Psychology and Education

Planned Parenthood | Instant Homework Help

Read Planned parenthood’s  mission statement.  • Read 40 Days For Life’s mission statement: Read Christy Zink’s pro-abortion story: Planned Parenthood and 40 Days for Life believe they are liberating the oppressed. Explain how each group defines the oppressed, what they offer as the solution, and which group you believe is right. Use scripture to support your choice.

Jun 30th, 2021

Psychology and Education

Discussion Draft | Instant Homework Help

Topic: A link between mental health and child obesity Did you state the major findings of your study? (1 point)Did you explain the meaning of the findings and why the findings are important? (2 points)Did you relate the findings to those of similar studies? (1 point)Did you consider or mention alternative explanations of the findings (if applicable)? (1 point)Did you state the relevance of the findings? (1 point)Did you acknowledge the study’s limitations? (1 point)Did you make suggestions for further/future research? (1 point)Did you give a “take-home message” in the form of a conclusion or a concluding statement? (2 points)

Jun 18th, 2021

Psychology and Education

How facial expression affects how people perceive others | Instant Homework Help

I am in a experimental psychology class. Where we have to write 10-12 pages for each experiment. I need 5 articles to depend my experiment and relate to it. This experiment is based on how facial expression affects how people perceive others. I would like someone to understand my tone of writing. It’s very simple and straight to the point. There is a specific guideline to follow for the paper so I recommend to follow it. The professor takes off points will remove points if not followed and he takes 10 points off if a day late. Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM. I’ve attached a guideline to follow and graphs for the appendix. The graphs have to be done in APA 7 format. 

May 26th, 2021

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