[Tutorial] Find Out Whether Or Not Your Array is Balanced

Task: An array is considered to be balanced if it can be divided into two parts so that the sum of the elements of the left-hand side is equal to the sum of the elements of the right-hand side. For example, the array [1, 1, 1, 2, 1] can be divided into two parts: [1, […]

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[Sample] Solving IP Address Conflict

An IP address conflict occurs when two computers in a network are assigned the same IP address. When this happens, it renders one or both computers unable to connect to a network resource or perform other network operations. Almost all operating systems notify the user via pop-up notification when an IP conflict is detected with […]

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[Tutorial] Creating a Page Using HTML and CSS

Hello World Using HTML and CSS This tutorial is about creating an outstanding web page using HTML and CSS. While simple HTML allows you to place different components in the appropriate order, CSS (which stands for Cascading Style Sheets) turns a simple page into a thing of beauty by adding some style to it. The […]

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[Tutorial] Setting a String in Java Project

Task: 1. Set up the latest Spring Core and Sprint MVC. Version: 5.0.8.RELEASE. Use variables in pom.xml. 2. Create a simple IndexController that returns the plain text “Hello” for any request. Use the Java configuration instead of xml configuration. 1. Create the separate branch “SBT-1-setup-spring-mvc” in GitHub. Also Read: The Secret to 100% Correct Pearson Mymathlab Answers 2. […]

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[Sample] What Elements Make Up a Zero Sum?

Task: Write a Java program that takes an array as an input and returns all arrays with three elements from this input that form a zero sum. Solution: The algorithm is shown below: Also Read: The Secret to 100% Correct Delta Math Answers Answer: This sample is aimed at giving you some insight into the […]

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[Tutorial] Theory of Functional Programming: Languages and Concepts

Functional programming. Part I: The essence of functional programming: Theoretical basis When writing about functional programming, it is better to start from recalling programming types in general. There are two broad categories: imperative and declarative. In general, imperative language describes how to perform some task, while declarative specifies what exactly should be in the result. […]

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[Tutorial] Introduction to PHP Sample

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server-side scripting language. The result of its operation is shown in the browser as an HTML file. HTML and PHP are tightly connected, and CSS with JavaScript is usually meant to be one set of skills required to create a good web page. In this sample, the […]

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Commissions Based on Sales | Instant Homework Help

A large company pays its salespeople on a commission basis.  The salespeople receive $200 per week plus 9% of their gross sales for that week.  For example, a salesperson who sells $5,000 worth of merchandise in a week receives $200 plus 9% of $5,000, or a total of $650.  You’ve been supplied with a list of the items sold by each salesperson.  The values of these items are as follows:Item      Value1                     239.99 2                     129.75 3                       99.95 4                     350.89Develop a C# application that inputs one salesperson’s items sold for the last week, then calculates and displays that salesperson’s total sales.  There’s no limit to the number of items that can be sold by a salesperson.  You do not have to implement this with classes and objects.Please see attachment for further guidance. There are more requirements for the assignment. 

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Word Processing Tool | Instant Homework Help

Microsoft Word 2016 is more than just a word processing tool. Think of a specific document type that you might create, such as a resume, and describe what you think are the most important tools to use in Word to make your document stand out. 

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Given the Text File Reciprocity Containing Temperature Readings for Various Cities | Instant Homework Help

Given the text file citytpr.txt containing temperature readings for various cities, develop a Raptor algorithm to sort the temperatures in decreasing values. The sorted temperatures shall be written to a file called sortedcitytpr.txt. The content of the files citytpr.txt and sortedcitytpr.txt must be stored in the formats shown below. For each city, the citytpr.txt includes the city name and the temperature respectively. The solution must work for any arbitrarily large file ( i.e. the number of city-temperature records must not be hardcoded in the algorithm).The submission must be the Raptor file of your flowchart solution. Any other forms of submissions will be marked as zero.  Content of citytpr.txtttawa10Hamilton4Victoria2Halifax14Regina11 Content of sortedcitytpr.txt Halifax: 14Regina: 11Ottawa: 10Hamilton: 4Victoria: 2Hint: it is a sorting problem, the solution must resemble something like the main chart for the insert, selection or the bubble sorting algorithm – anyone of these will do. The only differences may be : (1)  the sorting order (increasing or decreasing), (2) the swap. For the homework the swap must be applied to both temperatures and city names at the same time. For file reading check the example of  Figure 7.9 (module 7).Store the city names and corresponding temperatures in two separate arrays. Make sure that for any city, its name and temperature are placed at the same index position of their corresponding arrays.  The problem at hand can then be solved by sorting the temperature array (using any one of the sorting algorithms) while at the same time moving the positions of the names in the city array so that they match the positions of their corresponding city temperatures being sorted.

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