Diabetes and Hypoglycemia | Instant Homework Help

Develop an education piece/tool for a person newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Focus on information a person would need for ”’survival”. Acute issues such as hypoglycemia, Blood glucose testing, ketone testing, sick day guidelines. Provide specific information/guidelines. This is not a report of information. The goal is to provide information and guidelines that a patient will need for self-care.

Jul 8th, 2021


Statement of Need for Grant Proposal | Instant Homework Help

Statement of Need for Grant Proposal Most American High School, athletes fail to meet the recommended calorie and nutrient intake to not only support development, but also sports performance.     1.   Nutrition education is lacking across high school curriculums. o   Student-athletes lack the tools and guidance to properly fuel their growing bodies. o   At most, they may only have knowledge about the major macronutrients.     2.             Equipping high school coaches and athletic staff with nutritional knowledge. o   An average of 20 hours per week are spent at practices or training, depending on the sport.  o   Consequently, coaches are a major source of influence and role-models in the life of student-athletes.   3.             Coaches and staff should have a greater role than their sport expertise. o   Inability to provide school resources to equip coaches and staff with nutrition education and interventions for their athletes.

Jul 7th, 2021


Develop a nutritional education plan for two diabetes | Instant Homework Help

Discuss the pathophysiology of type one and type two diabetes. Develop a nutritional education plan for either a type one or type two diabetic. Include in your plan the nutritional considerations for one oral medication and one type of insulin used in the treatment of the disorder. Use evidence from one scholarly source other than your textbook or ATI book to support your answer. Use APA Style to cite your source

Jul 4th, 2021


Artificial sweeteners | Instant Homework Help

Health risks. This paper is being split up to five people online for one essay. Yes, the teacher is crazy. My part is the health risk of artificial sweeteners. I will include the sources to use. The Potential Toxicity of Artificial Sweeteners The truth about artificial sweeteners – Are they good for diabetics? The Association Between Artificial Sweeteners and Obesity

Jul 4th, 2021


What are the Benefits and risks of Alcohol | Instant Homework Help

Research: Alcohol (what are the benefits -vs- risks of regular consumption) 1) Must be a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs in length (3 pt. deduction for not doing so) 2) Write a summary of the topic you researched. Then give your reaction (agree/disagree, implications, good or bad for your health, etc) 3) Reputable sources of information are a periodicals and health, nutrition related journals, (Internet ok). 4) Include references, citations of the sources that you used in your research.

Jul 4th, 2021


Case study for Michael | Instant Homework Help

Complete Part 3 of the case study. Instructions on case study project attached. Watch lecture videos for further instructions on how to complete each portion of the case study. Full explanation and detail are explained during these recorded lectures. Instructions to complete the Physical Activity Plan can be found in a video I recorded for you: I included the case study just use Part 3. I also included other forms the professor sent to us to use for part 3.

Jul 4th, 2021


Dietary Assessment for Cancer | Instant Homework Help

Choose one area of interest from the following topics: cancer Present the identified disorder or disease process and discuss need for nutritional support. Discuss elements of a dietary assessment for the chosen disorder or need and present a plan for meeting nutritional needs including patient teaching, patient and family/caregiver support, and available resources. Include expected patient outcomes. Review the grading rubric below for required elements of the paper. This assignment focuses on: CO3 Assess nutritional requirements for diverse patient populations including development level, health status, gender, cultural diversity, and belief systems (PO7) Key Concepts: Patient teaching and support CO6 Evaluate examples of nursing research and scientific inquiry in the area of nutrition to provide care and improve patient outcomes (PO3) Key Concepts: Therapeutic diet, Role of family and support for individuals with nutritional needs Instructions Paper must contain a title and reference page in APA 6th edition format. The body of the paper must be 3-5 pages in length (this is excluding the title and reference pages) Choose one area of interest from the following topics: Cancer Identify the disease or disorder and summarize nutritional needs and recommendations for patients with the disease or disorder. Discuss at least three elements of a dietary assessment for the chosen disorder. Plan four nutritional interventions to include: Nutrition therapy or therapeutic diet Patient and/or family or caregiver teaching Support available to assist the patient and/or family or caregiver. What is available locally, such as support groups, continued nutritional teaching or support. Resources available to assist the patient and/or family or caregiver. National or local resources to provide nutritional guidance. Describe at least three expected patient outcomes as a result of following the nutritional plan of care. Support your paper with at least 2 current (within the past 5 years) scholarly resources. APA 6th edition format required

Jul 3rd, 2021


Nutrition Research Paper | Instant Homework Help

In the paper cover the following: Describe the history of the diet. What geography and culture does it come from? How old is this diet – for how long people practiced it? Who invented it? What is the diet’s foundational philosophy? What the diet actually consist of in general? Give an example for a one-day meal plan representative of this diet. Critical assessment: Describe how well/badly it covers the macronutrients and micronutrients. Does that diet have any probiotic components? Does the diet achieve in long term what it claims to achieve? Should one following this diet take precautionary steps, such as take extra vitamins or supplements? What do you think is the greatest weakness of this diet? How about its greatest strength? Is this diet practical for a modern lifestyle? (Maybe if you need to prep a meal for 6 hours it is not that practical) Is this diet expensive? Can average people afford it? Could this diet be particularly harmful for certain age groups, or patients with certain medical conditions? Could this diet induce food allergies? Could this diet be applicable to a high intensity life style? (competitive sports) Are there celebrities trying to popularize this diet? Is there a particular food industry that would promote this diet? Your personal opinion: Would you do it? Would you recommend it to your family? Format The format should be simple without anything fancy in it. You are graded on ideas, not on appearances. Fonts: 10-12 size, any regular type will do (Calibri, Times, Times New Roman, Arial, Courier etc.) Line spacing: 1 to 1.5 spacing; 2-line spacing is not acceptable! Margins: 1 inch margins Length: 3-4 pages No pictures nor graphs of any kind. Bibliography: Use APA citations and these do not count toward the length of the paper. File format: Word or PDF Use reputable sources Anyone can claim to be a diet expert on the Internet these days. Consequently most available information is misleading junk. To navigate through this jungle only use independent and reputable sources that provide professionally curated information. Also never forget people’s agendas… The egg industry will always sponsor studies concluding that eggs are wonderful. The dairy industry, the meat industry will do likewise. Here are some examples of reputable sources: The USDA Nutrition Center at Tufts University (Links to an external site.) The FDA (Links to an external site.) The Harvard Health Publications (Links to an external site.) The Mayo Clinic (Links to an external site.) The Merck Manual for Healthcare Professionals (Links to an external site.) Micronutrients Information Center at the Linus Pauling Institute (Links to an external site.) The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (Links to an external site.) The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (Links to an external site.) The NIH recommended dietary reference intakes (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Jul 1st, 2021


Registered Dietitian | Instant Homework Help

There are a lot of people online, on social media, at the gym, & supplement stores giving nutrition information & weight loss advice but who can you trust? For this week’s 2nd discussion question, after reading the information provided in Highlight 1 in the textbook (pages 28-31), I would like you to discuss the difference between someone calling themselves “nutritionist” vs “dietitian (Registered Dietitian). Before you learned about the difference, what did you think it meant when someone called themselves a “nutritionist”? Have you heard of “Dietitians” or “Registered Dietitians” before?

Jun 28th, 2021

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