Practical Science

[Solved] Game Theory

Say that three people are deciding among four candidates, a, b, c, d. Each person has preferences over the candidates: for example, a person might prefer b best, c second-best, a third-best, and d least.  a. Say that I tell you that b has 9 Borda count points. Can you conclude that b is the Condorcet winner? If so, please explain why. If not, please write down preferences for each person which makes it so that b has 9 Borda count points but c is the Condorcet winner.  b. Say that I tell you that b has 8 Borda count points. Can you conclude that b is the Condorcet winner? If so, please explain why. If not, please write down preferences for each person which makes it so that b has 8 Borda count points but c is the Condorcet winner.  c. Say that I tell you that b has 7 Borda count points. Can you conclude that b is the Condorcet winner? If so, please explain why. If not, please write down preferences for each person which makes it so that b has 7 Borda count points but c is the Condorcet winner.  d. Is it possible for the Borda count winner to be different from the Condorcet winner? If so, please write down preferences for each person which makes it so that the Borda count winner is different from the Condorcet winner. If not, please explain why not. For more information on Game Theory read this:

Dec 31st, 2021

Practical Science

[Solved] Requirements

Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references. Question: Why do good requirements go bad?  What can be done to prevent things from going bad? The paper should be a minimum of 400 words with 2 references. For more information on Requirements read this:

Dec 29th, 2021

Practical Science

[Solved] Election Coverage

This assignment has 2 parts to it.  1.    The first part of the assignment asks you to tune into the TV news stations that will be carrying the coverage of the election on Tuesday night. You should plan to spend at least 2 hours. You can jump around to different stations, or stay with one. There are a LOT of choices: CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX… —After watching the election coverage, you will answer this questions:1. What was it like for you to watch the election coverage? (1-2 Paras)2. Where did you watch it? Who was with you? What was it like to watch the election results with other people? What did you talk about as you watched it?  (1-2 Paras)2.  Meanwhile, as you know, last week the city of Hayward held their council meeting. The main focus of the meeting was the report on community safety and policing that your work contributed to. For this homework assignment, you are being asked to first watch the video recording of the meeting. I have given you time stamps so you know what is going on. You can start the video at 18 minutes. (Links to an external site.)?:18  the survey report  ( this is from an organization that was contracted to do a community survey)1:05  Community conversations report…. (this is your work)1:36. public comments in response to the reports ….. each person gets 3 minutes….2:21 council members talk… Councilmember  Mendall….2:31 Council member Zermeno2:39 Council member Lamnin2:50 Councilmember Salinas.  (he gives a nice shout out to Chabot and your work)3:04 Council member Mendoza3:14 Council member Wahab3:30 Mayor Hallady3:45…..more council business…..–you don’t need to watch this After you watch the meeting, here are the questions for you to answer.1. What is something that surprised you in the survey report that starts at minute 18?   (1-2 Paras)2. What was it like seeing your work being reported on in the Community Conversations report that starts at 1:05 (1-2 Paras)3, What seems to be the main trend in the public comments section of the meeting? (1-2 Paras)4. Pick one of the council members and summarize what they are saying.  (1-2 Paras)

Dec 19th, 2021

Practical Science

[Solved] Value of LinkedIn

Assignment Chapter 6 – LinkedIn Assignment: After reading chapter 6, answer the questions below. Please explain thoroughly your answers to the above topics/questions. What is the value of LinkedIn for your job search? How do you think prospective employers use it when hiring? If you were a hiring manager or Human Resources professional, how would you use LinkedIn when you were hiring someone? Formatting Requirements (worth 10% of the grade): Include a header with your name, course name, and date Minimum one page with 200+ words Use MLA formatting: (Links to an external site.) Double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman 

