Data Lying Near A Straight Line | Instant Homework Help

1. Consult an almanac, newspaper, magazine, or the Internet to find data that appear to lie approximately on or near a straight line. A few of the many free sources of data that might be appropriate to use are Create a scatterplot and a line fitting the data in one of two ways:a. To do this activity by hand, create a scatterplot by plotting the (x, y) data in a Cartesian (rectangular) coordinate system. Then, draw a line that approximately fits the data in the scatterplot, and then write its equation as a function in slope-intercept form. An easier way, and one that produces better-looking results, is to find the equation of the line for your data using this free, online linear regression calculator: To use the regression calculator:Enter your data, but without parentheses (  ), in the empty data field at: For example, for my first point, I would type 1,5 not the usual ordered pair format of (1, 5).  When all of your data points are entered, click on the “Submit Data” button. The line of best fit y = mx + b for your data will be displayed, as will a figure showing a scatterplotof your data and the graph of your line of best fit. Right-click on the displayed figure of the scatterplot/graph and save it to your computer. Then, load it into the discussion box when you make your post. To do that, click on the image button in the palette of the discussion text-editor window. In that menu, you load the figure from your computer into your post. 3. Also include a link to your data, along with an explanation of what the x and y axes represent in your graph. To gain full credit for your work, you must complete all the directions.

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Maximum Height of a Semi-Ellipse Gate | Instant Homework Help

Six Fundamental Ways of Knowing to Underpin Nursing Science

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Maximum Number of Subscribers | Instant Homework Help

The publishers of a business magazine are running a sales promotion for their weekly magazine. The number of prospective customers a sales representative sees per day varies from 1 to 40. The table shows the simulated data of the number of prospective subscribers approached by a sales representative for 8 consecutive weeks.If the sales representative is able to get 20% of the prospective customers to subscribe, the maximum expected number of subscriptions per week is 32 33.6 34 35.4 . If the sales representative earns $3 per subscription in addition to daily wages, the minimum expected value of the extra income per week is $93.60 $94.20 $96.40 $97.80 .

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Population Growth and Development | Instant Homework Help

The population of Knoxville is 500,000 and is increasing at the rate of 3.75% each year. Approximately when will the population reach 1 million?

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Minimum or Maximum Function | Instant Homework Help

I have an exam on Wednesday 20 questions(I believe or less), my teacher is so PICKY so the answers to the questions she will give us should be exactly how she presents it in both recorded meetings below. The document I have attached is the topics for the final exam and the recordings are here going over them. she is very picky with her answers and deducts points for  not doing it the same way and format. FINAL = Wednesday – May 6th – 10 am to 1 pm 1. Meeting Recording: Access Password: 8d&@3c$^2. Meeting Recording: 7qq2JOXJGRwU_Za5Z5PI7vaaa8gSNNrPENyk7YwirEe6hsgET8uRZoGvn-Access Password: 2K^5Z62b

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Rule or Property of Exponential, Logarithms or Algebra | Instant Homework Help

Choose an even-numbered problem from page 462 #32-90 in the textbook. Solve the equation and explain how you solved it by stating the rule or property of exponentials, logarithms or algebra that were used in each step. You may neatly hand write the response, make a digital copy and attach it to the discussion if you are having trouble using the equation editor supplied in the tool bar.#64. 7+3lnx=6

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