[SOLVED] Full Body Imager

“Write an essay (with introduction and conclusion) on the suggested topic.Your introduction should include the thesis statement – main idea of the paper (here is more detailed explanation – https://essayshark.com/blog/how-to-write-a-thesis-statement-to-make-it-clear/). Don’t include any new information in the conclusion. It should  restate the thesis statement of the paper.Support your ideas with relevant arguments and examples (in-text citations). List 2-3 sources in the references. Make sure you stick to a required formatting style. Get benefits of these sources citationmachine.net and easybib.com.MLA format 

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[SOLVED] Construction Risk Management

Each student must work on a term paper in this course. Term papers should be technical in nature, appropriate for an audience knowledgeable in construction management. The length of the term paper should be about 5000 words (15 pages single column, single line spacing 12pt font, with 1- inch margins).The final term paper should have a title page (5 points) that includes:• the title of the paper• name, email address, and student ID• course name, number, and instructor’s name• an abstract of about 300 words that summarizes (1) the motivation for the work and (2) the contributions made• three to five keywordsThe main content of the paper should at least include the following:(1) Introduction (15 points)• Discuss the background and motivation of your work.• Summarize the research problem• Summarize the proposed approach to the problem and the results(2) Related work (15 points)• Discuss research related to yours and make comparison if there are closely related work.(3) Your approach (20 points)• Describe your approach in detail. You may present your result in any way you want as longas you believe it’s convincing and clear. (4) Validation of your approach (20 points)• Prove or demonstrate the effectiveness and/or efficiency of your approach. You may do this through theorems, experiments, etc.(5) Conclusions and possible future work (15 points)• Summarize the conclusions of your work. Future work is optional.(6) References (10 points)• List all the citations referenced in your paper. You will lose 5 points for each danglingreference (i.e., the reference not cited in the main text). Bonus points (20 points)The instructor may give up to 20 points extra credit to well-presented papers with original contribution.

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Debate Discussion

Having experienced a robust debate discussion regarding if these two laws should be flexible, it is time to shift gears a bit and consider the broader implications of changing laws from an ethical and philosophical perspective. Read this article to frame this week’s discussion. Complete the following:What is your initial perspective after reading the article? Based on your review of the article, is there an ethical/philosophical consideration that supports/ challenges the article’s considerations?

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Ideal Bureaucracy

Apply each of weber’s characteristics of an ideal bureaucracy to a formal organization with which you are familiar. 2 page APA format.

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Dehumanization and Accountability

1. Choose either question (only one) from these optionsWhat (mis)perceptions do you have about people you consider or might have considered to be your “enemies” at any point? When might you have dehumanized a group of people?How do conflicts between “good” and “evil” manifest for you on day-to-day basis? AND2. Answer this question:What is one lesson, quote, reminder, piece of knowledge, etc. from the podcast that you’ll be taking with you this week? You can submit this response however you want. Upload a poem, a video, a voice memo, a written reflection. However you process best. This is due by midnight tonight

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Jay-Z Profile Essay

PAPER ONE: A PROFILE ESSAY (BASED ON A FAMOUS INDIVIDUAL WHO HAS OVERCOME ADVERSITY) Describe the person and tell what happened to them and how they used their experience to become a better individual because of it. This paper is where you will give some background details of the person. Three sources are required that you plan to summarize for your paper. MLA Format is required for this paper. 750-1000 words

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Critcal Response

1-page of your critical response towards the reading. You can critique and/or expand on ideas by connecting it to current events or personal experiences 

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Media Ethics

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Which of the ethical decision-making models, discussed in the introduction of Media Ethics, do you use most? Why?

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Wendy Lewis

Part 1: Types of LovePart 1: Briefly describe eight types of love described by Sternberg (1988) found in Figure 6.5 in your textbook. How do the components of intimacy, passion, and commitment affect each type of love?Part 2: Create a Case StudyPart 2: Create a case study of 250-words involving a fictitious couple experiencing one of these 8 types of love. Describe the relationship and some characteristics they may exhibit. Do not use any personal information or information related to current cases you are working on.In addition to the textbook, please include one scholarly source to support your work.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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[SOLVED] Video Observation

**If you’re unable to physically observe a classroom, find a YouTube video as it relates to “print”. When submitting your assignment make sure you paste the link to the video in the comment box.Title: Print Awareness/Concepts ObservationAssignment: Observation of Print in a Preschool ClassroomObserve a Preschool or NC PreK program. Notice and list all print script letter forms found in the classroom that are within the children’s view or eye level. Report what you see in 2-3 paragraphs. In the first paragraph, talk about what you see as print worthy in the classroom. Take time to look around the room and see what is on the walls and around the room that is printed. In the second paragraph or (list) talk about everything that you see that is print worthy and at the children’s eye level. Talk about these items and how they are used and are beneficial to the children in their quest to learn the alphabet and learn words- print concepts. If you want you can add a third paragraph that includes your concerns about the lack of print in the room or your approval of what is print worthy in the room.Grading CriteriaThe assignment is worth 100 points.First Paragraph with 7-10 sentences- 40 pointsSecond Paragraph (or list) with 7-10 sentences or at least 15 items listed- 40 pointsThird Paragraph if needed and Grammar and spelling errors- 20 points

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