[Solved] International Monetary Fund

For this written assignment, first, read the article “The IMF and a New Global Politics of Inequality?”. I will upload it.  Next, use the following questions to guide your analysis of the article: 1.      Is the IMF in effect causing and/or contributing to inequality? 2.      What policies, after reading the article, do you think would work best in reducing inequality in developing countries. Do not just repeat what the IMF identified in Figure 1, but carefully and thoughtfully select some policies that you think would make a difference and explain your thinking; use sources to support your arguments. Requirements: 1. First, write an introduction that includes a brief overview of the article, identifying the issue.  2. Next, use the two questions above to write the body of your document; do not repeat the questions or number them in your paper.  3. Lastly, write a conclusion.  4. Minimum word count: 600; include a cover page and a separate reference page.

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[Solved] Compliance Plan

Every medical facility from a single practitioner to the integrated delivery system should have a compliance plan. As a starting point for your research, information begins on page 437 in your book about corporate compliance and I have attached a .pdf from the text, Documentation for Medical Practices by Cheryl Gregg Fahrenholz, AHIMA publishers, 2011 to help you out. Develop a compliance plan for a facility of your choosing.  It may be a real facility or a fictional one.  Either way, your compliance plan must be your own.  The following content should be present. Briefly detail the specifications of the facility. For example, “ABC Clinic is a 5-physician facility representing family practice and OB/GYN. The facility recently converted to an electronic record. The practice averages 250 visits a week.” Facility information helps to frame your Compliance Plan. Put yourself in the position of a compliance officer as you develop your plan. Outline your policies on the following. These topics are the minimal ones to cover.  You should include others that you feel are important: Ethics Privacy and Security elements Patient Rights Human Resources to include labor law Billing and Reimbursement How are you going to educate your staff on the compliance plan policies and enforce them? How are you going to monitor your policies and compliance with them? Discuss the consequences of policy violations and ethics violations. APA formatting is required for your sources. There is no minimum page requirement and no need to add an abstract or title page. I have added the rubric so you can see how this project will be weight

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[Solved] Prioritizing Care

Due to limited resources, one thing we have seen during the coronavirus pandemic is that doctors in some countries have had to decide who receives the care and who does not. In other countries, like our own, doctors reported being told to prepare for this inevitability. There are guidelines in the medical community on prioritizing patients when rationing care. These depend largely on who is most likely to survive, especially when it comes to who gets a ventilator. However, it is not always easy to make that call. Also, when hospitals are overwhelmed with patients, there may be several who show relatively equal chances of survival.How should the decision be made then? Here is an article by Dr. Robert Klitzman who says that now is the time to start the discussion about how to prioritize some patients over others: How hospitals will decide who lives and who dies in the COVID-19 crisis Not everyone agrees that this discussion should take place, though.Dr. Morhaf Al Achkar argues that there should be no policy that would normalize prioritizing one life over another or that could be used to justify making this seem OK. Here is his article: Deciding who lives and who dies For this assignment, read both articles carefully then answer the following:1. What is the main claim made in the article written by Dr. Klitzman? 2. What are the three criteria that Dr. Klitzman thinks should be used to prioritize some patients over others when rationing care? 3. How does Dr. Klitzman think these decisions should be made and by whom? Why? 4. What is the main claim in the article written by Dr. Al Achkar? 5. What are the three reasons that Dr. Al Achkar gives for why we should not write a policy about prioritizing some patients over others? 6. Do you agree more with Dr. Klitzman or Dr. Al Achkar? Explain your answer.

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