)C. y= (12)??? 55. Evaluate log4 126. Convert to log form x7 = 137. ExpandA. log x2 ??? ? 63B. ln(??+2)4???2+48. Write as a single 4ln(x -8) – 2lnx9. Solve. Must round to 3 decimal placesA. e3x = 4B. e2x +4 ex– 12 = 0C. 8x = 12D. 6x + 1 = 23xE. log2 (x – 2) +log2 (x +4) = 2F. ln 2x= 410. Suppose you invest $1500 at8.5% rate for 5 years. Calculate the interest earned ifinvestedA. semi-annuallyB. continuously11. How long will it take for $45000 to grow to $78000 at 10% rate if investedcontinuously12. How long will ittake to double a $4000 at 9.5% rate if compoundedcontinuouslysemi annuallyquarterly13. You bought an equipment for $900 in 2016. It is worth $595 in 2019. Assumingcontinuous exponential function,A. find the depreciation rateB. write a function in terms of yearsC. find the value of the computer in 202414. How much should be invested to have $5000 in 3 years at 4.4 percent rate compoundedA. monthlyB. continuously15. Suppose you buy a car in 2015 for $19500. If your car is worth 15250 in 2018, how longwill it take for your to reach half of its worth?16. Half life of an alien element is 4200 years. If 45 g of the element is remaining after16800 years, what was the original amount of the substance.

Jun 12th, 2021

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