Dec 14th, 2021

Practical Science

[Solved] The Spanish Singer Vs. The Jester Don Diego de Acedo

1. The Spanish Singer: 2. The Jester Don Diego de Acedo: Instruction: Velázquez was certainly influential for Manet and there’s much written about the 19th century’s fascination with Velázquez. Compare Manet’s The Spanish Singer with Velázquez The Jester Don Diego de Acedo. You are to consider similarities/contrasts in terms of style, iconography, patronage, and function.  The paintings are very different pictures in many respects, so please carefully considering both connections and differences, and how the comparison sheds light on both artists and their work(why these particular pieces worth comparing?, etc.). It also requires you to include some information about the circumstances surrounding the commissioning/context of each piece, and how Manet was or was not looking directly at Velázquez when creating his Spanish Singer. While this assignment asks you to discuss the formal properties(visual analysis) of the paintings, it cannot be purely des?r?ptive and so a modest amount of outside research is required. Your bibliography must include at least eight published scholarly resources (book, journal article). The citations should be a bit more analytical – both summarizing the main points of the source and how, specifically, the author’s argument furthers your own.  (My suggestions on this writing: use the suggested source in the PDF I uploaded, it listed 5 verified sources, and I am sure they will be useful for you! so you only need to look for 3 extra academic sources to meet the requirement. I uploaded 3 of them, another 2 are links and were included in the file name “Sources that related to the paper”

Dec 5th, 2021

Practical Science

[Solved] Expressionism Cubism Constructivism and Surrealism

In this discussion forum, you will learn about the history of art by exploring the Expressionism, Cubism, Constructivism and Surrealism eras in chronological order and selecting a work of art from one of those movements to discuss. Prior to beginning work, read and review the following resources: Expressionism: “Expressionism” in Art Identifying Movements  (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.) The Origins of Expressionism, an Evocative Movement Inspired by Emotional Experience  (Links to an external site.) Cubism: “Cubism” in Art Identifying Movements  (Links to an external site.) Cubism  (Links to an external site.) Modernism, Formalism, and Politics: The “Cubism and Abstract Art” Exhibition of 1936 at the Museum of Modern Art Picasso, Still Life With Chair Caning  (Links to an external site.) Constructivism: “Constructivism” in Art Identifying Movements  (Links to an external site.) Constructivism  (Links to an external site.) Surrealism: “Surrealism” in Art Identifying Movements  (Links to an external site.) Surrealism  (Links to an external site.) Dreams of Dalí: 360º Video  (Links to an external site.) Salvador Dali: Modernism’s Counter-Muse For your initial post, you should Choose a work of art from one of these movements. You may select a work from the textbook, resources, videos, or museum links. Your work of art should be one that you have not already examined elsewhere in this class. Include an image of the artwork. Identify the title, artist, movement (date if known), and region (place if known) of your work. Explain why you were attracted to this work, and discuss at least two characteristics of this art work that you found interesting or noteworthy. Incorporate what you have learned about the process and components of art appreciation. Your post should be at least 200 words in length, and based on what you have learned about the process and components of art appreciation. Refer to the assigned reading from the textbook, resources, and videos as examples of how to interpret works of art, taking care to correctly cite these and any other sources that you use. TIP: To fully contemplate the work of art using what you have learned about art and art appreciation, it is recommended that you examine the work of art for at least 10 minutes, taking note of your reactions and observations throughout your examination. Use these notes to compose your initial post. Cite your sources as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center  (Links to an external site.)  guides on APA: Citing Within Your Paper  (Links to an external site.)  and APA: Formatting Your References List  (Links to an external site.) . For works of art, follow the basic modified APA style reference entry format in the APA Style Reference Entries for Artwork document.

Dec 5th, 2021

Practical Science

[Solved] Shape of the Auditorium

How the shape of the auditorium and the materials used in auditorium impact on the acoustic need to explain in detail regarding this topic

Dec 4th, 2021

Practical Science

[Solved] Information Visualization

From the research you did about information visualization, identify the tool you would be most likely to use in a design project and explain why you selected it.

Nov 12th, 2021

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