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Take this Personality Test, modeled after the Myers-Briggs Personality Type. https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test The test takes less than 12 minutes to complete; please be sure to answer honestly! Once you get your results, be sure to click “Start Reading” to read an introduction to your personality type, followed by your strengths & weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendships, and so forth. Pay close attention to the section on “Career Paths.” In a 2-page essay, answer the following questions. Describe your results from the test. Do you agree with your results? Why or why not? What, if anything, surprised you while reading about your personality type? What did you learn about yourself? In what ways does your personality fit with your chosen career or Career Pathway? How might you approach your chosen career a bit differently, now that you have a greater understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your personality? How do your results fit in with our unit readings this week? (Be sure to cite the readings using APA-formatted in-text citations and include a reference page.)

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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is replacing IQ as arguably the most important trait for the effective leader. This course is essentially about the importance of managing behaviors, and a leader with a high element of EQ – i.e. the ability to empathize with team members in order to help them to excel – can expect to achieve a greater level of success. Apply the components and elements of EI to the leader you analyzed in the first discussion question. Debate their effectiveness as a leader, using the principles of EQ to inform your analysis. And remember that APA stuff…

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For this assignment, you will critique a persuasive or informative speech. Objectives: Analyze guidelines for critically evaluating speeches. Evaluate the suggested guidelines for informative speaking, the supporting materials of a speech, and the varied types of presentation aids. Analyze the goals and guidelines of a persuasive speech. Explore the three types of persuasive speeches and the fallacies of logical, emotional, and credibility appeals. Instructions: Review the guidelines for critically evaluating speeches given in the textbook and in the learning activities. View one of the following speeches: The History of YouTube, Untreated Depression, Michelle Obama Calls on You to Serve, Reducing Carbon Pollution in Our Power Plants. https://youtu.be/li1aHjjqh3w Write a four to six page critique of the speech you chose. It might be helpful to watch the speech you have chosen to evaluate, twice. Use the following checklist to guide your critique: Did the speaker choose a topic that was relevant and interesting to the audience, with a clear purpose? Did the speaker ensure that his or her topic was researched adequately? What in particular interested you most in this speaker and their topic? Did the speaker deliver an introduction that gained attention and oriented the audience? Was the speech clear, vivid, appropriate, well-organized, and powerful? Was each main point adequately supported? Did the speaker create a speech with personal style by asking direct questions and creating immediacy? Did the conclusion summarize the thesis and provide closure? Did the speaker use effective volume, eye contact, speech rate, pausing, and gestures? What recommendations, if any, would you give the speaker to improve upon their speech?

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Discussion Board 10: Persuasion Description: In this discussion, you will share a personal experience you had being persuaded by a speaker. Objectives: Analyze the goals and guidelines of a persuasive speech. Explore the three types of persuasive speeches and the fallacies of logical, emotional, and credibility appeals. Instructions: Step 1: Respond to the following: Consider a time when you listened to a persuasive speech and felt moved in beliefs, attitudes, values, or actions. Share how the speaker persuaded you. Why was the speaker effective, in your opinion? Fallacies of argument are common in persuasive speeches. Which fallacy do you feel is the most common in our culture right now? Why? Discussion Board 10: Final Assessment Preparation Description: Students will discuss the most essential topics covered in Modules 6-9 as a review for the final assessment. Objectives: Highlight the important concepts of microbe-human interaction in health and in infection and disease. Outline and discuss the body’s immune system: 1st Line of Immunity, 2nd Line of Immunity and 3rd Line of Immunity (specific or acquired immunity). Explain the phenotypic, genotypic, and immunologic methods to identify pathogens and diagnose infections. Discuss in detail the structure and disease process of the pathogens associated with human disease including: Gram (+) and Gram (-) cocci, Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacilli and miscellaneous bacterial pathogens. Discuss in detail the structure and disease process of the pathogens associated with human disease including: fungi, parasites and viruses. Instructions: Step 1: Respond to the following: Discuss at least 3 important topics related to the course content for Modules 6-9 as a tool to prepare for the final assessment. Math Description In this discussion, you will prepare for the final assessment by identifying challenging content areas and planning how you will strengthen your knowledge in each of these areas. Instructions Step 1: Respond to the following: A key part of studying for an exam is knowing where to focus your study time. In this course you have covered a good deal of content; identifying the content areas you found most challenging is a great way to focus your studying for the final assessment. Identify at least three content areas from this course you believe you need to review before taking the final assessment. List the three areas and explain some of the reasons why each of these areas is challenging for you. Next, for each content area, describe one or two approaches you can use to strengthen your knowledge in that area.

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