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AC Circuits 1. Please read the word document titled “AC circuit experiment”. 2. Fill out the data sheets of the “AC Circuits PROCEDURE” document with data from the “AC circuit experiment” 3. Do the calculations to fill out the charts 4. Type a neat, single spaced (12 pt font) 4 page long lab report with the following sections: “Theory/abstract”, “Results”, “Conclusion”, “Questions” from end of lab, respectively. NOTE: I have also included an example report so you may have a specific idea of what the report should look like. There cannot be any plagiarism; my school uses Turn-it-In. No sources or citations, as this is not a requirement

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Introduction: Describe the Lab’s objectives, the lab activities (if more than one, and how the data will be collected (based on the lab instruction or videos) Following pages: -Include the Data Sample provided-Answer every question in the Lab instruction(if applicable), including any graph and calculation requested Last Page:-Conclusion: Analyze the result of the lab activity. What did you learn? What isyour conclusion related to the topic covered?

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Fulcrum Balance | Instant Homework Help

A100N force acting on a lever 2m from the fulcrum balances an object 0.5 m from the fulcrum on the other arm.What is the weight of the object (in newtons)What is it’s mass(in kg)

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Laboratory Reports | Instant Homework Help

The lab is already done and the video of the experiment is attached below I will Attach Four things below,1- the lab manual.2- the video of the experiment, which you need to collect the numbers from (these are the numbers you need to use in the reports).3- Letter on how to write a lab report.4- Letter on the grading criteria (how the report will be graded).Please read the two Letters before reading the manual and watching the video.The report should be done within 24 hours.

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Physical Quantity | Instant Homework Help

NamePartner’s Name Class and section number Date Title Objective: Restate the objective in your own words.Materials and Instrumentation: What is measured (the physical quantity related to purpose of the experiment)Under what condition (what quantities are kept constant; what quantities are measured?)What was used to make the measurement? What is its precision? If needed, provide a labeled sketch of the setup Data: Include all measured quantities with their units and sig. fig. or uncertainty of measurement include a copy of the data table. The table of data is not required if the data is collected using the logger pro (too many data points). The table of data can be handwritten, or a computer printout. Label everything Calculations and Analysis: Include all calculation steps related to physical quantities as well as the error analysis in this section. Include any graphs. Results: Report the results of the experiment including their uncertainty of measurement in an appropriate format Discussion and Conclusion: Why did we do this experiment? (Essentially what are we testing?)How did you accomplish the objective? (Mention how what you did relates to the concepts being tested)Do your results support the concepts tested? If not, briefly mention why not.What were the potential sources of error? (Human error is not accepted)Also, answer questions stated in the lab manual

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Newton’s Third Law of Motion | Instant Homework Help

Read chap 5 Hewitt on “Newton’s Third Law of Motion” Write a summary of the key ideas in chapter 5

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Peer-Reviewed Research Journal Article | Instant Homework Help

A peer-reviewed research journal article is to be read and summarized in your own words. You must also, clearly communicate how this article relates to Physical Science Lab. The summary is to be a minimum of two pages in length, typed double space in 12-point font. Use APA format for the layout and structure of the paper (margins. Spacing, etc.) Use APA format except you do not need an abstract since your summary is a kind of abstract already. In addition, do not use in-text citations. In-text citations are not needed since your entire summary is pertaining to only the one article that you are using, and you do not have multiple sources. Also, if you quote material from the article, use quotation marks and put the page number in parenthesis after you close the quote.

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Kinetic Energy | Instant Homework Help

Q1. Determine the accelerations that result when a 10-N net force is applied to a 300g objectQ2. Kinetic energy K has dimensions kg. m2/s2. It can be written in terms of the momentum p and mass m as:Determine the proper units for momentum using dimensional analysis.(b) The unit of force is the newton N, where 1 N = 1 kg m/s2. What are the units of momentum p in terms of a newton and another fundamental SI unit?Q3. A long jumper leaves the ground at an angle ? above the horizontal and at a speed of 13.0 m/s and reaches a range 500 cm. Determine the angle ?? Q4. A 500.0-g object initially at rest is pulled to the right along a frictionless, horizontal surface by a constant horizontal force of magnitude 10 N. Find the work after it has moved through a horizontal distance of 200 cm.?

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ethics | Instant Homework Help

I want you to consider the problem of foundations in moral theory. What is the basis for our moral claims? When a person says, “murder is wrong” or “it’s not permissible to steal” what is the basis for saying this? Is it just a matter of personal preference? Is it based on cultural norms? Are there cross-cultural, human standards of right and wrong that transcend time and location? Are there genuinely objective facts in morality? What are they based on? Consider the consequences of your answers to these questions. If you believe that personal preference is the basis of morality, then each person could have “their own” morality. Is that what you think? If you believe that morality is based in cultural norms, then you can’t criticize the practices of another culture or another time based on their ethical failings. For instance, standard views of race and gender have held that women and non-white races are morally inferior. Is that true for that period in time or is it morally wrong no matter the time and place? If you believe morality has a more objective foundation, what is it? Can you ground ethics in something like God or nature or humanity in a way that avoids the Euthyphro Dilemma? Complete the reading of Plato’s Euthyphro before beginning the assignment below. This assignment contains two components. You must complete both components to receive full credit. Paraphrase and explain the Divine Command Theory (as it is expressed in Plato’s Euthyphro or in a more general form). What is the dilemma Socrates poses to Euthyphro about his third definition of piety (also known as the Euthyphro Dilemma)? And how does this dilemma undercut Divine Command Theory? Discuss how the Divine Command Theory arises in the Euthyphro dialogue and how it presents a problem for the religious foundations of morality. Analyze and critique the Euthyphro dilemma or Divine Command Theory. What are the shortcomings of the Euthyphro Dilemma as a response to Divine Command Theory? What is the fundamental weakness in Divine Command Theory that is revealed by the Euthyphro Dilemma? The entire assignment should be no longer than 400 words. Please write in paragraph form. Provide very short introductory and concluding remarks. Assessment criteria: Use basic philosophical vocabulary, major arguments, and ethical positions accurately. Paraphrase, explain, and discuss Divine Command Theory and the Euthyphro Dilemma in a way that demonstrates an understanding of each. Analyze and critique the position of Divine Command Theory and the Euthyphro Dilemma argument. The paper should demonstrate thoughtful, critical reflection on these ethical positions.

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galaxies | Instant Homework Help

1. Research Paper 1. Topics should be relevant to materials covered in class. 2. Paper must have a strong Physical Science content. 3. A minimum of 1200 words (excluding the title page and reference list), 12 font, Time New Roman, double space. Write the paper IN YOUR OWN WORDS, in third person, please do not plagiarize. Amount of text in quotes must not exceed 5%. 4. Paper must include a reference/bibliography page. Use APA/MLA format. Use APA/MLA format. 5. References a. Paper should utilize a minimum of 5 references. b. Information should be extracted from reputable sources, preferably from scientific or research lab websites. STC Library website relevant subject guide is strongly recommended. c. Do not use newspaper articles or Wikipedia or popular journals or any discussion forum sources. 2. References a. Presentation must utilize a minimum of 5 references. b. Presentation must include a list of references. c. All figures need to be cited. Not citing the sources amounts to plagiarism. d. Information should be extracted from reputable sources, preferably from scientific or Research lab websites e. Do not use newspaper articles or Wikipedia or popular journals or any discussion forum sources. 3. Resources: Points will be based on the comprehension of the scientific concept in your paper and creativity. Library website has subject guides here: Click on Math & Science for a dropdown list of disciplines. If you click on physics for example, you will go to: On this page you will find: Physics specific Research Starters, Links to Useful Websites, Data Bases (including peer-reviewed articles and videos), and search box for books, eBooks, articles, etc. and citation guides. You need a Janet login, pass word information to access these resources from home. Grading Criteria for Projects (Please find the each category in rubrics) I. Paper (50 % of Points Total) – Organization ………………………………………………………………. – Format ………………………………………………………………………. – Analysis …………………………………………………………………….. II. Presentation of your work in the Paper (50% of Points Total) – Knowledge ………………………………………………………………… – Quality ………………………………………………………………………. – Clarity.. …… – Subjective ………………………………………………………………….. – Bonus Points ……………………………………………………………….. I. Paper Organization: The organization part covers start to finish including grammars, structure of sentences etc. Whether in the introduction section is too long or too short, whether the main idea is discussed appropriately, whether the enough time is spent in the core idea etc. will be the basis of the judgment. Format: The format of the research report is expected to meet the guidelines given above including its length. A proper citation is essential for each idea taken from the journal. Analysis: Does this paper include analysis by the student, or is it just a summary of facts about the student’s topic (similar to an encyclopedia article). Remember that including analysis by writing commentary is very important. Bonus Points: Does this paper merit having some extra points added to it? II. Presentation of your work in the paper Knowledge: Student is expected to demonstrate basic knowledge about the topic. How the student addresses the general curiosity about the subject, Did he/she shows confidence in that topic, how well he explained the matter (without using the core scientific jargon) will be the basis of judgment. Quality: How good was the paper? Were the subject matter discussed were attractive and scientific? Were there unnecessary discussion in the paper or is too boring to read? If picture/table was used, was it with appropriate resolution to go through? Clarity: Did the student effectively explain the subject matter with appropriate level of clarity? Subjective: Points will be determined at the instructor’s discretion. Bonus Points: The bonus points will be given at the instructor’s discretion, which will be based upon all of the things discussed above. The question is does this paper is written little beyond the expectation? Or does this paper properly follow the instruction given? Does this paper deserve some extra points based upon some particular area?

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